Custom Roller Shades

Roller shades provide privacy with a creative and eye-catching feel and are right for every decor. Raise and lower in one smooth, easy motion. Rich in character! Use alone or with a complimentary window treatment like a drapery panel or cornice box.

Product Overview

Custom Roller Shades in San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, Fresno

Roller shades have become quite the popular window treatment trend due to their clean, sleek look, simple operation, and versatility. Many people have bad connotations when it comes to this style of treatment because they think about the old ones that roll and flop around the window, but that’s not what 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings offer today.

This type of window shade is built by attaching the fabric, vinyl, or solar screens to spring-loaded or motorized roller shade, conventional roller, and solar shades. We offer a wide range of styles, colors, textures, and patterns that can be custom-built to match any home’s décor.

Nothing gives a more polished tailored look than a single clean shade that can completely disappear, allowing your inspiring view or the stunning architecture of your home to take front stage.

Fully Retractable


Motorized / Alexa Compatible

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal


12″ – 240″

12″ – 360″


  • Low
  • Moderate


Roller Shade in Living Area


  • The roller shade offers a minimal look with light and privacy control.
  • UV efficiency as their hallmark, these shades are perfectly designed for the California climate. With modern solar screens, you get varying degrees of “openness,” allowing you to filter just the right amount of light.
  • You have more than 500 different fabrics to choose from! There is not a style we are not able to complement.
  • Greenguard certified fabric ensures low emission levels so your family can breathe easily.
  • Already have beautiful draperies in your homes? Add rollers for improved light control.
  • Panel Track Shades mounted on the ceiling become a convenient room divider.
  • Our Exterior Shades is designed to stand up to Mother Nature, diffusing harsh incoming light and blocking intense heat while allowing you to enjoy your beautiful view. Yes, it is magical.



Roller shades offer excellent light control while providing a stylish, clean appearance that will fit any room. Most roll shades come with various fabric choices that allow you to control the amount of light you let in, while affording different degrees of privacy and maintaining the amount of solar heat you can prevent or retain.


10-15% Openness

Lets soft, diffused light into your home without the exposure to the harsh sunlight, UV rays. Enables a view to the outside with minimal privacy.

Light Filtering

3-5% Openness

The fabric allow diffused light to enter the room, giving your space more of a glow while still offering some privacy.

Room Darkening

1% to Semi-Opaque

Room darkening material blocks out most light for a darkened environment, perfect for sleep, making it ideal choice for bedrooms.


The Joy of Dark & Somber Room

Blackout shades blocks all natural light for complete privacy—ideal choice to install in media room windows.


Whether in clean and sleek white on white, or tones of earthen stone and the ever-popular beige, or warm and delightful Ultimate Gray (2021 Pantone Colors of the Year), or a delightfully textured woven mesh, 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings offer a diverse collection of luxurious fabrics that multiply design styles into thousands of decorative solutions!
Canterbury Night
Canterbury Night
Elusive Ecru
Elusive Ecru
Harberdasher Gray
Harberdasher Gray
Black Peony
Black Peony
Sheet Music
Sheet Music
Silver Dollar
Silver Dollar


Beautiful form, beautiful function. 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings' innovative control options, TouchLift Cordless, and BLISS Automation and keeps your home both tranquility, peaceful, and safe, especially for homes with children or pets.


Automated window treatments have motors that are either battery-operated or hard-wired and connected to a "smart hub." The hub is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi router and communicates with your powered treatments.
Simplicity Shade Automation


3 Blind Mice Window Coverings Simplicity automation is an economic motorization system available across several popular product categories. Rechargeable battery power makes a reliable product.

Bliss Automation


Enjoy a new level of ease, comfort, and control with the range of BLISS™ Automation systems. From the power of voice control operation to the wire-free convenience of the rechargeable motors, BLISS motorization is an unyielding solution for modern light control and design.

Somfy Shade Automation


Experience the most options the world of automation has to offer with Somfy's automated window coverings. 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings offers integration of Somfy's advanced line of quiet motors to any covering on a range of window sizes. Our designers will help you explore endless customization with control options, each compatible with a multitude of home automation systems of your choice.

Cordless Lift

Cordless shades offer a convenient and safe option now available on most styles of treatments. Instead of a traditional lift cord, the shade is operated with a gentle push or pull on the bottom rail to position the shade at any height.

Touchlift Cordless Option


A safe and most common cordless lift option, the TouchLift raises the treatment gently and automatically with a slight pull on the bottom hem of the shade. Conversely, the shade lowers easily by pulling on the bottom hem.


Cordless rollers operate without lift cords. Instead, they are pushed up on the bottom rail with your hand to raise them. When you are ready for privacy, pull the shades down by hand to lower them.

PowerWand Control


The PowerWand and pendant operation lowers and lifts the fixtures with a simple touch of a button. PowerWand is affordable and operates on a rechargeable battery, making this a solid, reliable option.

