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Home Office Window Treatments

Custom-Designed Window Treatments for Your Home Office

The Best Ways To Upgrade Your WFH Office

No matter where you work, at the beginning of the workday, feeling good about walking into the office space is a must. A well-lit workspace is inviting, provides comfort, motivates, and most importantly, helps you focus.

Many businesses have embraced and committed to the work-from-home culture. Working from home has become the standard for many of us. While a dedicated room with a door to separate space is ideal, many of us are stuck using our kitchens, dens, and other areas of our homes as workspaces.

The combination of natural light, artificial lights, and modern window treatments will help you maximize its benefits—play a significant role in creating a pleasing and productive atmosphere. Here's how to put home office window treatments, including shades and blinds, to work for you.

Reduce Glare

Antiglare Window Shades, Shutters & Films

We have various options for light filtering to help minimize glare for your home office so you can work comfortably. These include:

Solar Shutters

Solar Shutters

The perfect blend of traditional and modern styles, solar shutters look and function like plantation shutters but have a solar screen that reduces heat gain, increases privacy, and minimizes glare.

Solar Screen Shades

Solar Screen Shades

Simple, classic, and elegant, solar screen shades offer a clean, contemporary look of a roller shade at the window while blocking the harmful UV rays.

Phifer Sheerweave Solar Screens

Phifer Sheerweave Solar Screens

Often used in conjunction with roller shades, these screens have a dark color on one side and light color on the other, allowing you to keep the shades open and not be bothered by glare or the prying eyes of your neighbors. 

Window Tinting Film for Home Office

Tinting Film

If you'd instead maintain your view of the outdoors while you work, a tinting film will allow you to do just that while reducing glare.

Blackout Curtains for home office space

Blackout Curtains

For homeowners who prefer to work only by the light of their computer screen, blackout curtains will eliminate virtually all light entering the room.

Odd Shaped Windows Treatments

We Can Cover Any Window Type

Uniquely Shaped Windows Treatments

Unique Windows

Have an arched, angled, circular window? Or maybe your home office has bow, corner, or bay windows? No matter how unique  your office window design, you can find a window-treatment solution that reduces glare, helps you stay comfortable, minimizes distractions, and that you can easily adjust. We guarantee it.

Window treatments for oversized windows & sliding glass doors

Oversized Windows & Sliding Glass Doors

Does your home office space have a large window or a patio space connected? Lucky you! We can help find the perfect window treatment for your sliding glass door. Beyond traditional vertical blinds, we offer many innovative alternatives to frame the beautiful feature in your office space.

Window Treatments to help you from getting distracted

Minimize Workplace Distraction & Take Back Control of your Focus

dual sheer shades for office

Sheer Shades

Sheer fabrics shades feature soft, adjustable, S-shaped vanes that appear to be floating between two sheer fabrics. Quickly tilt the vanes to obscure your view of the outdoors (or conversely, for daytime privacy) while enjoying the beauty of filtered light.

Home office Blinds


Whether you with faux wood blinds or real wood blinds, blinds  are equally as easy to put up and have a low maintenance cost; vertical blinds are the choice for a thinking person in the modern world. If you are concerned about humidity for any reason, then faux wood blinds are your choice.

room darkening shades for home office

Room Darkening Shades

Room darkening window treatments come in many forms; even our dual roller shades can help fight distraction with a layer of filtering sheer and a room-darkening liner on the same shade, so you can easily block glare when needed.

Window Automation is the ultimate convenience in life

Add Convenience



Say good to the sun's rays washing out your screen. With the motorization control feature, there is no need to excuse yourself to lower or raise the shades in the middle of a videoconference.

Window Treatment Automation Is Done With The Best Smart Window Shades And Blinds


Raise your shades at the beginning of the office day, and lower the shade when you are closing shop. Automation can help manage these daily routines so you can get to work for getting out of the office when you're done for the day! Now thats how you work smart!

An Easy Interior Design Update for Your Home Office

Not sure which window coverings will work best for your home office?

No matter — during your consultation, one of our knowledgeable designers will be able to review your options in more detail and make the best recommendations based on your home and preferences. Then, your project manager will ensure that your project is completed without a hitch and you’re happy with the final result.

Contact 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings today for more information about the custom home office window treatments we can design for your California home.


Window treatments that offer both privacy and light control are ideal for home offices. Shades, blinds, and curtains are popular for home office window treatments.

Look for window treatments with light-filtering or room-darkening properties. Cellular shades, roller shades, and curtains with blackout liners can help reduce glare on your computer screen.

Durable materials such as aluminum, vinyl, and polyester are great home office window treatment options since it is likely that your home office window treatments will experience fairly high use. These durable materials are easy to clean and can withstand daily wear and tear, unlike fabrics like silk or something that is more decorative in nature, like a highly embroidered curtain or drape.

The best material for your window treatments depends on your style and the required functionality. For example, opt for sheer fabrics like linen or cotton if you want natural light to filter through your window treatments. Choose heavier fabrics like velvet or silk if you need privacy and light control. You can also choose materials like wood or faux wood for a more classic look. If you have a room like a bathroom or a kitchen with more traffic and moisture, then you will want to consider more durable window treatments that can be easily maintained and thoroughly cleaned often.