Custom Sliding Glass & French Door Shutters

Door shutters are perfect solutions and provide you the bests of both worlds for French doors and sliding glass doors, a functional window treatment solution that creates a rich and luxurious appeal.

Product Overview

Custom Sliding Glass & French Door Shutters in San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, Fresno

Plantation shutters may not seem like the first option for patio doors; however, door shutters are a perfect solution to cover your sliding glass and patio door. A great window treatment option that brings the room a luxurious feel while matching the rest of the plantation shutters throughout your home.

Your windows shouldn’t have all the fun; why not give your interior doors the 3 Bind Mice Window Covering treatment, add door shutters to your living space and transform your sliding glass doors into a real style statement.

Custom Shutter Options for Sliding Glass & French Doors

In the days gone by, shutters were a must-have security feature to protect homes from exterior threats, today shutters for sliding glass doors are more of a functional decorative element for your windows and doors.

And if you are wondering if you can install plantation shutters on a French door, the answer to your question is, “yes!” Adding a door shutter on sliding doors means you can match the decor and have a consistent shutter style in every room of the house without compromising accessibility and have full control of light, privacy, and security.

Sliding Glass Door Shutters

Sliding shutters are a perfect way to bring the plantation shutters appeals to sliding glass doors. Faux wood sliding shutters are made out of high-quality composite material with the exact appearance of genuine wood. Still, they will never fade in color, crack from impact, or warp from moisture, even in high-traffic areas. The majority of sliding shutters are designed to be cordless, making this window treatment a safe option for homes with pets and small children while you get to enjoy that sophisticated clutter-free look. We offer options between bi-fold shutters or a bypass track panel system to make the most of your space.

French Door Shutters

Shutters for French doors design can vary depending on your needs and preference; there are two main options when selecting shutters for French doors. The first is the full height louvered shutters, built as a three-sided frame that commonly features a mid-rail to hide the handles. This option lets in the most light while providing an adequate level of light control. The second option is a substantial part of louvered shutters built with a three-sided frame containing a solid shutter on the bottom half of the door, with slats on the top half. This style’s benefit is that the lower solid section is easy to wipe down, especially in high trafficked doorways that may bring particles and dust from the outdoors. The part louvered, part solid shutters have a traditional look & feel, helps break up the overall shutter design; great if you cover patio doors with shorter side windows and want to make a feature. 

Patio Door Shutters

Shutters are a versatile and effective way of providing a lovely window covering for your patio doors. A popular application is full height shutters that can be fitted inside the reveal to bi-fold the panels into the reveal or outside reveal so you can bi-fold the panels flat back onto each wall. They come with many benefits, including that you can have your patio doors open and the shutters closed to allow fresh air in but control the intensity of direct sunlight. A divider rail adds a further option to keep the bottom louvers closed and the top louvers open.

Important Product Considerations


Outside of appearance, the most significant factor when selecting window treatments is light. The benefits of shutters are that you have full control over the light levels that enter your room. With shutters, you can fully manage the distribution of light in your rooms, far better than blinds or curtains, which means you rely less on artificial lights, thus reducing energy consumption, ultimately saving you more money in the end.


Plantation shutters are considered a style that will never go out of fashion, a classic appearance if you will. With great style and colors, shutters will complement period features or go with a contemporary clean design. And best of all, match with your window shutters any interior decor, transforming the looks of your home; shutters always look as though they truly belong.


One of the added benefits of having a door shutter is that they are straightforward to clean. Unlike curtains that require a takedown or blinds that requires a specialized tool, a simple weekly damp cloth wipe of the large slats is all that is required with shutters. You really can not beat the low maintenance requirements with door shutters.


Adding shutters can instantly improve your home value as shutters are custom-made and built on to the window and door frame, which means that the shutters will remain with the house once the home is sold. High-quality shutters are classic, liked by most, making a great first impression. This means if you are in the process of selling your home, it can help you earn an offer that much faster than a home with an outdated window treatment.


Interior door shutters have louvers that open and close, which gives you the flexibility to filter in light only when you want it and shut it out completely when you don’t. Door shutters even come with an option for a mid-rail that allows you to close the top portion of your shutters, for example, while leaving the lower part open, protecting the interior of your home and furniture from sun damage.


Windows and glass doors are responsible for 30% of heating and cooling energy loss. The good news is that windows are one of the easiest and accessible features for your energy conservation efforts. Door shutters are by far superior insulators as they enclose the window frame to create a sealed effect. Made of PVC or vinyl with a hollow core that creates an air pocket that resists heat transfer, making faux wood shutters the most energy-efficient shutter option. Not to mention, faux wood blade construction resists heat transfer better than traditional blinds.


A safety hazard is the most important consideration for homes with pets and young children. Shutters are great for child and pet safety as, by design, they have no loose pull cords or loops. And there are no wands in your young children’s reach. We even have options to motorize door shades motorized.


While window coverings by itself won’t make your home soundproof, plantation shutters will help to reduce external noise to an extent. So if you are interested in getting your kids in bed while the neighbors are still active outside, or if you want to party in private, shutters will help you with the noise-blocking job prettier and easier compared to window blankets that are hung on the wall.


Door shutters can help you achieved maximum privacy without sacrificing the natural light you desire in the living space. The shutter blades can be tilted to provide 100% privacy and peace of mind you require: from total seclusion to partial visual barrier.


Sliding glass doors move a lot, which means window treatments do so accordingly as well. Since shutters are built and installed directly onto the door frame, they will last as long as the doors themselves. This makes doorway shutters perfect options for a high trafficked doorway, like your patio and French doors.

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Plantation shutters are a perfect addition to French doors—they look great and give you lots of options for controlling your light levels and in-home privacy. Depending on the width of your shutters and the design of your French doors, you may need a door handle cut out to accommodate lever-style door handles.

Yes! Plantation shutters are a safe and easy-to-use covering for sliding doors that can be customized to match the rest of your window coverings. Unlike with shutters for windows, which are usually mounted to the left or right side of the window, shutters for sliding glass doors are installed in a track above the doors that allow them to slide open like an accordion. This provides you with full access to open and close the sliding door without the shutters in the way.

The front door of your home can be a statement or a seamless part of your overall décor. No design rule says which is best. Real wood shutters can be a beautiful pairing with a matching wood front door, but a bright pop of color on the front door can provide an excellent contrast with neutral or white shutters.


Easy to clean High cost
Add value to your home Regular cleaning required
Curb appeal Longer lead times

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