Custom Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are the most popular option in the horizontal blind category. There are a number of unique woods to choose from, including Poplar and Basswood and a few exotic woods.

Product Overview

Custom Wood Blinds in San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, Fresno

Privacy and Light Control

In general, wood blinds offer some great features, including adjustable slats for light and privacy control. By adjusting the slats you can reflect light upwards or downwards, completely changing the ambiance in the room. A lighter-colored wood blind will reflect more light and a darker slat will absorb more light. Although painted slats are the most popular wood blind variety, many of our clients prefer the natural, organic-looking wood blind or choose a stain to match their décor.

Alternatives to Plantation Shutters

Wood blinds offer elegance and warmth, and they’ll even look and feel similar to plantation shutters for a fraction of costs.


Basswood is the preferred wood due to its strength to weight ration. It has a smooth grain, which allows your wood blinds to be stained in a variety of custom colors. Basswood is also a great choice because of its sustainability and eco-friendly nature. It is a renewable resource that comes from rapid growing trees and is farmed locally in the USA.


Energy Efficiency

While wood blinds aren’t known for being particularly energy-efficient, if used correctly they do have some energy-efficient properties. For example, wood blinds can be motorized and set to open and close the tilt of the blinds automatically when the sunlight hits your windows. This will decrease the amount of light coming through your windows and increase your shading coefficient which reduced the amount of energy passed into your home and keeps the room cooler.

Bathroom or kitchen? Go, Faux!

Since genuine wood can warp or crack, the material is not recommended for high humidity environments like a kitchen or bathroom. Composite PVC blinds are made out of a composite PVC and can give you the best of both worlds! They have the look of luxurious real wood blinds at a price of about 15% less.

Tall window or a sliding glass door? Go Vertical!

If you have a tall window or a sliding glass door in your home, vertical blinds may be just the right fit as this type of blind is often used over substantial openings.

What is the best blinds material for bright sunlight?

Reconsidering from wooden to aluminum blinds may be the right choice for rooms that receive a lot of sun, as the material can stand long exposure to heat and direct light and will not warp, making them a better choice for a sunny room.

Genuine Wood

Custom Colors

Motorized / Alexa Compatible

  • Horizontal


12″ – 108″

8″ – 96″


  • Low
  • Moderate



To keep your wood blinds clean, regularly dust or vacuum them. For deeper cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth. Stained finishes can be treated with lemon oil.


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Routless Option Bad For Sliding Doors
Light Weight Lots of Cords

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