Custom Window Shades Design & Installation

Window shades have great functionality. They can be used to create a private environment, control the amount of light a room receives, incorporating creative design elements into the room.

Window shades have great functionality. This popular window treatment product can be used to create a private environment, control the amount of light a room receives, incorporating creative design elements into the room, and most come in a variety of forms, sizes, and shapes, each unique to its manufacturer. Browse photos galleries of design ideas for the different shades we offer by following the links below:

Why Our Custom Shades?

  • On-Demand Light Control & Privacy
  • Child Safety
  • Save Money –with UV Protection & Energy Efficiency
  • Convenience & Security –through Motorization & Automation
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Lots of Options –from textiles and colors to control options and motorization or automation

Light Control & Privacy

From light filtering to blackout, 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings has a shade to meet the needs of every room in your house. 

If you’re looking to filter the light coming into your space, rather than block it out entirely, consider woven wood shades, sheer shades, roller shades or cellular shades. All come in a variety of materials and fabrics so that you can customize your level of light control and privacy.

Cellular shades are not only visually appealing but they offer excellent light control and remain one the most sought-after window coverings. They are available in multiple textile opacities, from sheer to fully opaque allowing you to decide the amount of light or darkness that best fits your room. With the option to open from the top and the bottom, you can not only control how much light enters your room but also where.

Roller shades are an excellent choice if you are looking for a stylish window treatment with substantial light control. Roller shades have a clean appearance that fits any room. Roller shades are available in a wide array of textiles allowing you to choose your desired level of light control and varying degrees of privacy.

Blackout window shades can completely darken your room so that you have total privacy when you need it most. Mount shades outside the window casing for the most effective blackout effect, ensuring that no outside light comes in.

For the best of both worlds sheer shades are the window treatment solution for you. With this option, you get the beauty of the sheer fabric and complete light control, from light filtering to full blocking light, all in the convenience of a blind.

Child Safety

The easiest way to protect your loved ones is by going cord-free.

Cellular shades and honeycomb shades come in an vast selection of textiles, textures and colors but one of their greatest features is their ability to be opened from the top and the bottom. This means there are no dangling cords, making them a front runner for child and pet safety.

Safety is an obvious concern where children are involved, but so is durability knowing how rough kids can be on things. If you are worried that cellular shades may take a beating in your child’s room, cord-free Roman shades are a perfect alternative. Cord-free Roman shades are made of durable fabric and no cords, to open and close the shade you simply pull it up or down.

Another option is motorized shades. There are many benefits to motorized shades beyond convenience. Perhaps the most compelling and crucial solution motorized window treatments provide is improved safety for your home. By eliminating cords they are the obvious choice to keep your home safe for children and pets.

UV Protection & Energy Efficient Solar Shades

A wide selection of shade fabric and material for UV protection, prolonging the life of your valuables and increasing the cash in your pocketbook.

While it is true that sheer shades can offer some improved control over heat gain and substantial protection against UV rays, they are not the ideal treatment style if insulating your home against the winter cold is a primary concern. On the other hand, cellular shades due to their unique honeycomb structure are inherently energy efficient. Also known as honeycomb shades, their air pockets are an excellent insulator and provide cost-savings are good option if heavy insulation is your goal –good for the planet and your pocketbook. They remain the most sought-after window coverings for good reason.

Cellular and honeycomb shades also come with an option to add additional cells for increased insulation for temperature control. Their insulating cell construction helps to restrict the outside air, in turn, keeping both you and your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Consider triple cell honeycomb shades for the best possible insulation, keeping energy costs down and your home more comfortable.

Roller shades are another option to consider in UV protection and energy effiency are goals. By selecting blackout roller shades you will achieve increased heat and light control. Although they offer slightly less insulation than cellular shades, they are still an excellent choice for large areas that get a lot of sunlight. 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings’ roller shades come in a large selection of textile choices so that you can control how much solar heat you prevent or retain. Plus, they are easy to clean and are available in a wide range of fabrics.

Many shades come with blackout fabric options. In addition to keeping the light out when closed, blackout shades also dampen sound and help to reduce energy costs by keeping the outside environment out. During the hot summer months they block light and sun heat helping you reduce your energy bills and during the cold winter months they prevent heat loss through windows. Not to mention, protecting the investments inside your home by keeping harmful UV rays out and off of your valuables.

dual shades are the way to go!

Motorization & Automation

Making your everyday life just a little bit easier.

When it comes to motorization and automation of window shades there are a lot of options to consider. However, the most common and cost-effective types of motorized shades are cellular shades and roller shades. That said, you can get other window treatments such as Roman shades, woven wood shades, sheer shades, and curtains and draperies motorized as well.

