Custom Blackout Curtains, Drapes & Liners

Blackout curtains are most commonly used in bedrooms and media rooms but are the go-to choice for any room where ultimate light elimination is the goal.

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Custom Blackout Curtains, Drapes & Liners in San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, Fresno

Made from tightly woven dense materials with the appearance of drapes, blackout curtains are recommended to help achieve absolute darkness in a room by blocking out 99% of incoming light. These curtains are available in various colors and sizes, helping you add a stylish and functional window treatment to your bedroom, media room, or home theater. If you have existing curtains that you want to keep, you have the option of adding a blackout liner that is attached to the back of your existing curtain. These liners are effective in blocking out light as well as any incoming air into the room. Blackout liners can be attached with metal hooks to your existing curtains and come in various sizes.

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Why Blackout Curtains, Drapers & Liners?

  • Optimal for rooms that require maximum darkness
  • Provide ultimate privacy when closed
  • Lots of style options —most effective when layered
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Noise-reducing
Draperies help keep your home warmer in winter

What are the Benefits of Blackout Curtains & Drapes?

Blackout window curtains are primarily used to cover the window and block out light. Any incoming light is a distraction while trying to sleep, especially for people who work night or irregular shifts or those who simply do not want to be awakened with the sunrise. Blackout window curtains also block out outside noise, especially in urban and densely populated neighborhoods, making it easier to relax inside your home. They are helpful for temperature control by keeping hot or cold air from seeping through the window. Blackout curtains will help reduce energy bills as they block sunlight and regulate temperature. By keeping out light and noise, blackout window curtains can improve the quality and quantity of sleep by allowing you to create a dark, calm, and optimal environment for more restful sleep.

Blackout Curtains, Blackout Drapes, Blackout Liners

What are the differences?

There is a difference between blackout curtains and drapes. Drapes are usually sold in pairs and made of various options of heavier fabric panels that reach the floor. Drapes are hung from a rod with grommets, rings, or curtain hooks. Drapes are lined and can be fitted with a light-eliminating fabric lining, enabling them to block out all light from coming inside. You can also get thermal insulated drapes. This option is best suited for bedrooms as they allow anyone to get restful sleep during the day in a dark enough room to get the deep sleep they require.

Blackout curtains are thicker as they have room-darkening features built into the fabric. They are lighter in weight and appearance than drapes and are now made in softer, more stylish, and different-colored materials. This material improvement has helped transform them into a more stylish option from their traditionally dated look.

Blackout liners are a great option if you are concerned about not altering the décor in your space. A third option is thermal insulated curtain liners that contain a thermal layer of insulating material and a vapor barrier. These provide insulation for any draught seeping through the windows.

Room Darkening Curtains versus Blackout Curtains

There is a difference.

Room darkening curtains and drapes are designed to let in minimal light, whereas blackout curtains and drapes are meant to block out 99% of all incoming light.

Room darkening curtains are made of solid, more closely-woven fabrics that allow the most minimal light to enter a room. While they reduce the amount of light entering a room, they are not designed for complete darkness but will eliminate almost all light.  This close-weave means little to no space between the threads. Darkening drapes are a good fit for common areas like the living room, where complete privacy is a must once in the evening. Still, you do not necessarily need a total blackout effect as you may with a media room or bedroom. As an added bonus, they have a cooling effect during the day compared to light filtering or sheer drapes due to the light and subsequent heat they keep out.

Blackout curtains are usually made with a thick, heavily-woven front fabric (like a triple weave fabric) paired with a very tightly woven polyester and cotton blend white fabric liner that faces the window, making it only visible from the outside and not from the inside of the room. This fabric liner acts as a barrier to the outside elements, reflecting light and heat out of the window, resulting in a darker and cooler room.

If you are looking for a true 100% blackout effect, it is not easily achieved with a single window covering. Therefore, it is often recommended to pair lined blackout curtains over the window with another window treatment inside it to guarantee the ultimate blackout effect.

