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2017 Window Treatment Trends


New year, new trends. We launched the Window Treatment Trends Guide for 2022! We’ll guide you through the latest trends. Explore the 2022 window covering trends with 3 Blind Mice Window Covering!

What’s the best thing to do in a new location? Explore! In-between seminars, presentations, and interviews, our awesome duo discovered some stellar new window treatment products that are going to take 2017 by storm, even more than last year.

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Window Treatment Trends for 2017 – Product of the Year

These stellar motors have been on the Australian market for a while now but just landed in the U.S. in stunning fashion and are the 3 Blind Mice pick for the product of the year.

rollease acemda

Arc Motor by Rollease Acmeda

The cloud controlled motor you’ve been looking for.

Talk about advancement in motorized window treatment technology. These cloud-based controlled motors use WiFi for two-way communication to your smart devices. Yes, these motors can communicate back to you! What would they say?

How about, my battery is currently at 20 percent? OR your window shades are currently in the down position. The cloud-based server allows for more scalability and function. Most companies don’t have these capabilities.

Next question, can you hooked these up to Alexa for voice controlled window coverings with Amazon Echo? You bet you can and do way more than that. These motors will even work for motorized awnings. How’s that for a fully automated lifestyle?

Latest Window Treatment Trends

Comfortex Color Lux Shades Explained

Update 16 – 5/19/2016

Our very own, O’D, shares with us the features and functionalities of the Comfortex Color Lux Shades. They have put more focus into their designer color palatte in order to provide a large array to choose from. Design meets functionality with their child safe cordless lift system or motorization for at home automation. Their extremely easy to clean, safe around your kids, and designed to match your home’s interior.

Window Covering Design Competition at IWCE 2017

Update 16 – 5/19/2016

With our head cheese, Scot, handling the camera, General Manager, O’D, shares the beautiful and unique Window Covering Design Competition at IWCE 2017. These are some of the most interesting custom window treatments out there. Each year the designers get more and more creative with their submissions. From custom printed shades and top treatments to iron artwork and custom curtains, everything is allowed to be a part of the layered window treatment designs.

Child-Safe Roman Shades by Shading Source

Update 18 – 4/5/2017

General Manager, O’D, showcases the new design technique for increasing child safety by Shading Source. Most child-safe roman shades had been woven together with netted string behind the shade. Shading Source had a different idea with their new roman shades. Instead, they bound them together using a mylar band to remove cords entirely. Ultimately, creating a safer product.

Window Treatment Trends for 2016

While running around filming on the IWCE floor for 4 days straight, we ran across numerous window covering products and discovered several evident window treatment trends for 2016. Call us now for the most recent trends and designs – (858) 452-6100

Over the course of this year, we will be releasing videos of what we found as the window treatments trends of 2016 and will continue to update this page.

2016 window treatment trends include:

Window Treatment Trends for 2016 – Product of the Year

A long time favorite in Europe, Louvolite’s Perfect Fit Blinds have now made their way to the United States and are 3 Blind Mice’s product pick of the year.

Louvolite Perfect Fit Blinds

As you saw in the video above, they are one of the great window treatment ideas for doors. Their surface mounted functionality work perfect for a vinyl replacement door, where no there is structural support to hold a typically affixed window covering.

This innovative installation technique is quick, easy, and works flawlessly on European style windows, which are normally difficult to cover with traditional window treatments.

They are available in a wide range of fabric colors and textures for both cellular shades and roller shades, making customization endless. They’re easy to snap off to clean, leave window sills uncluttered, and with their cord free control functionality they are one of many child safety window treatments. Add energy efficient fabrics and reduced light gaps for optimal privacy and you should understand why this is our selection for favorite product of the year.

Custom Branded Roller Shades

For all you business owners, your custom window coverings have finally arrived. Custom Branded Roller Shades by ShadeGrafix are a roller shade product that is completely customizable and can be altered to meet your promotional needs.

As you saw in the video above, add a custom branded roller shade to customer facing windows with your latest promotion. Their dual usage allows you to combine style with functionality. From an inside perspective, they have a nice clean look while getting the effects of the solar screen to block out the heat and glare. When the shades are down, you have an advertising effect from the outside drawing customers to your business.

Designed for commercial use, but the application is limitless. They can easily be removed and replaced with whatever seasonal promotion or image you’d like. You don’t have to be a business owner to love this customizable product. Create custom branded roller shades for any occasion.

