The Best Window Treatments Trends For Your Home in 2022

[UPDATE – June 27th, 2022] We added some new and exciting items we experienced at IWCE 2022! We will continue to add more video clips this week!

Guide To Popular Window Treatments Trends

Our team at 3 Blind Mice wants to help you prepare for the new year when it comes to the best of the best in window treatments of 2022. We are back with our annual window treatment trends report for all your window needs.

What styles are trending for windows and interiors in 2022?

Like ebbs and flows of life, décor trends come and go in the styling world, and we learn how to adjust. While we moved through another year, so did the many window treatment fashions and designs. What trends are here to stay? What is out the door? What can we look forward to this year? One thing we know for sure, window coverings are here to stay. Not only are they a classic way to style your home, but window treatments are a necessity that will sustain for years on end. 

What window treatments are in style for 2022?

Are you wondering what window treatments are in style for 2022?

Many homeowners found themselves adjusting their living spaces or moving to new houses to fit their needs and desires better. 2021 delivered lasting work-from-home conditions, additional family members moving in, and an eco-conscious, sustainable mindset for many. The need for privacy and a quiet space became even more apparent. We all want to feel safe, comforted, and at rest in our homes. Believe it or not, the right window treatments can help accomplish all of those requirements. 

Of course, each room has its own needs and serves a different purpose — just like each window treatment. We learned to create a warm and comforting atmosphere in the past year. Make the time you spend in your home more enjoyable with the best window treatments and solutions. For the common areas in your house, like the living room and kitchen, sustainability and durability are critical for your window treatments. 

Window treatments in the kitchen are sometimes overlooked, but it is one of the most popular rooms! A kitchen is a place for communion and creations; everyone seems to gather here, no matter how big or small. 

Avoid any fabrics like curtains and draperies for window coverings in the kitchen. Fabrics tend to wear easily when exposed to heat, humidity, and other weathering. Consider faux wood blinds or shutters for your kitchen windows. They are low-maintenance and easy to clean, so you can focus on perfecting that new recipe. Plus, they can create a natural, genuine wood feel without the high cost. 

Eco-friendly and locally sourced materials will continue to rise in popularity in 2022. Energy-efficient window treatment options have remained a top choice for consumers. Cellular shades are in high demand for their temperature control abilities and innovative design that allows you to open them from top to bottom or bottom to top. The unique cell construction provides a layer of insulation that keeps the cooler or warmer air out, depending on the season. Installing custom cellular shades throughout your home is a cost-effective way to save big on energy for your bills and the environment.

Diagram showing how honeycomb shades work to insulate your home.

If you are more concerned about the light levels throughout your home, roller shades or blinds are the way to go. Roller shades come with a minimal look but maximum functionality. They are known for their UV ray protection mechanisms while still providing ample natural light—a great selection for living rooms, hallways, and dining rooms. 

Some rooms require more privacy and the ability to block harsh sunlight, like the bedroom, theater, or nursery.

On the other hand, some rooms require more privacy and the ability to block harsh sunlight, like the bedroom, theater, or nursery. In this case, you will want blackout curtains or shades. They are made with tightly woven, dense materials for the purpose of blocking any external light and incoming air from leaking through. Available in a wide range of colors, you can decorate the bedroom using blackout curtains to easily create coziness and ensure you get a quality night’s rest every night. 

Get ultimate convenience by opting for motorized window treatments. Control is at your fingertips! Ask our 3 Blind Mice window professionals about automation, and your life will instantly be a breeze. Let your window treatments work for you this year.

Let the light in! It is ideal to set up your home working area near a window

Maybe 2022 is the year you move from the makeshift kitchen table working station and set up a real home office space. A dedicated area or room for work will help you be more focused and productive. 

