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Window Treatment Ideas San Diego, CA | Orange County, CA | Sacramento, CA | Austin, TX

At 3 Blind Mice, every window covering we create is custom made for you, by you. Custom window treatments allow you to express your personal style and design your dream home in San Diego, Sacramento, or Orange County, CA.

With hundreds of fabrics, accessories, hardware, and materials, you truly can create your visionary interior design. As window treatments designers, we want to help you select custom window treatments designs you can’t wait to show off. Choose from custom curtains, draperies, shutters, blinds, and shades to create your ideal custom window treatment designs.

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What Sets 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings Apart

We pride ourselves on our devotion to high quality products at affordable prices and spectacular customer service, even after the sale. Our phenomenal array of products allow endless possibilities on how to design your window coverings. No matter what style you want, functionalities you desire, or investment range you have, there's a window treatment for you.

Luxurious Curtains And Draperies

Custom curtains and draperies in a floral designed living room on a vertically long window.These gorgeous window treatments bring elegance into any home. There are so many styles you can choose and hundreds of accessories to compliment them with. You can work around your already amazing interior design or start fresh in a new home. Whatever design you want is possible with custom curtains and draperies. Keep it traditional with floral fabrics on wood curtains rods or add a modern twist with some sleek accessories and clean colors. Whatever your style, bring luxury into your home and start designing with custom curtains and draperies.

Sophisticated And Refined Shutters

Window shutters matching the teal and light brown bedspread in a bedroom.Shutters are some of the best custom window treatments because of the amount of options. There are more stains than you can imagine and endless amounts of paints to choose from. You can have real wood shutters or faux wood shutters and still get a breathtaking design. With so many design options available, it really comes down to you taking your dream home and making it a reality with custom window shutters.

Polished And Dignified Blinds

One large window split into three plains, where each plain has different sized, white blinds.A time-honored option, window blinds have advanced miles passed their stigmatic draw-string, aluminum past-self. Blinds are now available in a number of sizes, fabrics, materials, and any color out there. You can have 3 inch blinds with fabric over the slats to match your carpet. Get faux wood or wood blinds for a more natural look, without the big costs of shutter. You can even have your blinds vertically or horizontal oriented. Best part is it is all up to you on how you want to design your blinds.

Stylish And Graceful Shades

One woven window shade half up and the other all the way down in the window behind a couch in the living room.Fabrics, materials, and pleat styles are where you get to have the most fun with window shades. Roman shades give you the most customization options because you can select from hundreds of fabrics and a hand full of pleat styles. Cellular shades come in every color of the rainbow. Wove wood shades make for a great outdoors feel from their natural look. Roller shades give you the clean, crisp design great for a modern interior. Start thinking about designing your dream shades because the possibilities are endless. 

Elaborate Materials & Fabrics

Materials and fabrics laying over each other to display their similarities and differences.Our wide portfolio of materials and fabrics ensure your designs match your home’s interior with any style of custom window treatment. We want everything to flow beautifully to match the color of your paint and existing decor, even use custom fabrics to match your upholstery or beddings. The materials like faux wood or fabrics like sheer are what drive the entire design. Don’t worry about having to find your own fabrics, but if you found something you like bring it in for inspiration. During our design consultation, we’ll bring a wide variety options for you to select from and match to your home’s interior.

Embellished Hardware & Accessories

Window hardware and accessories like finials lined up next to each other to display their similarities and differences. The small, intricate finishing touches are what take custom window treatment designs to the next level. Just think about the perfect necklace and earrings or cufflinks and tie you match with your outfit. Finials, curtain rods, and grommets all add a special touch that make custom curtains draperies dazzle your guests. Hinges, handles, and screws add that extra sparkle to custom shutters. The finer details are what make your custom window treatments truly different from everyone else’s.

Motorization And Home Automation

Women in her kitchen using a remote to raise her motorized shades in order for her to watch the sunset.Motorized window treatments are more than custom window coverings, they help customize your life. You can’t have customized window treatments without being able to custom-tailor them to your lifestyle. Imagine having your curtains open from the push of the button. Schedule your custom shutters you open when the sun comes out to wake you up in the morning. Reduce your energy bill by programming them to remain closed when the sun shines in. Do you have any home automation already installed? Integrate your motorized window treatments to your current system and sync them with your TV, lights, and AC, for the ultimate custom automation experience.

Special Window Sizes

Special size window shades opening up from the roof as a skyline looking down on the living room.Are you wondering how to block the sun coming through your arched windows? Are they too high to reach to draw the blinds? Lucky for you, we offer many custom solutions for dressing specialty shaped windows. These windows are actually going to be the most fun because we have so much to work with. Conventional window treatments won’t fit right in, but we aren’t typical are we? You can let your creative imagination run wild when designing custom window treatments to your style and to your unique window sizes.

Multi-Layered Window Treatments

Multi-layered window treatments of draperies paired with shades in the dining area of a kitchen.Select a few different window treatments for a complete look. Layering your designs allow you to purchase blinds, shades, or shutters and compliment them with draperies. It adds some pizazz and allows you to combine features you love from one product with those of another. Maybe you love the light and privacy features of blinds as well as the glamorous style of drapery panels? Multi-layer your window treatments and enjoy the best of both worlds for a truly custom project.

Customization And Installation Times

Four windows with shades lifted at different heights will cause a big project for long window treatment installation times.With custom window treatments, installation times differ from window treatments because they are made to order. When you create something from scratch, it takes more time and effort, but isn’t the end product always that much better than premade? We don’t have them constructed in advance because you are the designer and your vision is exactly what we are creating. Understanding good things take more time will make getting your custom window treatments that much sweeter.

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