Custom Sheer Shades

Sheer shadings are unlike any other window treatment product on the market today. These exquisite window fashions combine the advantages of shades and blinds in one breathtaking design.

Product Overview

Custom Sheer Shades in San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, Fresno

Sheer shades provide several different design looks, including a sheer view and many of the features of a horizontal blind, giving you the flexibility for both views of the outside or total privacy. Airy, lightweight, semi-transparent fabric with open veins allows for maximum light diffusion that pairs perfectly with customized drapery fashions.


There are many things to love about sheer shades, but one of the biggest compliments we receive from our customers is how soft they are. The knitted fabric encases the interior vanes making it remarkably plush and soft to both our eyes and the touch. The soft material plays a significant role in the quality of light that enters your room. With the high-quality material used to construct the shades, you’ll enjoy unobscured diffused light consistently in every room in your home where the window treatments are installed.

Options! Options! Options!

Sheer shadings were once only available in light colors such as cream, white, and ivory, but today, they are available in almost every color you could imagine. Give your room instant style, add more mood and dramatic effects by opting for contrasting colors between the shade and accompanying drapery fabrics. Both the vertical shades and horizontal shades come with adjustable vanes that can be tilted to various angles to diffuse or give you full light in the room while giving you privacy control. Our automated sheers diffuse light and provide UV protection for your furniture and valuables. Ask our designers, and they will show you the world!



Control your shades with a touch of a remote! We have a plethora of options to get your window treatments motorized. There are many ways to power the motorized sheer shades. These days, battery-powered, wire-free motors are among the most cost-effective options and perfect for areas where wiring is a challenge and requires no electrician!


We invite you to try our smart sheers, which give you the ultimate smart-home experience. Our window treatments can seamlessly integrate with popular home automation systems like Google Home/Nest, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and more. Voice activating your motorized sheer shades with Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa has never been so easy.


Yes, it might sound contradictory, but room-darkening sheer shade is a thing! With this option, you get the best of both worlds: the beauty of the sheer fabric and full light control and convenience of a blind. We make this possible by inserting room-darkening fabric vanes suspended between the two layers of transparent fabrics—the perfect option for bedrooms where you want soft elegance but functionality.

Insulating Windows for Winter?

While sheer shades can offer improved control over heat gain and substantial protection against UV rays, this style of treatment is not designed to insulate your homes against the cold of winter. Sheer shades offer some insulating qualities; however, if heavy insulation is your goal, cellular shades may be a better option.

Go Custom

If your windows are not the standard size, sheer shadings can be custom-designed for you. Customization offers a more incredible selection of fabrics, colors, and textures and allows you complete control over your window treatment look and feel. The ultimate answer is sheer shadings for those who seek innovation and style in their window treatment options.


We offer two convenient shopping options for our customers –

VIRTUAL – Work remotely with one of our Window Covering Experts through a virtual appointment.

SHOP AT HOME – One of our seasoned Design Consultants will meet with you in your home at your convenience as we bring you the showroom to your home. Either way, there are no obligations!

Stylish Look

Best of Both Worlds

Motorized / Alexa Compatible

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal


12″ – 120″

8″ – 144″


  • High



Dual sheer shades are made of a single fabric with alternating light-filtering and room-darkening solid bands. The bands align to give natural light diffusion or overlap to provide complete privacy. 3 Blind Mice Window creates various fabrics, colors, patterns, and textures.

Sheer shades feature solid pieces of fabric called veins that can be angled to let in light or block it out while providing total privacy.

Sheer shades bring the best features of several window treatments all in one package: softening, diffused light with some privacy during the day, blackout options when you need it, complete light when the shades are raised, and privacy at night with the shades lowered and vanes closed. You can expect to pay less for sheer shades than you would if you combined two other window covering options for the same effect (for example, combining traditional horizontal blinds with simple sheer curtains). Still, sheer shades will cost more than some of the simpler styles. If you’re looking for something with a similar effect to sheer shades that are more budget-friendly, roller shades can offer an excellent middle ground between features and cost.

Cleaning sheer shades are quick and straightforward with the tools you already have on hand at home. We recommend cleaning your sheer shades with the brush attachment on your vacuum. Gently sweep across the blinds’ flat fabric surface with the brush attachment while supporting the sheer shades from behind with your hand. Don’t vacuum without the brush attachment, as strong suction may crumple or deform the fabric of your sheer shades. If you find heavier dirt or stains on the sheer shades, the material can be wiped gently with a soft cloth and warm water with a bit of mild soap or detergent. Don’t overdo the soap! A little goes a long way, and you don’t want to end up with sudsy shades.

Sheer shades are made of two components: fabric vanes (similar to the wood, vinyl, or metal slats of traditional blinds) and two sheer fabric layers. The sheer fabric layers fill the entire window space, and the fabric vanes are suspended between the two sheer layers. This means that when the vanes are open, light is still gently diffused through the sheer fabric, creating a soft and inviting daytime space that brings a little privacy without sacrificing your views. There are several operating choices for sheer shades, including traditional corded systems, child-safe cordless operation, and even cordless motorization options.

Sheer shades provide the best of both blinds and shades in one convenient window treatment. Like regular window blinds, sheer shades can be closed, angled partially open, or opened fully to control light levels in your home quickly. Instead of the slats that traditional blinds use, sheer shades have vanes that serve the same purpose. Vanes are solid pieces of fabric suspended between two transparent material layers that allow you to open and close the shades to your preferred light quickly and privacy levels.


Non-Intrusive Minimal coverage
Light and airy High maintenance
Modern appearance Installation temperamental

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