Latest Window Treatment Trends

BTX Silent Spirit Motor System

Update 16 – 5/19/2016

Our very own, O’D, shares with us the features and functionalities of the BTX Silent Spirit motor system. The unique motorized system is designed for soft treatments, draperies, and custom curtains. What makes it so special, is that you are able to activate the motor by manually drawing back the curtain.


Padded Cornice Boxes Explained

Update 16 – 5/19/2016

Head cheese and owner, Scot, explains the aesthetics and features of Padded Cornice Boxes. Their customized designs are created to compliment any style of window treatment from blinds to shades. They can cut, shaped, and decorated to compliment your personal style and existing home’s decor.


Unique Vignette Design

Update 16 – 5/23/2016

General Manager, O’D, walks us through a unique vignette design at IWCE 2016. The designers artistic abilities really shine through in her selection of fabrics, LED light installations, and iron art. The design is so unique, it is hard to believe you can do such things with window coverings.


Motorized Roller Shade Hardware

Update 16 – 5/23/2016

Watch as our General Manager, O’D, explains the various types of motorized roller shade hardware you can incorporate into your window coverings. From color, style, and size to product, shade length, & motor size, he tells all. He also talks about aspects you typically don’t think about, such as cassettes & fascias.


Louvolite One Touch Motorized Roller Shade

Update 16 – 5/23/2016

General Manger O’D Kewan walks us through Louvolite’s One Touch Motorized Roller Shade system. What is unique about this motorized roller shade system, is how one can control it. It is great for those high to reach windows and even better if you are worried about losing the remote control.

Steampunk Serenade Vignette Design

Update 16 – 5/23/2016

At the International Window Covering Expo, every year they have a decorative drapery display competition. Designers get really creative with their designs. Our General Manager, O’D, talks with one of the designers about her Steampunk Serenade Vignette Design & what she decided to use in her design.

Highlight Video of Window Treatment Trends for 2015

With a brand new microphone and our trusty video camera in hand, we roamed the IWCE floor speaking with manufacturers and vendors from around the world.

Window Treatment Trends for 2015

After filming more than 30 videos of the latest in window treatments, we have seen several distinct window fashion trends emerge and will be recapping our findings on this page over the course of the year.

This year’s trends include:

Subscribe to be the First to Know! This is only the first of our window treatment trend videos for 2017. We’ll post a new video each month!


Advanced Motorized Window Treatments

Control your Window Treatments from your iPhoneMotorization for window treatments is all grown up! We are proud to report you no longer need an electrician or construction contractor to retrofit your windows for motorization. The newest technologies for motorization, including battery powered options, simplifies installation and ensures whisper-silent functionality.

Motorized window treatments are the next step to a technologically connected smart home. Many integrate with home automation systems like Nest, which are growing in popularity. You also have the ability to control everything straight from your phone or tablet! Simply install the corresponding apps to your phone and suddenly raising and lowering your shades is as easy as sending a text message.

Child & Pet Safety Standards

Dangling cords are a dangerous feature of many blinds and shades. This year we were pleased to see child and pet-safe window treatments are now the standard, rather than just an upgrade option.

Many new window treatment designs feature clean lines and have done away with cords entirely for a chic, child and pet-safe option.

As designs mature, cord-free functionality is becoming more and more reliable. Previously many cord-free options would often become stuck or bunched and require extensive repair. New technologies allow for better functionality and safety without the hassle. Other popular child-safe options include motorized shades, curtains, shutters, and roller shades.

Multi-Layer & 2-in-1 Designs are Still Hot from 2014

Window treatments that do double-duty by offering privacy during the day and light blocking at night is one 2014 trend we haven’t done away with!

This two-in-one design offers extreme functionality and artistic design, perfect for modern interiors.

Two in one shades are available both in manual and motorized versions such as the transition shades from Qmotion. While functional, these shades have a focus on aesthetically pleasing design featuring contrasting colors and multiple layers. These shade styles offer more of an artistic interior design touch and an opportunity for expression within the home.

Exterior/Interior Window Treatments for Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Window FilmWe noticed the trends continue to shift toward more energy efficient designs for home. Exterior shading solutions are becoming increasingly popular and many new constructions feature built in window treatments.

Outside shutters and blinds protect your home from the harsh rays of the sun during the summer while preventing heat escape during cooler weather and at night for better energy efficiency.

These solutions help maintain temperature while decreasing energy bills.

Design, efficiency, and functionality is what you get with today’s exterior shutters that have been influenced by European style and innovative designers. Our favorite product coming from this new trend is the Aluminum Shutter/Blind from Insync Solar and we will be putting up a video review of this product shortly.

What’s Hot in Window Treatment Trends for 2014?