All of 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings’ shades can be drawn up or down manually, or you can opt for the convenience and safety offered in motorized controls, especially nice for those tall, hard to reach, or large windows.

Window shade motorization and automation go hand-in-hand with energy efficiency when you program your controls according to the seasons. Set your window treatments to close or lower during the summer months and keep them open letting the warm sunlight automatically during winter days. And all year round you can cut down on the glare during your media time. And depending on how you wish to control your window shades, you can use a keypad, remote control, or even your mobile device to adjust the settings. No need to get off the couch to lower or raise the shades!

Window shade automation can also offer increased security. The motorization experts at 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings can help you set up “away” controls so that your motorized window shades automatically shut and close off the view into your home as you leave for the day. And with advanced access from your mobile phone, you can remotely control way from your home.

Maintaining your Window Treatments

Minimal maintenance so you can focus on what’s truly important.

Most window shades are easy to clean. Roller and Roman shades have a smooth surface which means, cleaning time is negligible. Usually all that is required is a sweep of your vacuum cleaner brush attachment or a wipe with a damp cloth.

Generally speaking cellular shades only require light, regular dusting and vacuuming to keep them clean. While the fabrics are typically wrinkle and stain resistant, embedded stains can be removed by spot cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent.

Woven wood shades because of their texture are best kept cleaning with light, regular dusting and an occasional vacuum using your brush attachment. Sheer shades are a little more delicate, but can still be cleaned with a vacuum. It is recommended that you support them from behind with your hand, gently sweeping across the blinds’ flat surface with your vacuum’s brush attachment.

As always, be sure to review the fabric type for each window treatment to ensure that the cleaning regimen will not harm the shade.

Window Shades for Rooms & Doors

A stylish window shade, no matter the room or door.

Best living room shades, blinds, and window treatments

Living Rooms

Any window shade is a good fit for a living room. Some may be better than others depending on the mood and feel you are going for. For a more modern look consider cellular or roller shades. If you are looking for filtered natural light consider sheer shades or woven wood shades.

For exceptionally tall windows, cellular shades that allow for a top-down, bottom-up functionality are a great choice. They also have sound absorption qualities to help keep your living space quite and tranquil –at least from outside noises

Cellular, roller and Roman shades pair well with patterns and other treatments to create a layered look, allowing you to put your personal style touches to your home’s entertaining space.

Woven wood shades are also an obvious and welcome choice for some of the coziest and most used rooms in your home, but due to the natural material used in their construction, they naturally let in light even when closed. If you desire the look or woven wood shades but want a little more privacy it may be best to add a privacy blackout liner. Blackout liners are a great option if you are looking to block out the majority of all incoming light, particularly useful for reducing device glare caused from the outside.

Whereas, sheer shades and cellular shades can also provide on-demand privacy and light control as needed.


Blackout shades are excellent for light control and privacy when sleeping and blackout liners can be added to many window shades.

Woven wood shades, in particular, are a stylish and functional option for a bedroom. They can be paired with a blackout liner to keep out unwanted light while you sleep, you can also select tight privacy weaves.

Cellular shades allow you to customize your sleeping space. For instance, if you like to wake up to natural light in the morning but want privacy, you can lower the top portion of the shade easily solving both of these problems.


Bathroom window treatments can be tricky since you need to consider not only privacy but also the environment which lends itself to a lot of moisture. Cellular, roller, Roman, and sheer shades are all reasonable options that provide light control and privacy when closed.

Roman and roller shades, in particular, come in water-resistant material and PVC coating, respectively, making them a clear solution for the bathroom.


Roller shades have a smooth surface, making them exceptionally easy to clean. The ability to bring the shade down while maintaining the view outside and their PVC coating gives them an extra hardiness, making them a popular choice for kitchens.

Sheer shades will allow you to experience natural light in your kitchen in a whole new way while maintaining a view outside.

Our Roman shades are made with stain-free and water-resistant fabric meaning they can stand up to whatever the kitchen has to dish out.

The kitchen is another one of those rooms that require a lot of considerations when choosing the perfect window treatment. Whether you are looking for more privacy, improved light control, or that idyllic look, window treatments are a beautiful and practical addition to your kitchen. But, they need to be able to withstand heat, moisture, and dirt.

Cellular shades are stain resistant and help you to gain better control of your kitchen’s temperature while cooking and they come in many fabrics, colors, textures, pleat sizes, and opacities, so you’re sure to find a fit for your kitchen décor.