Cord Control

Cordless shades offer a convenient and safe option now available on most styles of treatments. Instead of a traditional lift cord, the shade is operated with a gentle push or pull on the bottom rail to position the shade at any height.

Standard Cord Operated

The standard pull cord is one of the most common lifts you will see on a window treatment. The standard pull cord is not recommended for heavy products or on expansive windows or family with kids or pets.

Clutch Operated Control (Continuous Cord Loop)


For the ultimate ease of operation, our clutch control lets you operate the shade by pulling on a beaded chain set up as a continuous cord loop to position the shade exactly where you want it.


Nothing gives a more polished tailored look than a single clean shade that can completely disappear, allowing your inspiring view or the stunning architecture of your home to take front stage.
Bottom Bar


Finish the look by adding a Bottom Bar with a fabric-wrapped or painted metal bottom rail. For a complete color match, select the heat-sealed hem bar.

Curved Cassette


The gentle contoured front profile design with matching fabric insert helps hide the hardware giving you a polished finish to your window treatment.

Deluxe Valance


Fabric matched to the shade itself slides through grooves for a streamlined, coordinated look. The built-in dust cover protects the shade.

Exterior Roller Shades


Increase your privacy and protection from the sun while preserving the gorgeous view. Exterior roller shades are ideal for patios, porches, pergolas, and decks. The exterior shades are corrosion-resistant, mildew-resistant, and even flame-retardant, designed to stand up to Mother Nature, making them the number one choice for south- and west-facing windows.

Fabric Cornice


Cornice help prevents light seepage while adding a gorgeous style to your room. Generous in size; available in 4", 6", and 8" heights.

Fascia Valance


An "L" shaped extrusion covering the front of the roller gives a clean, contemporary look. The flat painted profile adapts beautifully in most decors.

Pocket Headrail


The aluminum constructed pocket headrail conceals and provides a sleek appearance and protects the shade mechanism.

Regular Roll Roller Shade


Regular Roll is our base standard setup; shades are nested in the window frame with no top treatment including, valance, reducing light gaps as we can roll close to the glass.

Reverse Roll Roller Shade


As the name implies, the shade rolls in a reverse direction away from the glass to conceal the roller mechanism and its role. Reverse Roll Shade is nested inside the window frame, comes standard with no top treatment or valance.

Square Cassette Valance


With clean, sleek styling, the square cassette valances conceal the top of your treatments and give your room a much more beautiful look. Choose from fabric-wrapped or non-wrapped options.

2 on 1 Cassette Valance


2-on-1 Cassette Valance will help cover two rollers on one continuous headrail on a vast window space providing a uniform, clean look. Get the advantage of operating the shades independently while still have the aesthetics of a single shade appearance.

Panel Track


If you are looking to cover extra wide windows or sliding glass doors, the Panel Track configuration is an excellent option.

Care & Cleaning

Roller shade surface is smooth which means, cleaning time is negligible -- they can be easily cleaned with an easy sweep of your vacuum cleaner brush attachment or wiped down with a damp cloth.

Over time, like any other shades, rollers will go through everyday usage, which may leave them dusty or even get dirty.

  • Dusting - Dust your shades regularly using an ordinary soft, clean cloth, dust cloth or mitt, feather-like duster, or cylindrical dust brush specially designed for shades.
  • Vacuuming - Vacuum gently with a brush attachment for deeper cleaning.
  • Compressed Air/Hair DryerUse a can of compressed air or a hand-held hairdryer [set on COOL] to blow off dust and debris.
  • Spot Cleaning (Screen shades and vinyl only) - Use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water and mild detergent. To avoid creasing or damaging the fabric, blot gently. This method should be avoided on delicate woven fabrics.


Modern roll shades raise and lower in one smooth, easy motion or can even be motorized for a more effortless operation. Because of their sleek, minimal effect when raised, they are a fantastic way to add a simple, understated design element to any room in your home. Roller shades can be used alone or with a complimentary, multi-layer window treatment by adding drapery panels, valances, or cornice boxes to give your window design an even more dramatic look.

Roller shades offer excellent light control while providing a stylish, clean appearance that will fit any room. Most roll shades come with various fabric choices that allow you to control the amount of light you let in while affording different degrees of privacy and maintaining the amount of solar heat you can prevent or retain. Typically, the light filtering shades are inside mounted, allowing a certain “halo” effect around the edges. To eliminate this “halo,” you have several options:

  • ○  A blackout track system that runs along the edges and bottom of the shade.
  • ○  An outside mount that overlaps the sill.
  • ○  Drapery side panels.

Motorization helps your roller shades and other window coverings last longer because the wear and tear associated with manual pulling and tugging go away. Today’s motorization systems also offer various remote control options, and manufacturers like QMotion now have Apps to control your window treatments from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device! Learn more about motorized window coverings.

Our blackout roller shades add a stylish face to total light blockage and privacy. We offer a collection consisting wide assortment of on-trend materials and patterns from solids, tweeds, fresh stripes, and bold patterns. Blackout shades are the ideal option for bedrooms and media rooms, as the treatment eliminates almost all sunlight from entering your environment while having a sleek custom look. Keep your room dark for a better night's sleep!