Multi-layer window treatments that combine drapes with blinds, shades and shutters were all the rage at this year’s show! Check out this video showcasing an innovative drapery design we saw at IWCE.

Video Demo of Multi-layer Treatment

Window Treatment Accessories

Another trend in window treatments for 2014 that we saw a lot of at this year’s show were TONs of new options for customizing and personalizing drapery hardware and accessories. Personalization and window accessories seem to be an upcoming trend that combines interior design and functional design.

Our Favorite Window Treatment for 2014 – Uplifting Shutters

These uplifting shutters from Comfortex have the tilt rod built into the frame so you can easily control all louvers, PLUS, it can be lifted from the bottom up to give you a full view of the window just like horizontal blinds. Check out this video demonstration to see how uplifting shutters work.

Latest Window Treatment Trends

Color Palettes to Help Choose Window Coverings

Update 9 – 11/5/2014

Kate Smith shares with us the top three color design trends for home emerging this year and how to use them in your personal space. These three inspired color palettes for window treatments are used in combination with your paint and home décor to keep your living space fresh and up-to-date.
Advanced glare reduction for a traditional shutter with modern features

Update 8 – 8/29/2014

Block harmful UV rays from damaging your interior and more benefits for your home. Protect your investments with an easy to use solar shutter for maximum glare reduction and privacy features. One of the more recent advancements in sun management, the screen attaches to the rear shutter with magnets that minimizes light that penetrates through the required margin tolerances.
Manage your shades from your tablet or smartphone

Update 7 – 7/15/2014

The Qsync Smartphone app can control up to 500 shades from one device works with the silent motorized battery powered drapery track system and has a 2 inch wood blind tilt and lift system! Control your shades from a phone or tablet to compliment these advanced shading systems from QMotion.
Customize your Shades with Cool New Designs for Children and Adults

Update 6 – 6/11/2014

Licensed Disney, NFL, MLB screen printed roller shades represent your favorite sports team or movie character. Learn more about custom options that will help refresh the interior of your bedroom, restaurant or bar in one of the more popular window treatment trends for 2014.
Serena the Wireless, Automated, and Battery Powered Roller Shade

Update 5 – 5/28/2014

Battery powered roller shades are easy-to-use and are a modern design to raise your window shades with a remote control or on a timer system. Learn more about this sophisticated and one of our favorite window treatment trends for 2014.

Solar Powered Motorization

Update 4 – 4/25/2014

Look mom – no wiring!! Solar powered drapes from BTX eliminate the need for rewiring your home or office to accommodate your motorized window coverings. Keeping with the other window treatment trends for 2014, this year’s model got updated to be more efficient and install friendly.
New Fabric for Visibility and Heat Reduction

Update 3 – 4/3/2014

Protect interior surfaces, reduce glare, and minimize heat with Phifer Sheerweave solar screen fabric. Ideal for roller / solar shades, this innovative new window treatment challenges the traditional style of fabric with a distinct two sided appearance that maximizes both outward visibility and solar heat reduction.
Save Money with Roller Shades

Update 2 – 3/27/2014

If chosen correctly, Mariak roller shades can be up to 50% more energy efficient than a standard roller shade. Data shows that within three years the cost will have paid for itself, if the right product has been installed. The Ultimate Achievement Mariak roller shade uses an advanced window covering material designed to be eco friendly and energy efficient for use in your home or office. View this video with another of the window treatment trends for 2014.

Use Your Favorite Sport Team’s Logo

Update 1 – 3/20/2014

There are many ways to help your home or business stand out, but why should you limit them after you pull down the shades? Custom screen printed roller shades are a new window covering trend for 2014 that you can use to add your favorite sports team’s logo to your game room shades, or how about your company’s logo on a commercial storefront. Check out this video demo below.

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  • Did we miss any window treatment trends for 2014?
  • What do you think about the growing trend for multi-layer window treatments?
  • Would you like to install uplifting shutters in your home?

Please leave a comment below to let us know what you think about these trends in window treatments for 2014.

This year, we went to the 2013 International Window Coverings Expo in New Orleans to discover the latest window treatment trends among top brands like Qmotion, Lutron Kirbe, Horizon Shades, and Somfy.

View the latest window fashion trends from child safety features to roller shades and more in the videos below.

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In 2012 the International Window Coverings Expo was held in Chicago. At the show, we explored the latest window treatment trends from main brands like MechoShade, Qmotion, Lutron Kirbe, Horizon Shades, and Somfy.

Check out the 2012 window treatment trends from battery powered blinds to multi-layer window covering designs in the videos below!

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