Dining Rooms

Woven wood shades, cellular, roller shades, Roman, and sheer shades are all an ideal choice to keep a dining space casual, and they coordinate well with wood furniture such as dining tables, sideboards, or hutches. And all can easily be paired with drapery panels for a more formal and luxurious feel.

Patios & Outdoor Spaces

If you like to spend time in your outdoor space, like a patio, balcony, or porch, you may want to gain some control over the outdoor elements, mainly the sun. Consider 3 Blind Mice’s durable exterior roller shades to protect yourself and your furniture from harmful UV rays while increasing your privacy. The outdoor roller shades are made of weatherproof materials and are ideal for patios, porches, under pergolas, and decks.

Best Shades for Doors

When it comes to doors, they are many considerations, the first being the type of door. While window shades are ideal treatments for large doors, like patio doors, not all shades are the right solution for all doors.

For instance, Roman shades, roller shades, and cellular shades work great for lever door handles like those found on French doors. However, you may have to “help” the shade behind the handle depending on the style you choose.

With sliding glass doors, the direction the door faces is very important because it is made of glass, directly affecting the amount of light control you need. For those sliding glass doors with a lot of sun exposure, energy-efficient cellular shades are optimal.

Other considerations include how the doors open (inward or outward), how you want access to that door and what privacy you need, the door’s height, and the amount of traffic. For more information about the best window treatments for your door, check out our Door Treatment Solutions.

Custom Blackout Shades
Blackout shades are often used in bedrooms and media rooms where you want to eliminate any light from entering through the windows.
Custom Cellular Shades
Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades, remain the most sought-after window coverings–and for a good reason. You decide the amount of light or darkness that best fits your room.
panel-track-blinds-black 744x500
Custom Panel Track Blinds
Panel track blinds are a modern, fashion-forward vertical blinds alternative that is the perfect window treatment solution for larger windows or doors.
Custom Roller Shades
Roller shades have become quite the trend due to their clean, sleek look, simple operation, and versatility. You can raise and lower roller shades in one smooth easy motion and can also be motorized for easier operation.
Custom Roman Shades
Roman shades are a type of window covering that is very effective in blocking out the sun. The design is typically a flat piece of fabric with accordion-like folds that come together when the lift mechanism is operated, and stack evenly when opened and are flat or smooth when closed. An elegant window treatment option!
A close up of Sheer Shades
Custom Sheer Shades
Sheer shadings are unlike any other window treatment product on the market today. These exquisite window fashions combine the advantages of shades and blinds in one breathtaking design.
Custom Woven Wood Shades
Woven wood shades provide light control, as well as privacy, without sacrificing style.  If a clean and textured look is what you desire, look no further. The artisanal quality of woven wood shades brings unparalleled uniqueness, depth, and interest to any living space in your home.
Exterior Motorized Solar Shades
Exterior Solar Shades are a modern method for privacy and protection from the sun and wind. This sophisticated style of window covering allows you to view through the fabric while UV rays and solar glare is significantly reduced in the interior of the room.

Types of Shades

Roman shades come in a wide variety of styles and colors and are characterized by folded fabrics that settle smoothly, evenly and gracefully into soft folds when raised. Elegant Roman shades offer a style that combine the look of a fine drapery, the ease and convenience of a shade, and classic lines suitable for any room, taste or décor style.

View our Roman Window Shades page for more information and photos.

With unmatched style, selection and craftsmanship, bamboo or woven wood shades are perfect for today’s casual lifestyle. Hand woven from all natural materials, these shades are uniquely textured and versatile. With a selection of colors and weaves, you can bring the latest fashion to any room.

Cellular window shades (aka honeycomb shades) are the most popular for several reasons. 1) They come in a large array of colors. 2) They can be designed to be top-down, bottom-up. 3) They can be ordered as light filtering which allows for privacy but allows light to filter in.

View our cellular shades page for more information and photos.

Sheer window shadings are unlike any other product on the market today. These exquisite window fashions combine the advantages of shades and blinds… in one breathtaking design. They provide several different design looks including a sheer view, as well as many of the features of a horizontal blind. For larger windows and sliding glass doors, the Luminette or like products, provide a complimentary look when combined with the Silhouette. For those who seek innovation and style, the ultimate answer is sheer shadings.

View our sheer window shades page for more information and photos.

Roller and solar shades provide for privacy with a creative and eye-catching feel and are right for every decor. Raise and lower in one smooth, natural motion, they are rich in character! Use alone or with a complimentary window treatment like a drapery panel or cornice box.

View our roller shades page for more information and photos.

Blackout window shades take it one step further by providing a barrier for maximum light blockage. These shades are the optimal window treatment for bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms where you need the most control of light and privacy for uninterrupted sleep free from light seeping in or a dark room for movie viewing.

