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3 Blind Mice are your motorization specialists for QMotion, Somfy, Lutron, & Mechoshade.

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Custom Motorized Shades in San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, Fresno

3 Blind Mice is your official dealer and motorization specialist for QMotion, Somfy, Lutron, Graber, and Mechoshade motorized shades. To view video demonstrations of automated shades & motorized blinds in action, check out our video gallery.

Imagine pushing a button or flipping a switch and watching as your roller shades, cellular shades, Roman shades, or solar screens roll up and down or open and close to conveniently provide shade from the sun, privacy when you want it, or allow light to enter as you wish.

Motorized Window TreatmentsAt 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings, we are experts at designing and installing custom motorized window treatments for California homeowners. The ability to open and close your cordless blinds, shades, or plantation shutters with the touch of a button is not only super convenient, but it also provides a wealth of benefits, including:


In the past, smart shades that automatically extend and retract the window treatment were a design luxury and only for the wealthy. But today, thanks to the advancement in Smart Home and other technology, home automation that controls the shades and blinds are much more affordable. Automation means guaranteed energy savings and improved home security; you can not afford not to have it.


The most common (and cost-effective) types of motorized shades are cellular shades and roller shades. However, Roman shades and curtains, and draperies can also be motorized. The two options tend to offer more modern and contemporary aesthetics, which may or may not fit your “traditional” home style.

Child Safety

Perhaps the most crucial solution motorized window treatments provide is improved safety for your home. Motorized controls eliminate cords, which could otherwise pose a safety risk for your young ones and pets.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of having motorized shades is automating the controls according to the season. With 3 Blind Mice’s motorized shades, the control of the natural light is only a touch of a button away! Keep the heat out by setting your window treatments to close or lower during the hot summer months. And during the winter months, you can let the warm sunshine in the house by automatically opening/raising the shades during the day. Let the light in at the time you wake up, shut down the glare during your primetime focus, and increase energy efficiency in your home.


The motorization experts at 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings can help you set up “away” controls so that your motorized window shades automatically shut and close off the view into your home as you leave for the day. And with advanced access from your mobile phone, you can remotely control way from your home.


Depending on how you wish to control your window shades, you can use a keypad, remote control, or even your mobile device to adjust the settings. Imagine being able to lower or raise the shades without getting off the couch!

Motorized Window Covering Experts

3 Blind Mice Window Coverings is the company that California homeowners trust to install high-quality motorized window treatments. We are a specialist in working with motors and control systems for retractable window coverings. Our expertise with these innovative solutions outpaces our competitors, and we’re confident that we can provide the exact functionality you crave from your window coverings. To learn more, contact us today.

Child & Pet Safe

Motorized / Alexa Compatible

Various Styles

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal


12″ – 240″

20″ – 360″


  • Moderate
  • High



Let's talk about power supply! Motorized window shade batteries last anywhere from six months to an entire year. Your individual experience will depend on a number of factors: the type of battery, how new the batteries are, how often you open and close the shades, and the size of the window treatment. Because most rechargeable batteries wear down some over time, older batteries may need to be recharged more often than when they’re brand new.

You can make your home work for you using motorized window treatments, controlling natural light and privacy in your home at the touch of a button. Although the benefits of motorized window treatments are innumerable, here are a few of our favorites: Motorization decreases the wear on your blinds—no uneven pulling or hurried tugging on the lift mechanisms when you’re in a hurry or your hands are full. It allows you to lower your shades with ease, via the push of a button, remote control, or even a programmed schedule, so you don’t have to do anything at all. Motorized window coverings can be connected to the smartphone and smart home technology that you already use in your daily life.

There are several great power options for motorized blinds and shades. The most common power options are hard-wired, battery, or solar. Hard-wired power can come in two forms: either having an electrician run wires through the walls to connect each window covering to your home’s main electrical system, or simply running the power cord from the window coverings to the nearest outlet. Battery power is available in three forms: built-in rechargeable batteries, external non-rechargeable, or external rechargeable batteries. The last option is solar power, which is suitable for windows that get 6 or more hours of direct sunlight per day. Most solar-powered shades have enough power to open and close once daily.

There are two types of hard-wired motorized shades: running wires through the walls of your home, or running a power cord from the window covering to the nearest outlet. Running wires through the walls of your home to connect to your home’s main electrical system is best done at the time your home is built or during a substantial renovation, although it is possible in some cases to wire motorized shades as a stand-alone project. This is a project for a qualified electrician and probably not a good idea to try yourself. The second option is running a power cord from the window covering to the nearest outlet. This option may not look as neat, since there will be power cords running from each motorized shade to a nearby outlet; however, it can be done yourself since no wiring is required.

There are several factors to consider when looking at the price of motorized shades. The first is window treatment styles – many types of blinds, shades, and even shutters can be motorized. The price of the window treatments themselves will impact the cost of the overall project. The second factor is the motorization technology. 3 Blind Mice is your motorization specialist for QMotion, Somfy, Lutron, Graber, and Mechoshade motorized blinds and shades. Considering the broad range of options available, it’s difficult to provide a precise cost estimate as prices can range between $129 - $300 per window. If you’d like to explore exact pricing for your project, schedule a safe and convenient Free Virtual Consultation with one of our Window Covering Experts. The average home in America has 17 windows. If you raised and lowered those shades each day, it would take you one full 24 hour day each year. How much is your most valuable asset, your time, worth to you?


Saves time High cost
Operate while you're away Must replace batteries
Smart home integration Not 100% light proof

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