When pairing blackout curtains or drapes with other window treatments, you’ll want the curtains to extend at least eight inches past the window's top, bottom, and sides. This will ensure you capture any light that filters in around the edges of the first window treatment, known as a “halo effect.” Another option that effectively keeps light coming in from around the curtain or drapery hardware is a top treatment, such as a fabric cornice or valance. 

How to Layer Your Blackout Curtains & Drapes

Consider pairing your blackout curtains with the following treatments:


Of all shades, cellular shades (aka honeycomb shades) have the smallest light gap, about a quarter of an inch. Cellular shades will fit tightly to the window to give you good coverage if your room does not require complete darkness but you are still looking to reduce light gaps.


Whether in real wood, composite faux wood, or economical aluminum, horizontal blinds experience a softening effect when paired with full-length curtains. The blinds are installed inside the window frame and give you precise control over light levels, ranging from full light with the blinds drawn up to filtered light with the blinds down and tilted, to complete room darkening with the blinds fully closed. Closing the curtains over the blinds can achieve a full blackout effect.


Of all the shades, roller shades have the largest light gap, with up to a half inch on each side. However, you can choose an outside mount to reduce unwanted "halo effect" light further and incorporate side channels. Side channels come in aluminum, bronze, or white to match or complement your home's decor. These designer roller shades come in many fabrics, colors, patterns, and manual and motorized options. Watch these videos to see these motorized blackout roller shades with side channels in action.


Combining a medium-weight Roman shade with a blackout curtain can create a complete blackout effect, perfect for bedrooms and other spaces requiring complete light elimination.


Consider layering two sets of curtains using a dual curtain rod. The inner curtain rod is ideal for a sheer or light-filtering curtain, whereas the outer rod is optimal for a heavier drape that, when closed, results in added privacy and a blackout effect. Allowing you to customize your light levels and privacy throughout the day.


Consider layering two sets of curtains using a dual curtain rod or a wrap-around curtain rod. With dual  or double curtain rods the inner curtain rod is ideal for a sheer or light-filtering curtain, whereas the outer rod is optimal for a heavier drape that, when closed, results in added privacy and a blackout effect. Allowing you to customize your light levels and privacy throughout the day.

The wrap-around curtain rod not only creates a streamlined look, it keeps the windows covered at the edges for maximum light blocking, reducing the light leaking in to create the 'halo effect.'


Another solution for eliminating the “halo” light from around the edges of an otherwise blackout window treatment layer your treatments by combining valances or cornice boxes and side panels. This will effectively stop the light at the treatment border, eliminating all glare from your room. A common combination is a roller shade paired with a patterned valance/top treatment and patterned side panels.

Increased Energy Efficiency and Noise Reduction with Blackout Curtains

Privacy, light control, child-proof, convenience, and functionality.

Blackout curtains are multi-functional in that they reduce noise (keeping out at least 40% of noise) and help reduce energy costs by as much as 25% by insulating your room from the outside, whether by preventing heat loss or blocking solar heat and light.

Again, curtains or drapes made of heavy, dense fabrics and layered will give you the best insulation and soundproofing results, muffling and dampening sounds by as much as 75%. Keep in mind, however, that not all blackout curtains are soundproofing, but nearly all soundproofing curtains supply a blackout effect when installed with adequate coverage around all the window edges.

To determine whether or not a fabric is a good option for your curtains or drapes and will block sound and light, you can shine a flashlight through the fabric swatch. If you see the light seeping through, the fabric will be less effective than one that does not allow any light to enter the other side. Ideally, you want curtains or drapes made from a very dense material that lets very little or no light through for the best blackout and noise reduction results.

Windows are notoriously terrible for keeping the outside environment out of your living spaces. Fifty percent of heat gained in your home comes from sunlight on the windows, requiring your AC to work overtime during the warmers months. During the colder months, windows account for an average of 10% of your home’s total heat loss. Overall, blackout curtains can help you reduce your home’s summertime energy consumption by up to 25%, which can add up to significant savings on your utility bills year after year. 