“Home offices come in all shapes and sizes. But whatever the look, the aim is to make your space work for you. So, when designing your own home office, keep in mind that functionality, practicality, and aesthetics are equally important.” Workers are still looking for creative spaces to meet those deadlines.” – Decorilla Interior Design


How do window treatments help? For one, it is ideal to set up your working area near a window. Access to a window creates an effect of space and openness. Use sheer curtains or light-filtering cellular shades to allow natural light to come through. Layer them with heavier drapes for any additional privacy you may need. Exposure to natural sunlight is getting Vitamin D while you work, which can help boost your mood, impact your overall health, and generate productivity. 

Continue reading to learn what trending colors and décor can help you create a space that will bring the inspiration you need to get things done in 2022.

New Innovations In The New Year

2022 Window Treatments: New Innovations In The New Year

Leading professionals constantly find ways to make your life at home more convenient. The industry has made considerable strides in new window treatment technology. Here are some window innovations currently on the market that are gaining momentum, and we expect to see them more often in 2022.

Graber UltraLite Lift System

Smart home technology and features have become in-demand due to the convenience and easy living mindset they provide. For instance, Graber is releasing their latest innovation in 2022 called Graber UltraLite. This groundbreaking system operates with the lightest touch. Described as “perfectly precise,” you won’t have to spend time placing or adjusting your window coverings. The sleek design offers a modern and minimalistic feel that many homeowners are gravitating towards. With only a feather-light touch required, your shades will maneuver to your desired preference up or down. 

Consider the Graber UltraLite Lift system for your window treatments for ultimate easy living. The system is sold exclusively for Graber Solar and Roller shades, making for a popular option this year. 

Lift with a feather-light touch with the new Graber UltraLite system.

Norman SmartDrape Shades

Norman recently launched their new innovative SmartDrape™ Shades. An excellent solution for growing families, pet owners, and those who like to host get-togethers. They fit perfectly on sliding or French doors that lead to outdoor living spaces.  With more of us using outdoor areas as secondary living spaces, the frequent in and outs can cause accelerated deterioration or breakage with other drapery panels or blinds. SmartDrape Shades are specifically designed to be used! The shades are made up of individual vanes that are durable but soft to the touch. The innovative design uses a tilt bar that changes the angle of the vanes for gliding opened or closed. Better yet, they are easy to clean and maintain, making these new shades even more appealing to those who want that easy living home. 

Norman SmartDrape shades -- the only treatment you can walk through without hurting it!

Home Automation Trends On The Rise

With all the changes that the last two years brought us, wouldn’t it be nice to automate those daily tasks, so you don’t even have to worry about a thing? Well, with one simple step, your life can get immensely simpler by updating your window treatments. Sign us up!

Home Automation Trends On The Rise

Norman’s G4 Motorized Window Treatments

Start with installing Norman’s G4 Motorized Window Treatments to your windows throughout the house. The PerfectTilt™ G4 Motorized Shutters is a smart way to upgrade from your everyday plantation shutters. Claimed as The Art of Convenience, installing motorized shutters works around your schedule and lifestyle. With a remote control or a mobile app, you have complete control of the windows in single or multiple rooms. Set them on a schedule to meet your day and night-time requirements. They even come with an auto-brake feature to ensure complete safety for you and your family. 

Make your life a little easier in 2022 with trending home automation ideas

Lutron’s Palladiom Wire-Free Shading System

Look no further than Lutron’s Palladiom Wire-Free Shading System for the most elegant and minimalistic style. Known for their superior motorized window treatments, these shades hold invisible technology. They run on a highly sophisticated battery-powered system that uses Active Energy Optimization, designed to help extend battery life so that you can be worry-free, longer. Concealed automation that is ever so quiet for ultimate convenience and efficiency.

Finding ways to make your life easier this year is vital. Automation is not just a trend in 2022 but is a necessity that is here to stay.   

Automation isn’t everything…consider comfort, too!

Automation isn’t everything…consider comfort, too!

Along with ease and convenience, comfort has moved to the top of the priority list for homeowners. A house is made by the warmth and love built into it, a safe place for you and the family to find refuge. While every room has its purpose, the most important room is the bedroom when it comes to rest. 

