Custom Sheer Curtains & Draperies

Sheer curtains are a beautiful, breezy way to add texture to your window without a lot of fuss. We offer a variety of colors, from sheer & light to darker with less visibility as well as a variety of styles like flat panel, grommet & rod pocket.

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Custom Sheer Curtains & Draperies in San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, Fresno

Sheer curtains and drapes are a beautiful, breezy way to add light and airy texture to your window without a lot of fuss. We offer a variety of colors, from very sheer and light to semi-sheer to darker with less visibility as well as a variety of styles like flat panel, tab top, grommet, and rod pocket. Texturally, sheer curtains are usually made from a loosely woven polyester or cotton lace allowing for maximum light to show through the fabric and provide a little bit of UV protection.

During the day, a sheer curtain will allow people inside the home to see out through the curtain, without allowing people on the outside to see in. However, this privacy aspect does not carry into the night time and if you desire a curtain with more privacy you should consider pairing your sheer shade with another one of our night-time-privacy suitable window treatments. Another thing to consider is that due to the very light nature of this kind of window covering, sheer curtains do not offer much in the way of insulation or energy efficiency.


Need more privacy but want the light, romantic and airy look of a sheer?

Combine your sheers with functional and stylish draperies to block out light and heat and improve privacy and energy efficiency, or top with a valance to add an elegant touch.

Valance it

Decorate your windows subtly with an addition of a sheer valance accent to create a finished look for your window.

Want to eliminate any light from entering through the windows?

Blackout curtains are ideal when you wish to block sunlight from entering a room such as a bedroom or media room.

UV Protection

Beauty & Design


  • Vertical


18″ – 225″

15″ – 384″


  • Moderate



Yes, aluminum blinds can be repaired if they become damaged or stop functioning correctly. You can replace individual slats, restring the blinds, or replace the cord mechanism. We offer professional repair for all of our work.

Sheer curtains offer privacy during the day while it is brighter outside than inside, but they do not provide privacy at night. If your space requires evening privacy, layer your window treatments, or attach high-quality plastic or blackout material to your sheer curtains. Sheer curtains are available in a wide variety of colors, fabric types, and textures so they are likely to compliment your interior space no matter your aesthetic.

Layering two different window treatment styles can result in a very chic look. Sheer curtains layered with drapes are an appealing combination not only for the practicality of the pairing but for the balanced visual aesthetic. It is common to see a sheer curtain hung centered over the window, accompanied by solid or patterned drapes on either side. This pairing offers privacy during the day and evening without sacrificing natural daylight or the beauty of a visually balanced space.

Sheer curtains do block out some UV light while still allowing for natural light to filter into your space. When layering sheer curtains with drapes, the sheer curtain can protect your drape liner from UV damage. Although sheer curtains do not block UV light completely, they do offer some protection and can save your furniture and rugs from spotting or fading.

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve with your window treatment selection, sheer curtains can be an excellent choice. Sheer curtains have unique properties compared to other window treatments. When installed in a space, they can make the room feel bigger, airy, and comfortable. They can appear stately or casual and are affordable for many different budgets. Also, due to the transparent nature of the window treatment, sheer curtains carry their hue and shade into your interior space, transforming your space throughout the day as the sun rises and sets.


Large widths Little privacy
Adds elegance Easily moved by wind
Add coastal living feeling to house Limited color options

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