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Custom Kitchen Window Treatments

Considering the kitchen is probably the most used room of your home, it's important to have window treatments that are up to the task!

The Kitchen is the heart of the home.

Stylish window fashions that withstand heat, moisture, and dirt await.

Whether you are looking for more privacy, improved light control, or want that dream kitchen, window treatments are a beautiful and practical addition to your kitchen.

Where the magic happens

The best window treatments for the kitchens are designed with durable materials & stain-resistant fabrics that can easily be cleaned to remove those pesky specks of spaghetti sauce from last Sunday's dinner.

Considering how many odors, temperature changes, and the need for cleaning in this room, you should carefully consider which window coverings you'd like for your kitchen. And, of course, we're always here to help!

Top-down bottom-up shades kitchen

Double the Nice

For the ultimate flexibility, consider cellular shades that can be raised and lowered from the bottom or top. Top-down, bottom-up shades are simple and sleek shades that drop down from the top or are raised from the bottom for full control of the sunlight as needed.

Monochromatic kitchens are trendy and adding a valance and Roman shade in the same fabric will create a tailored look.

The Layered Effect

Monochromatic kitchens are trendy and adding a valance and Roman shade in the same fabric will create a tailored look.

If you want a filtered light and soft appearance in your kitchen window – but don’t want treatments to weigh you down, consider using a fabric with a loose weave like linen.

Bare and Beautiful

If you want a filtered light and soft appearance in your kitchen window – but don't want treatments to weigh you down, consider using a fabric with a loose weave like linen.

Having a view from your kitchen sink can make prepping food or washing the dishes more pleasurable. Shutters are a low-maintenance alternative to drapery that gives light control and views.

Tailored & Structured

Having a view from your kitchen sink can make prepping food or washing the dishes more pleasurable. Shutters are a low-maintenance alternative to drapery that gives light control and views.

Durability is of utmost importance when selecting a kitchen window covering. Kitchen window coverings are exposed to more stains, moisture, and heat than any room in your home. The most common window covering for the kitchen is the roller shade because of its ability to bring the shade down while maintaining the ability to see outside. PVC coating on the roller shade gives it extra hardiness.

The kitchen gets dirty and is cleaned more frequently than any other room in the home. Choosing suitable materials for your window coverings will allow you to clean those complicated messes regularly and quickly.

While draperies are generally low maintenance for cleaning in a low traffic area, if you put them in the kitchen, they may absorb odors and require more maintenance than, say, an easy to wipe-off shutter.

If you imagine wood as your material of choice, faux wood blinds are an excellent non-warping option we can customize to match the appearance of your cabinets. Less common but easy to clean options are cellular shades and aluminum blinds.

The kitchen is the most frequented room. If you are standing in the kitchen washing dishes, cooking, or entertaining, you will need extra protection from the sun. 

Tinted window films protect your furniture and hard-working self from the sun's harmful UV rays and peering neighbors' eyes.

The kitchen is one of the first places you go when you wake up early in the morning or before going to bed. As you don't want your neighbors to see you in these intimate moments, choose a covering with some opacity.

Sheer shades with light filtering options are one example of a window covering that can create that much-needed privacy while still allowing light in the room to brighten your day.

You don't want to be fiddling with opening the windows when you have a ton of activity in the kitchen, especially if the window is above a sink or stove.

If your windows are in hard-to-reach areas, it's a great idea to motorize the blinds for simple accessibility and maximum convenience! Learn more about our motorization solution.

For all the functionality of this room, don't forget to add that extra pizzazz to attract guests or start conversations. We offer many custom options to match any décor, but the most popular accent is often a soft decorative treatment to conceal a shade.

Kitchens are often sterile environments, so selecting an elegant cornice box or valance can add style and warmth.

Kitchen Window Treatments

Recommended Products

Select from durable and fashionable options that can withstand the heat, moisture, and dirt the kitchen can dish out.

Because kitchen windows are near food preparation areas, faux wood blinds make it easy to wipe down and are durable.

Faux Wood Blind

Our award-winning faux wood blind with SmartPrivacy® technology ensures extra privacy and light control. Smooth operation, impact-resistant, legendary quality.

Faux wood shutters are the perfect solution for kitchens as they offer granular light control and complete privacy.

Faux Shutters

Premium engineered wood composite core - real wood in an advanced state. Incredible density and strength is what our faux shutters offer. Can you tell the difference?

Cellular shades are perfect window treatments that allow for heat control offering superior energy savings. Best for windows with harsh lighting!

Cellular Shades

Bring extra insulation and home energy efficiency with our cellular shades with advanced honeycomb technology. A modern, streamlined, and stylish look for every window.

If you are into modern design and love clean lines, Roller Shades are a fantastic kitchen window treatment option.

Roller Shades

Capture the spirit of modern living and celebrate a vast world of color, textures, and styles.

Sheer shades are the perfect combination of shade and blinds. The soft inner vanes behave like slats of the blind by tilting opened and closed. The vanes are encased on the front and back by a soft, delicate layer of sheer fabric.

Sheer Shades

Achieve a perfect balance of light control and privacy. Sheer shades will allow you to experience the light in your kitchen in a whole new way; its warmth, beauty, and transformational effects. 

Roman shades tend to work better than a curtain or full drapes in kitchens where there are likely to be a lot of spills or splatters.

Roman Shades

A world of soft, luxury fabrics and exquisite details that embodies the best of tailored craftsmanship. Did we mention, our Kitchen Roman Shades are made with stain-free and water-resistant fabric?


Yes, faux wood blinds are moisture-resistant and will not warp or crack, making them ideal for high-humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Regarding kitchen window treatments, choosing materials that can withstand moisture and heat is important. Avoid using fabrics that are easily stained, such as silk or linen, and opt for materials that are easy to clean, such as faux wood or vinyl.

Yes, you can use curtains in your kitchen, but choosing the right materials is important. Avoid using heavy fabrics that are difficult to clean, and instead, opt for lightweight cotton or linen curtains that are easy to wash.

Yes, safety is a concern regarding window treatments in the kitchen. Avoid using long cords or dangling strings that could pose a risk to small children or pets. Instead, opt for cordless or motorized window treatments for a safer option.

It is generally not recommended to use window treatments that touch the countertop or stove, as they can become a fire hazard. Instead, choose a window treatment that hangs above the countertop or stove, such as a valance or a Roman shade.

It is important to regularly clean your kitchen window treatments, as they can collect grease and food particles. Most window treatments can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge. You may need to use a cleaning solution specific to the material for more stubborn stains.

The best material for your window treatments depends on your style and the required functionality. For example, opt for sheer fabrics like linen or cotton if you want natural light to filter through your window treatments. Choose heavier fabrics like velvet or silk if you need privacy and light control. You can also choose materials like wood or faux wood for a more classic look. If you have a room like a bathroom or a kitchen with more traffic and moisture, then you will want to consider more durable window treatments that can be easily maintained and thoroughly cleaned often.

The benefits of choosing faux wood shutters over real wood shutters include affordability, durability, and moisture resistance. Faux wood shutters also require less maintenance and are easier to clean than real wood shutters. Additionally, they are an eco-friendly option as they are made from recycled materials. The ease of maintenance or moisture resistance makes them perfect choices for kitchens and bathrooms.

Roman shades using traditional fabrics are not a good use case for humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms. Selecting fabrics that will not collect dust or develop mold due to dampness is imperative in kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchen window treatments tend to soak up oils and grease, eventually caking dust on them. It is essential to clean the grime and grease regularly so that your shades maintain cleanliness.