There are many ways to create your own sanctuary in your master bedroom. Begin with your window coverings and work your way around it. Why? The importance of light and privacy is vital to a good night’s rest. Blackout curtains and shades are the popular choices for bedroom window treatments. In 2022, we are looking to Comfortex’s Insulating SlumberShades™ for their sustainability and well-being impact. 

Cellular shades are one of the most common selections of custom window coverings. These cellular shades are one-of-a-kind with light-absorbing technology that provides an optimal atmosphere for sleep and rest. What makes Comfortex’s innovation so unique? Included is that they have blackout sidetracks on each side of the shade to block 99 percent of all visible light. You can count on complete darkness with these energy-efficient SlumberShades.

If better sleep is on your resolutions list this year, you have just met your new best friend. Make sure to give us a call to help you find the best solution. 

Window Coverings of the Future: Smart Solar Blinds

Window Coverings of the Future: Smart Solar Blinds

You may have heard about Tesla’s solar shingles. Now here’s something you haven’t seen – solar blinds! This may be one of the most exciting new technologies to come to market for its innovation and eco-friendly mission.

Welcome the World’s First Smart Solar Blinds by SolarGaps! You may be familiar with Solar Blinds and Window Screens, but SolarGap raises the bar with their solar blinds that generate energy from the sun to power your home to reduce your overall carbon footprint. It gets even better.

Have complete control of your Solar Blinds wherever you are in the world right from your phone. The blinds have smart home technology integration as the mobile app allows you to open or retract the blinds at a moment’s notice. 

Talk about a convenient and trend-worthy must-have for 2022. The industry continues to see sustainable, eco-conscious technology come forth in window treatments.  We predict, and hope, that many of the industry leaders will lean towards more solar and earth-friendly design. As we all progressively move forward to a cleaner environment, remember that it starts at home. 

COVID-19 Safety Shields

COVID-19 Safety Shields

As an honorable mention, we are including safety shields, which aren’t new to 2022, but they may be new to you and your needs—looking to install Safety Shields for your business or office? 3BM can help. 

Ensure the safety of your team and employees by adding safety shields throughout your office space. Safety Shields and Sneeze Guards heighten the level of protection from COVID-19 or other germs, bacteria, and viruses when in-person communication is needed. 

We know it may not be ideal, but it is a smart solution. If you have any questions, feel free to schedule a free consultation, and we will answer all of your questions. 

Top trends driving innovations in window treatment we witnessed at IWCE 2022!

Each year, all of us at 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings looking forward to the International Window Coverings Expo (IWCE) that takes place in April. The event is North America’s only trade show and conference dedicated to window covering professionals, and is the largest business education event for window treatment professionals! We always come away with even more current trends, cutting-edge technology, and exciting innovations in window coverings and share those with you through the 3 Blind Mice blog and our extensive video library. Here is what we saw at IWCE 2022!

Remote and Voice Control… Everything!

Somfy TaHoma – Join the Smart Shading Evolution

Window coverings are becoming smarter and smarter; tech is hitting the window covering market by a storm. Today, 30% of window treatments we sell are motorized or automated. There are even retailers that only sell motorized treatments!


Tahoma Link System takes a motorized system and allows it to talk to other IoT devices throughout your home. Think of it as advanced remote control and management of equipment in your home. It takes the frequency from the window shade and allows it to talk to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung Smarthings, etc., and allows for connection with native devices on mobile phones so you can set schedules, control the update and down movement of your shades. And with TaHoma®, you can create scenarios to link your connected devices and activate them with just a click on your smartphone. For example, create a “Leaving Home” scenario when you leave your home to switch off the lights and lower the shades.


Cellular Roller Shade is the New, Sleek Invention

Louvolite Perfect Fit Cellular Shade System

Louvolite Perfect Fit Cellular Shade System is today’s most attractive and innovative window shade. The system is unique because the window shade fits neatly into a stylish frame, which moves together with the windows and doors when opened and closed, giving you the perfect combination of shade and ventilation.

Louvolite gave us an update to the product, giving us a wider track to outfit large and extra-large windows and more versatility. 