Rooms Blackout Curtains Are Best Suited For

Blackout window curtains are the optimal window treatment when you need the most control of light and privacy for uninterrupted sleep, free from light seeping in, or a dark room for movie viewing or gaming.

Blackout curtains and drapes provide heightened privacy for your home and added security. Blackout curtains are an excellent choice for any room where light control is important. Common rooms where it is a good idea to install blackout curtains are:

Blackout Curtains for Bedrooms

Keep out light and noise pollution that interfere with sleep quality and vital deep REM sleep. Blackout window treatments are the perfect solution to ensuring your bedroom is an optimal dark and quiet space conducive to quality sleep. Create a dark and peaceful environment for sleeping.

Blackout Curtains for Home Offices

Blackout curtains can be useful in home offices to block out light and reduce glare on computer screens.

Blackout Nurseries & Children’s Rooms

Blackout curtains can help babies, and young kids sleep better by blocking out light, especially for those still regularly napping during the day. Design optimal conditions for your kids and you by ensuring quality sleep. Motorized and cordless options are available to give you peace of mind and keep them safe.

Blackout Curtains for Media Rooms

Blackout curtains are an essential element for media rooms, home theaters, or other spaces where people want to control the amount of light to enjoy movies, sports, or gaming. Window treatments are as important as selecting the perfect television or projector, comfortable seating, or sound system. In addition to keeping out unwanted light and glare, they are crucial for keeping out external sounds. Installing blackout window treatments will ensure no screen glare while adding that movie theater feels to your own room. Blackout window shades are ideal with their solid, no-gap covering.

Blackout Curtains for Gaming Rooms

Blackout curtains block the sun's rays in the daytime and street lights and vehicle lights at night, providing a completely dark environment for the ultimate gaming experience. Allowing you to enjoy your gaming time even when your device brightness is set low.


The blinds are easy to pull down and relatively easy to pull up. I like the look and blackout function.


Yes, blackout curtains can be combined with other window treatments to provide additional light blocking or privacy. For example, you may choose to use blackout curtains in conjunction with blinds or shades to create a layered look.

Blackout curtains are available in various colors and patterns, from neutral shades such as black, white, and gray to brighter colors and bold patterns.

Blackout curtains can be hung in the same way as regular curtains, using a curtain rod or other type of hardware. It's important to ensure that the curtain rod is sturdy enough to support the weight of the curtains, which can be heavier than regular curtains due to the additional lining.

Yes, most blackout curtains can be washed in a washing machine. However, it's important to check the care instructions on the label before washing to ensure that you are using the correct method.

Room darkening curtains are designed to reduce the amount of light entering a room, but they are not completely opaque and may allow some light to pass through. On the other hand, blackout curtains are designed to block out all light and create a completely dark environment.

Yes, blackout curtains can help reduce noise by absorbing sound waves and preventing them from entering a room. This can be particularly useful for people who live in noisy areas or near busy streets.

Yes, blackout curtains can help reduce energy costs by providing insulation and reducing heat loss through windows. This can be particularly beneficial in colder climates, where keeping heat inside the home is important.

No, not all blackout curtains are completely opaque. Some may allow a small amount of light to pass through, depending on factors such as the thickness of the material and the color of the curtain.

The main benefit of blackout curtains is that they can help create a dark and peaceful environment, which is essential for people who need to sleep during the day or are sensitive to light. In addition to blocking out light, blackout curtains can help reduce noise, improve energy efficiency, and provide privacy.

A blackout curtain is a type of window treatment that is designed to block out light completely. These curtains are made with a special lining that helps to absorb light and prevent it from entering a room, which can be particularly useful for people who need to sleep during the day or who live in areas with a lot of light pollution.


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