Motorized control options are the fastest growing category in shade control. As motorized control continues to gain momentum costs continue to come down. This is by far the best option for child safety and convenience. Ask our designers about motorized shades and other motorization options

Window shades are available for a wide array of application both indoors and out – From balloon shades to woven wood, 3 Blind Mice has your windows covered.

Schedule a no obligation in-home consultation with one of our Window Covering Experts to have us bring samples and discuss your options right in your own home. Schedule your free consultation appointment today!


Great service, quick, friendly and amazing quality blinds. We were able to get our consultation for blinds and have our blinds manufactured and installed super-fast!

There is a lot to consider when measuring your window treatments. Every treatment will have different considerations, including the function and look you try to achieve with your window treatments and the corresponding hardware and surroundings like window trim, built-in furniture, etc. At 3 Blind Mice, our in-home designers will help you select the window treatments of your dreams with professional measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

Consider using sheer curtains or shades to allow natural light in while still maintaining some privacy. You can also choose a window treatment with adjustable slats, like blinds, to control the amount of light coming in.

Yes, you can layer different types of window treatments for added style and functionality. For example, you can pair drapes with blinds or shades for extra privacy and light control. Layering window treatments also adds depth and texture to your living room decor.

Measurement requirements differ depending on the window treatment and how and where you mount it. You must account for hardware, window trim, and the like. At 3 Blind Mice, our in-home designers will help to ensure that you have professional measurements and the perfect fit.

To effectively block light that comes in from around the edges of blackout shades, it is important to choose a properly fitted shade. Measuring the window opening and ordering a shade slightly larger than the window is recommended. This will allow the shade to cover the window opening and minimize any light gaps fully. Additionally, some blackout shades come with additional features, such as side channels or tracks, that can further block any light from entering the room. Another option is adding blackout drapes or curtains on top of the shades to block any light from entering the room.

Yes, blackout shades are energy-efficient. They can help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, effectively reducing energy costs.

Blackout shades offer a number of benefits for homeowners, including improved sleep quality, reduced energy costs, increased privacy, and protection of furniture and other household items from fading due to exposure to sunlight. They also provide a stylish and versatile window treatment option that can complement a range of home decor styles.

While blackout shades are designed to block out most light, some light may still be able to penetrate around the edges of the shade or through any gaps between the shade and the window frame. Additionally, some shades may not be completely opaque and may allow some light to filter through the fabric.

Blackout shades are window treatments that are designed to block out most of the light from entering a room. They are made from opaque materials that prevent light from passing through the fabric, and they are often used in bedrooms, nurseries, and media rooms to create a dark and comfortable environment.

Cleaning instructions for blackout shades may vary depending on the specific material and design of the shade. In general, most shades can be cleaned using a vacuum brush attachment or using a soft cloth or sponge and mild soap and water. Some shades may also be suitable for spot-cleaning with a mild detergent or fabric cleaner.

Yes, at 3 Blind Mice, we offer customizable options for blackout shades, such as different sizes, colors, and materials.

Yes, blackout shades are suitable for all types of windows, including skylights, bay windows, and french doors. You can choose from various mounting options to ensure a proper fit for your specific window.

Yes, blackout shades can provide privacy, especially if you choose a darker color or thicker material. However, keep in mind that some light may still enter through the sides of the shade or the window frame.

Sheer vertical blinds are a window treatment option made up of vertical fabric vanes that can be tilted to control light and privacy. These blinds are designed to filter the natural light and soften the view outside while providing privacy inside the room. They are an excellent choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

Yes, sheer vertical blinds are an excellent choice for large windows and patio doors. The vertical design of these blinds allows them to cover a large surface area while still being easy to operate. They can be custom-made to fit any window size and are available in various colors and materials.

Yes, sheer vertical blinds can be installed as a DIY project. However, having some basic tools and a good understanding of how to measure and mount window treatments is essential. At 3 Blind Mice, we do provide professional installation to ensure your blinds are installed correctly and securely, as well as measuring to ensure that your blinds are the perfect size for your space.

Sheer vertical blinds can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth or vacuumed with a soft brush attachment.

Sheer vertical blinds can be controlled with a traditional cord or cordless control. Motorized and automated options are also available for those who prefer a more convenient and modern control option.

The main difference is that sheer vertical blinds have a sheer fabric that allows light to filter through, while traditional vertical blinds are typically made of a thicker, opaque material that blocks out light.

Sheer vertical blinds can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. A mild detergent and warm water can be used for more stubborn stains.