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Roman shades are a beautiful window treatment option. The design of a Roman shade is typically a flat piece of fabric with accordion like folds that come together when the lift mechanism is operated.

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Custom Roman Shades in San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, Fresno

Roman shades come in a wide variety of styles and colors and are characterized by folded fabrics that settle smoothly, evenly and gracefully into soft folds when raised. Roman shades offer an elegant style that combines the look of a fine drapery, the ease, and convenience of a window shade, and classic lines suitable for any room, taste or décor style making it a beautiful window treatment option. The design of a Roman shade is typically a flat piece of fabric with accordion-like folds that come together when the lift mechanism is operated. Lift mechanisms can be corded or motorized.

Like drapes, Roman shades provide excellent coverage, yet they can be raised up and out of the way when you want to enjoy the view. This also allows you to have control over the amount of light that is filtering through your windows. And if you’re planning to use top treatments or drapes over shades, you’ll find that Roman shades unique styling fits well with the treatments of your choice!

Motorized Roman Shades

By getting your Roman shades motorized, you gain full light control and full privacy with a simple touch of a button, the ultimate luxury, and convenience.

Modern Roman shades come in a wide variety of colors and styles and can be mounted inside of the window frame, exposing the molding, or on the outside as well. Roman shades can also be customized to look causal or dressed up. Depending on fabric and style, they enhance the design of traditional, classic or very formal spaces. Roman shades are available in simple styles that lie flat against your window or in pronounced rounded folds that give an almost louvered look to your window design.


Energy Efficient

Motorized / Alexa Compatible

  • Horizontal


12″ – 108″

10″ – 96″


  • High



Yes, you can hang roman shades over blinds. Due to how blinds and roman shades are mounted, when you consider pairing them one will need to mount inside the window frame and the other will need to be mounted outside the window frame. Due to the soft aesthetic of roman shades, they are more commonly paired with drapes or curtains.

The shade has a bar at the base and each front pleat has a ring or bar on the backside of the fabric for the cord of the lift mechanism to pass through. When the roman shade is lifted each ring or bar comes into contact with the bar at the base of the shade creating a collapsed folded shade. When the shade is completely open it appears flat against the window.

Maintaining clean window treatments is essential to the longevity of the window treatment. For roman shades, cleaning helps avoid stains from setting and ensures that the fabric is kept beautiful for years to come. Roman shades can be constructed with a large variety of fabric options. Review the fabric type for each window treatment to make sure that the cleaning regiment will not harm the fabric. It is suggested that the shades be vacuumed weekly with an upholstery brush attachment or dusted with a microfiber cloth or fresh duster. In addition, to prevent a spill or stain from setting, immediately blot the fabric with club soda and a cloth.

I love using Roman shades in my clients homes. Not only are they functional but there is no better way to get a professionally designed showcase home look.They bring style and softness to the room while pulling everything together, they are like adding a touch of jewelry. There are many ways to achieve the look that you want with Roman shades by using different fabric textures and colors. By using a beautiful embroidered silk in the master bedroom you can design a romantic getaway, Canvas or cotton shades with a contrasting banding looks great in children's rooms and playrooms You can even get them in a woven wood material that allows you to have a more organic or beach feel. The beauty of Roman shades is when they're completely lifted up out of your window, not only do you maintain your view but they create the look of a designer valance. If you love that look and you want to keep it all of the time, even when the shade is down use the hobbled Roman shade style and it will look exactly the same when it's down as when it's up. The only way to wow your friends even more with this shade is to add a couple of drapery panels on each side to frame its beauty! I would highly suggest considering Roman shades for your next window purchase.

Roman shades are one of the most elegant window treatment solutions. Roman shades are installed vertically so that when the shade is open, the fabric stacks evenly and when the shade is closed it is visibly smooth. Roman shades can be installed cordless, motorized, or traditionally with cords. Roman shades can complement any interior space in your home. There are a variety of different styles including flat, cascade, relaxed, tulip, and pleated. This style shade can be layered with other window treatments and have a liner for additional UV protection or blackout functionality.


Elegant design High cost
Layered fabric Less appealing from outside
Plenty of textile options Seamed fabric for larger widths

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