The stylish range of Cellular shades offers a new look for your home and will provide light control and full privacy all year round. The incredibly efficient cellular shades are aesthetically pleasing and help reduce energy costs. The thermal barrier created by the unique honeycomb structure offers insulation between the room and window to provide additional.

What’s New in Window Treatment Textile

The Luxurious and Warm, Faux Suede

Because of their light-blocking capabilities, room-darkening curtains or shade materials are traditionally dark, heavy fabric. Despite the function it brings, some may call them bland. Well, not anymore. 

Thanks to the improvement in textile technology, we can bring you soft faux suede textured fabric with smooth touch, offering you a more modern and luxurious look for your windows. Specially woven for room darkening, the faux suede room darkening textile will give you light texture and good drape, making elegant style for your home decor while blocking light and insulating for coolness in summer and warmth in winter.

Say Goodbye To Corded Window Coverings For Good

Effortless raising and lowering of shades with the AgileLift™ Cordless System

The cordless treatments make window shades easier to open and close—and now the AgileLift™ Cordless System allows for super-precise positioning that requires no “tug and release,” meaning the shades lift or lower quickly but also lock into place at the desired position.

Position shade with precision every time with effortless raising and lowering of shades. This is child and pet safety at its finest without the additional cost you might expect.

Make School Classrooms Safer In The Event Of An Emergency

Enhanced security and energy efficiency by electronically controlling the window shades

Our schools are under constant threat, and security in a lockdown situation has become an increasingly important part of school design. SECURESHADE is a safety system for schools and offices that allows you to deploy shades in an active shooter situation. The patented security shade system is a window treatment designed to function as a commercial-grade window shade treatment and as a first-alert security shade to thwart a would-be active shooter, allowing to close the shade campus window with a touch of a button.

The Simplicity Of A Roller Shade, Plus Energy Efficiency

Not your grandpa’s roller shades

There’s more than meets the eye with Cellular Roller Shades. This cellular roller shade has the appearance of a simple roller shade. Still, it is made with double-layered fabric (similar to cellular shades) that diffuses light and creates a soft glow, providing glare-free daylight and energy efficiency in the form of a contemporary take on a roller shade. The discrete second layer fabric creates insulation, helping to make these cellular roller shades energy-efficient, insulating your home in the winter and cooling it down in the summer.

More 2022 Window Treatment Trends

All of us at 3 Blind Mice are looking forward to the International Window Coverings Expo (IWCE) this April. The event is North America’s only trade show and conference dedicated to window covering professionals, and is the largest business education event for window treatment professionals! We always come away with even more current trends, cutting edge technology, and exciting innovations in window coverings and plan to share those with you through the 3 Blind Mice blog and our extensive video library. Stay tuned!

What is the Color Trend for 2022?

What color trends are on the rise in 2022?

Color is one of the best ways to update any room in the house. Color can also greatly influence the mood, energy, and overall essence it brings to the space.

In 2022, design experts claim it is all about expressing yourself. Pantone recently released their color of the year, letting us know that “personal inventiveness and creativity are the way to go.” For 2022, the winner is PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri. A vibrant color in the purple family that “helps us to embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives.” It sounds like the perfect ingredient to kick off the year!

2022 trending colors for window treatments

Other trending color pallets include a balance between muted bold shades like reds, yellows, and blues, to amp up the imaginative side and delicate greens and neutral tones to bring healthy, calming energy. Cool shades of gray seem to be on their way out while warm tones like off-whites, creams, and sand tones take the lead.

For instance, Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2022 is called “October Mist 1495”. A beautiful, gentle green that shares the same intention as the Very Peri, but on the subtle side. The soft greens are said to create “blossoming” energy for your imagination and creativity. 

If you are unsure where to begin, color is a foolproof way to add personality to your décor. Like the color trends of 2022, maybe it is your year to enhance your creativity in all aspects of your life. Your walls, décor, and window treatments can support you! 

What Are the Decorating Trends for 2022?