3 Blind Mice Window Coverings cares about the safety of your children and pets, which is why we offer a variety of child-safe option control that provides a safe environment for your children. From continuous-loop lift to cordless lift to smart-pull lift to motorized lift, there are many options. For more detailed information, please view our child-safe window treatment solutions.

A wiped down with a damp cloth or a simple sweep of a vacuum cleaner brush attachment is all it takes to clear solar shades. Cleaning time is negligible when the shade surface is smooth. They're straightforward and easy to clean and operate, making it simple to keep them looking brand new.

Roller shades are available in a wide variety of materials, patterns, and colors, giving you a plethora of opportunities to let your taste shine!

A window valance is a decorative window treatment covering the uppermost part of the window, typically paired with other treatments. Valances allow for concealing the lift control mechanisms while giving your rollers a clean, finished look. Our custom roller shades can be outfitted with a metal or upholstered valance.

Complement your treatments with a custom cornice box. The flexible padded wood frame can be curved and soft or sharp and crisp; your styles and options are almost endless. The padded cornice gives a sleek and neat design to enhance the room’s style without going over the top. With 3 Blind Mice, each cornice is handcrafted to your top-quality wood specifications.

French doors are an attractive feature in any home, and roller blinds are a practical treatment choice without compromising style. A wide range of high-performance fabrics, including blackout options and moisture-resistant and gorgeous styles rollers, will provide a streamlined, sleek covering providing light filtering and privacy options.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings Limited Lifetime Warranty extends from installation throughout the life of your window treatment.

Certified Best for Kids™

An independent laboratory has tested and certified that this product has options without operating cords or where inner cords are inaccessible and won’t form a loop based on industry safety standards.

Inspected for Quality

Before shipping, each shade is hung, adjusted, and thoroughly inspected for straightness. A Best Experience Pride certificate is included with every order—signed by the 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings craftsman.

GREENGUARD GOLD & OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified Fabrics

For improved indoor air quality, we make 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings Shades with material certified as low in chemical and particle emissions.


Roller shades are motorization compatible, which makes controlling your shades with your phone, tablet, remote, or voice with automation solutions a dream. If you already have roller shades installed in your home and would like to add automation, you can add solutions that are battery-powered if you prefer to avoid electrical work. If you are considering blackout roller shades for your space, automation allows you to schedule your privacy! At sunset or at sunrise, you can have privacy with the push of a button, flip of a switch, or the accuracy of a timer.

Whether custom vinyl roller shades or beautiful fabric roller shades are destined for your space, the first step to installing roller shades is to measure. First, measure the depth of the window casing to ensure all of the hardware can be sufficiently installed within the window casing. If it can’t, you’ll want to opt for outside-mounted roller shades. Depending on the style selected, you’ll need between 1.5-3 inches of depth. Next, measure and record the width of the window at the top of the casing. Last, measure the length of the window in three places: the left, center, and right, recording the longest of the three measurements, for each measurement, round to the nearest one-eighth inch.

Although roller shades are a durable window treatment option, occasionally they need to be adjusted. A roller shade can become too loose, causing the fabric on the roll to hang off the roll or preventing the shade from rolling up. To fix a loose roller shade, the spring inside of the mechanism will need to be tightened. Remove the blind from the bracket, tighten the flat pin, pull down the blind and roll it back up manually, and then check the blind for correct resistance by pulling it down and releasing it up. If a roller shade is too tight it will quickly snap back or be difficult to pull down, so ensure you do not over-tighten the flat pin.

To install a roller shade, you will need a screwdriver, measuring tape, pencil, and wall anchors (if the mounting surface is hollow). For spring roller shades, the left and right bracket may be different, so begin by identifying the correct bracket orientation and then screw in the brackets. The next step is to install the shade and align the brackets to the pins on either side of the shade, making sure to pair the locking pin with the locking bracket. Test the operation of the shade: there should be enough space between the top of the shade and the window casing for the shade to open and close without friction. If you prefer to leave the installation to the pros, we can help! Contact 3 Blind Mice to order and arrange the installation of your new roller shades.

Roller shades are simple and versatile, remaining a popular window treatment choice for many years due to these qualities. Since roller shades do not have any folds, slats, or louvers, these window treatments are incredibly easy to keep clean. With just a headrail and one solid piece of material (fabric or synthetic), roller shades are designed to extend the full length of your window. Roller shades can be installed inside the window casing (a popular option if you have attractive molding) or outside the window casing. They are compatible with motorization and available in cordless options, making them an excellent option for a stylish and safe home.

A roller shade is a simple shade that lays flat when lowered and when raised, it wraps around a cylinder. Roller shades come in a wide variety of materials, from blackout material to sheer and everything between.


Contemporary Large gaps
Non-Intrusive Telescoping
Translucent Mistaken for off-the-shelf

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