Phifer Sheerweave Roller Shade Fabric for Heat & Glare Reduction

Protect interior surfaces, reduce glare, and minimize heat with Phifer Sheerweave solar screen fabric.

phifer sheerweave 4550 4560 fabric material for glare reduction

Maximize your roller shade efficiency by using the Phifer Sheerweave solar screen fabric. Woven from thin and lightweight vinyl-coated polyester yarn into a unique twill weave that allows you to have a darker color on the front and light on the back. This product reduces glare on the inside and rejects more heat since the lighter colors reflect more heat.

Advanced heat and glare reduction is one of the Window Treatment Trends for 2014.

The Phifer Sheerweave material is ideal for use in roller shades and challenges the traditional style of fabric that provides an all-or-nothing approach. Either the product is closed, can’t see through it, or is open, and you have no protection from the light. The Phifer Sheerweave 4550 (5% openness) and 4650 (3% openness) offer a distinct two-sided appearance that maximizes outward visibility and solar heat reduction.

Phifer Sheerweave Roller Shade Video Demonstration

Select the Perfect Roller Shade Fabric

With so many options available, selecting the right fabric can be difficult; choose 3 Blind Mice to help you find the perfect roller shade for your home or office. The Phifer Sheerweave comes in various colors and can be fabricated with either side facing the inside or outside. With 33 unique fabric styles and over 300 individual fabrics, trust the largest producer of sun control fabrics to offer the right material for your roller shade design.

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Phifer sheerweave and roller shade design ideas

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