Home decorating trends for 2022

The right home environment can help cultivate that inspiring, naturalistic, comforting home. Window treatments should not be overlooked. There are numerous ways to incorporate nature, patterns, and the 2022 interior design trends into your home, whether with outstanding pieces or subtle touches.

Floral patterns are gaining popularity for upholstery
Bold natural patterns are on trend for 2022.

Natural. Sustainable. Healthy. These are the consistent trends on all fronts for 2022.

Floral accents are pursued to bring elements of joy into every part of the home. Curtains, drapes, pillows, or rugs are a classic way to bring in floral motifs. Floral patterns can also be a nice compliment or background for live house plants.

Don't be afraid of a little wallpaper in 2022!

Wallpaper Trends in 2022

To that end, wallpaper continues to make a comeback in all homes alike. It is less commitment and adds visual interest, a prominent style pop, and a bold design statement to any wall. Experts expect to see wallpaper increase in popularity. Aligned with other trends we talked about, wallpaper companies using eco-friendly or recycled material is an added plus for consumers.

Go cordless in 2022 for a safer home filled with easy living
Curves & Round Shapes Trend 2022

Curves & Round Shapes Trend

Round shapes add to the calming and relaxing nature of a home. Soft edges provide flowing, consistent energy compared to harsh corners. Find circular shapes in coffee tables, mirrors, pillows, and even sofas and chairs.

Black accents add a grounding touch to 2022 interiors
Black accents add a grounding touch to 2022 interiors

Black accents, features, and hardware are said to be making their breakthrough. Known as an all-time classic shade, black features can make the trending neutral tones pop. While sleek, industrial interiors are starting to trend out, keep the black accents from these décor schemes to add depth and balance to a softer interior.

Open floor plans vs. private, closed-off rooms vs. multi-purpose functioning rooms. 

Open floor plans have been a popular design for decades now. As of 2020, this is transitioning to more private, closed-off rooms or multi-purpose functioning rooms. If you do not have the ability to create a closed-off room, you can zone an open living space with thick draperies. They can be easily pulled into place to turn one larger room into several smaller, more functional areas. The lush material is the perfect place to try out trending colors and patterns, and heavy fabrics can also help contain and deaden sound.

Go Cordless

Cutting the cord on widows is one of the safest and easiest ways to ensure safety in your home. Cordless window treatments are better, convenient, and safer for kids and pets. Nowadays, there are so many cordless options available.

What Are the Latest Trends in Window Treatments? 

What Are the Latest Trends in Window Treatments?

Wondering what window treatments are in style for 2022? You will want to keep this list handy when updating your window coverings this year. 

More Natural Light

Natural lighting continues to be on the rise of importance for our homes. Getting a wealth of Vitamin D to the body is beneficial to our overall well-being. Natural light throughout the home can also save big on energy bills. As work from home mandates and preferences persist, multi-functional living spaces and private workspaces are essential. Industry professionals expect to see more high ceilings and large windows on homeowners’ wish lists. 

Welcome more natural light in your home this new year.

If you have ample windows and natural light in your house, consider light-filtering treatments to enhance the amount of daylight. You can use sheer shades and sheer curtains to add a bit of texture to your windows while allowing plenty of light to come through. There are so many options in materials, thickness, color, and style that you can adorn every big window in the house. Schedule your window coverings with motorized options and light sensors so they open and close by following the sunlight’s pattern each day.

We can customize window treatments for any oversized windows in your home. Layer the sheer curtains or shades with custom cellular shades to help protect from harsh UV rays without compromising the benefits of natural light. No matter the shape or size, we can install a solution that ensures your privacy and light-filtering desires. 

Make the most of your home with mixed indoor/outdoor living spaces in 2022

Outdoor Living 

It is no surprise that outdoor living areas are still on-trend. Homeowners are getting creative in how they can utilize outdoor space as extra living areas for the family. Outdoor window treatment solutions can help turn a seasonal space into a year-long functioning room. From retractable shades, solar window screens to breezy curtains, adding window coverings to your porch or patio helps to enclose the space for more privacy, sun protection and provides shade or warmth. You can motorize and automate the shades for added convenience, easy enough for the kids to operate. When you want to embrace the open outdoors or want more light, simply retract the shades to conceal them.

