Custom Bedroom Window Treatments

We spend an average of 33 years of our lives in our bedrooms, so making yourself as comfortable as possible is very important. After your bed, window treatments are arguably the most important choice you'll make in furnishing your room.

Things to Consider

The best window treatment ideas for the bedroom will include features for privacy, light control and of course general aesthetics. When choosing window treatments for your bedroom we recommend you consider these things:

Convenience and ease of use are extremely important in selecting a window treatment for the bedroom. If your windows are in hard to reach areas or you enjoy sleeping in, consider motorizing your blinds and never get out of bed to close the blinds again! In addition to daily conveniences, all window treatments require regular cleaning to look their best. Shutters and all types of blinds are the hardest to clean, so if you hate dusting, or you prefer less maintenance, consider Roman shades an easy to clean material like linen or cotton. 

 Is the bedroom you are outfitting for a child? Cord free day-to-night cellular shades offer the flexibility off light filtering and privacy during the day with room darkening shades at night, all in one beautifully designed, child safe window treatment. 

What will be your bedroom window treatments basic function? Is your bedroom facing the sun? If so you may consider using a tinted window film as well as a sheer, light diffusing shade.

For example, a daytime sheer shade will give you the privacy you are looking for during the day, but not at night. However, a sheer shade can be used in combination with draperies or roller shades on a blackout track for nighttime privacy.

If light control is something that is important for your bedroom window treatments we have all kinds of functional options including room-darkening and blackout window treatments and sheers with light filtering options

One of the nicest things about beautiful window treatments is enhancing the ambiance and mood of the bedroom. Whether you are looking for fun, uplifting, romantic or a more dramatic feel, there are so many custom options to match any type of décor. 


When looking for bedroom window treatments, you must prioritize privacy, light control, and insulation. Popular bedroom options include blackout curtains or shades, sheer curtains with an additional layer of blackout lining, or cellular shades. These types of window treatments provide maximum privacy and light control while also providing insulation to keep the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

To maximize privacy in your bedroom, choose opaque window treatments with a blackout lining. This will prevent outsiders from being able to see inside your room while also blocking out light and reducing noise. You can also opt for window treatments that cover the entire window, including the frame, to enhance privacy further.

Blackout shades or curtains are the most effective for blocking out light in the bedroom. However, if some natural light is desired, sheer curtains or blinds paired with curtains can be a good option as they allow for some light to filter through.

There are many ways to make your bedroom window treatments look more stylish, such as choosing curtains or shades that complement the color scheme of your room, opting for unique patterns or textures, or adding decorative elements like tassels or fringe. You can also experiment with different hanging styles, such as using decorative tiebacks or draping your curtains to create a dramatic effect.

Yes, motorized window treatments are a great option for bedrooms, especially for hard-to-reach windows or for those who prefer the convenience of remote-controlled operation. With motorized shades or curtains, you can easily adjust the amount of light that enters your room, even from the comfort of your bed.

The choice between curtains and shades for your bedroom depends on your personal preference and the overall style of your room. If you want a more traditional look, curtains may be the best choice, while shades offer a more modern and streamlined look. Remember that curtains tend to provide better insulation and light control, while shades can be more efficient in terms of space-saving and light filtration.

This ultimately comes down to personal preference, but options such as flowing drapes, Roman shades, or even plantation shutters can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the bedroom. Choosing colors and textures that complement the overall decor can also enhance the cozy feel of the room.

The best material for your window treatments depends on your style and the required functionality. For example, opt for sheer fabrics like linen or cotton if you want natural light to filter through your window treatments. Choose heavier fabrics like velvet or silk if you need privacy and light control. You can also choose materials like wood or faux wood for a more classic look. If you have a room like a bathroom or a kitchen with more traffic and moisture, then you will want to consider more durable window treatments that can be easily maintained and thoroughly cleaned often.