Voice Controlled Window Coverings with Amazon Echo Home Automation

It’s official!

amazon-echo-blindsYou can now ask Alexa to open and close your motorized blinds and motorized shades.

All you need is an Amazon Echo, automated window coverings, and a tech-savvy individual to set up the home automation.

Once set up, ask her (Alexa) to raise or lower window coverings, open or close your blinds, and even set them to close at a certain time of day. Voice-controlled technology continues to advance and solve new problems!

In this blog, we’ll show how you can use voice controls to operate your window coverings, the future of voice-controlled window coverings, and why setting up the system initially with an automation expert matters.

Voice Controlled Window Coverings With Alexa

Watch our motorized window covering expert show off Alexa’s ability to control your window coverings from the sound of your voice.

Questions You Can Ask Alexa To Control & Automate Your Window Coverings At Home

The Amazon Alexa personal assistant is a great new tool for the tech-savvy individual to add voice control to blinds, curtains, shades, and all types of window treatments.

To use the system you will need to have automated window coverings installed.

Learn some of our favorite commands for using Alexa with window coverings. 


1. Alexa, can you lower the shades?


We don’t know about you, but mornings can be pretty hectic. Packing lunch, making coffee, and getting the kids in the car, it’s easy to forget to close the shades while you’re gone. Well, it was, without Alexa blinds or our recommended Mechoshades.

“Alexa, can you lower the shades?”


2. Alexa, can you turn the blinds off?


We admit the command sounds weird but just think about it. The sun is setting, dinner is ready, and you just popped a bottle of wine. It can’t get any more romantic than an intimate dinner with your partner while watching the sunset and enjoying a delicious dinner.

“Alexa, can you turn the blinds off?”


Ask A Window Covering Expert

Interested in setting up Alexa controlled window coverings?

Give us a call at 858.452.6100 and we’ll talk about set up options.


3. Alexa, can you schedule shades to open at 7 am?


What’s one of the worst sounds in the world? The alarm clock! There is a better way to start off every morning than that annoying sound. With your voice controlled window coverings, why not have the sun wake you up in the morning?

“Alexa, can you schedule shades to open at 7 am?”


4. Alexa, can you turn on movie theater mode?


Popcorns popped, everyone in the family has their regular seats, movies about to start, but the last person up didn’t turn off the lights or shut the blinds. Ah, this problem is a thing of the past with Amazon Echo blinds and other automated blackout curtains/shades.

“Alexa, can you turn on movie theater mode?”


5. Alexa, can you turn on any window coverings?


Before you get ahead of yourself, Alexa can’t just connect to your mini-blinds. There are some things you need to set up your voice activated window coverings. There are a few apps, a single hub, and a lot of wires. We’d recommend asking a tech-savvy family member or friend to make sure you don’t get any of your wires crossed.

“Alexa, can you turn on any window coverings?”


What’s the Future of Voice Controlled Window Coverings?

Now is the time to get ahead of the automation trend.

It is important to have technology installed first so that when software updates become available you will be all ready for the latest improvements throughout your home.  It’s only a matter of time before your smart thermostat tells Alexa to lower shades to maintain the preset temperature while you’re at home.

It’s pretty amazing what Alexa can already do with products like Qmotion shades and blinds. You can ask her to raise or lower them, open or close your blinds, and even set them to close at a certain time.

Without a doubt, the future of voice controlled window coverings is integration with other devices like smart blinds using Alexa. Smart light bulbs, smart TVs, and thermostats can already be integrated with the Amazon Echo.

In the near future, you’ll be able to connect all of these devices with your voice controlled window coverings.

Now imagine life at home. Advanced!

Want Amazon’s Alexa To Control Your Motorized Window Coverings?

There are many amazing motorized window coverings you can have Alexa control. It just comes down to what products you like, how customized you want to get, and what your price points are.

View our Video Gallery of automated blinds and shades to learn what your motorized window coverings options are.

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Harold (Hal) Jaynes

I have a qmotion battery powered shade system (just over a year old) and an echo dot. I’m a retired engineer on a comfortable retirement income. My echo also controls my Nest. If I want to voice activate my shades what information do you need to help me validate its practical for me?

Which blinds can we choose from?

Hi Karen. Thank you for contacting 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings. A customer service Representative from our office will be contacting you shortly.

Kind Regards

I am looking to do voice controlled window shades and have been looking at Lutron but they are extremely expensive this particular home I’m working on has 18 windows. The windows are long so going cordless without motorizations not a option. Hoping you can assist.

Thank you for contacting 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings. We provide Free In home consultations with an experienced designer.   
We service San Diego, Southern Orange County and Sacramento areas. Do you reside within our service territories? Please feel free to call our office Toll Free: 800-828-2000.

We look forward to hearing from you,

3 Blind Mice Window Coverings

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Do you need a HUB to control the Shades via Alexa ?

Hello Roy,

Yes, and it depends on what manufacturer as to which hub will work best.

Good luck with your project.

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