Custom Faux Wood Shutters

Faux wood shutters are constructed from synthetic polymers or PVC. This wood composite shutter style is heavier than real wood shutters, but they are also extremely durable, which is a beautiful advantage.

Product Overview

Custom Faux Wood Shutters in San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, Fresno

Faux wood shutters (aka composite shutters) are interior shutters constructed from synthetic polymers or PVC. Many people use the terms “faux wood,” “composite,” and “vinyl shutters” interchangeably. These plastic shutters weigh heavier than genuine wood shutters, but they are also extremely durable, which is a beautiful advantage. Just like plantation shutters, faux wood shutters case the entire window and usually swing out from a hinge to allow access to the window or to allow maximum light to come in.

Faux Wood Shutters vs. Real Wood Shutters

The most significant advantage of the faux wood shutter is, most notably, the price. Faux wood plantation shutters are less expensive, and the production cost is considerably less than that of custom wood shutters. This type of indoor shutter can be used in every house of the house without considering the environmental impact on the shutter. For example, we would recommend composite wood shutters to be installed in a bathroom or laundry room with a higher moisture potential. Moisture in the air would likely warp a real wood shutter, but a faux wood shutter will stand up nicely for many, many years.


One of the disadvantages of faux wood is the material’s weight, which may cause mechanical failure from wear on the lift mechanism. Overall, faux wood shutters are a functional, reasonably priced, and aesthetically pleasing alternative window treatments to real wood shutters.

Uniquely Shaped Windows

Uniquely shaped windows such as circular, oval, or arched windows add an elegant touch to your home’s décor that can be appreciated for providing great views from inside and “curb appeal” from outside. Our designers will provide you with a plethora of options to custom fit any size window and stained to match any home’s existing decor during the in-home consultation.

Sliding and French glass doors

Sliding and french glass doors are very common in sunny California homes but usually come with a lack of privacy. Fear not, you can keep up with your modern and elegant decor by selecting a customized shutter for French doors and sliding glass doors.


Plantation shutters feature wider louvers that allow more light into the room are usually hinged on the outside of the window frame and swing open to allow access to the window or to allow light in. Operable slats can be adjusted for light control, airflow, or privacy concerns. They are also available in multiple tears allowing tilt control for half of the window to have the slats open while the other half remains closed, giving you even more control over light and privacy.


Faux wood plantation shutters are last you a lifetime. Faux Polywood is known as one of the most durable material types on the market for an excellent reason. To that end, faux wood shutters are guaranteed never to turn yellow, crack/splinter, or warp from moisture, and 3 Blind Mice back up our product with a limited lifetime warranty. Your shutters will be just as beautiful as they were when first installed.


Are faux shutters energy efficient? –  Both exterior and interior shutters are energy-efficient treatments and can prevent heat loss in the cold winter and reduce heat gain during hot summer weather. Shutters made from solid materials such as poly are the most effective at saving on energy costs.


Window shutters are an excellent treatment idea for families with pets or small children because they do not have any dangling cords or strings that children can get tangled up in. Some of our shutters have eliminated the tilt bar while still giving you full tilt control. In addition to shutters, we provide a variety of cordless & child-friendly treatments as well as motorized window treatments that will eliminate hazardous pull cords from your home and give you one less thing to worry about!

Child & Pet Safe

Great for High Moisture Areas

Energy Efficient

  • Horizontal


34″ – 97″

16″ – 31″


  • High



Unlike wood shutters, composite shutters can be installed in high-humidity rooms like bathrooms and kitchens without fear of warping. They are available in a wide array of colors to match any décor and can be anywhere from 30-60% cheaper than real wood shutters, making them the more affordable option.

Anywhere from 10 to 25 years is a typical lifespan for interior vinyl shutters. During these decades, homeowners benefit from the minimal care required: just a light dusting now and then is usually enough to keep your shutters in good condition! Composite shutters are UV resistant, so they hold up to direct sunlight for a long time. Plus, they’re not harmed by steam or humidity.

Composite or faux wood shutters are more affordable than 100% wood shutters. The price varies based on the materials and the size of your windows and can cost between $75 and $250 per window.

Composite shutters, sometimes called faux wood shutters, are usually made of engineered wood wrapped in a PVC or vinyl coating. Engineered wood or “composite wood” is produced by fixing wood strands or fibers with a binding agent to form the shutters’ slats. Because of the vinyl coating, composite shutters are durable and easy to clean. They can also be ordered with a wood grain appearance or in a wide range of colors.

Faux wood shutters are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Dusting the slats regularly with a dry microfiber cloth is usually as much as they need. If a deeper clean is in order, you can wipe them with a damp cloth and warm water with a little mild detergent. Ensure you know what your shutters are made of, as it can be harmful to clean real wood shutters with water.


Add value to your home High cost
Blocks out sound well Heavy
Easy to clean Limited panel widths

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