Innovative New Products

The window coverings industry has come a long way in product development and trends, learn about new innovative products and what's hot for 2020.

01 Oct: Room Darkening Shades & How They Work Explained

Explore light-control & privacy options for window treatments from sheer to blackout and view innovative new window treatments that give you optimal performance day or night!

28 Feb: 2017 Window Treatment Trends

Each year our staff travels to the International Window Covering Expo to bring you the latest in window treatment trends and innovative new products from around the world.

View our highlight videos and see what’s hot for 2017.

26 Jan: Voice Controlled Window Coverings with Amazon Echo Home Automation

It’s official! You can now ask Alexa to open and close your motorized blinds and shades.

All you need is an Amazon Echo, automated window coverings, and a tech savvy individual to set up the home automation.