Bring natural materials into your home to follow 2022 interior trends

Natural Materials

In line with the other décor trends, natural materials are a big winner for 2022. Reflected in woven wood shades and wooden shutters, real and faux wood blinds, natural materials blend perfectly with the trending colors and styles. Lighter woods that bring spa-like Zen to any atmosphere reign over darker woods, especially for floors and window coverings. Continue the sustainable and earth-friendly trend of 2022 with all-natural materials from floor to ceiling. 

When in doubt, always stick to the classic favorites of window treatments.

When in doubt, always stick to the classic favorites of window treatments. You can’t go wrong with popular window treatments like cellular shades, real wood shutters, or a combination of shades and blinds that endure the test of time. 

If you don’t have a trend map to follow, where do you begin? The best place to start is to identify the purpose of the room. For high traffic areas like the living room and kitchen, you will want durable material window coverings that are long-lasting. In the living room, embrace any natural light while still having privacy with cellular shades. Homeowners love their energy-saving abilities controlled with temperature insulation without the heaviness or weighted feel. They are light, airy, and budget-friendly. 

Real wood shutters or blinds tend to be a good selection for kitchens. The thicker materials can withstand heat, humidity, and other weathering temperatures kitchens see. This year, choose lighter-colored woods and materials to brighten up your space. 

Not sure if blinds or shades are better for your home? Go back to the intent of the room and your desired preference. Want more privacy control? Go with window shades that cover the entire window while filtering the amount of light you want. Care more about natural light than privacy for a specific room? Choose blinds that can tilt to add in the amount of desired light while protecting your privacy. 

Curtain Window Treatment Trends for 2022

Popular Curtain Window Treatment Trends for 2022

Curtains continue to stay in the picture because they are cost-effective and efficient without compromising quality. Not to mention the endless style options! 

In 2022, simplicity and minimalism are emerging in curtain and drapery styles. Less fluff and more flow are the way to go when choosing new curtains for your home. Classic materials like cotton and linen are top of the trend list to match the light, relaxing, naturalist themes this year. Velvet made its comeback a few years ago and is still a desired fabric choice for drapes this season. Depending on the need for the room, you can choose between density in fabrics to make sure you have the privacy and light control you need without losing style. 

Using patterns is a great way to show off your creative side. Bold patterns and floral designs will stand out but opt for natural, muted tones to stay with the ease of living mindset. If you already have shades on your windows, this is your moment to add some pizazz by layering them with curtains or drapes. It will immediately upgrade your space, adding texture and personality.

Choosing window treatments and solutions that work best for you, your home, and your budget will outlast any window treatment trend. Reach out to us for a professional opinion on which window coverings are suitable for you!

Are Window Treatments Out of Style?

Are Window Treatments Out of Style?

No, of course not—privacy and light control are never off-trend! But, as with all things interior, some styles are reaching the end of their popularity. 

Gray has been popular for neutral walls for nearly a decade—but this window treatment trends is slowly beginning to wane. If you’ve been on the fence about replacing older, neutral-colored window treatments with something bright and bold, now is the time! Neutrals aren’t out, though—off white, warm tone beiges and buttery cream tones take the stage over cooler gray and silver tones.

Short curtains aren't popular any more - that trend is gone.

Another trend that’s on the decline is short curtains. Interior designers agree that longer curtains look better, as a general rule. Floor-to-ceiling curtains don’t make the window feel cluttered or boxed in, and help to create a clean look while adding height to the room.

Go with the look and feel that makes your house feel like a home.

Going with the latest window treatment trends and style rules can be great for guidance, but really, it is all about creating an inviting, calming, and optimistic environment for you to enjoy. Go with the look and feel that makes your house feel like a home. Locally sourced products, recycled, repurposed materials, eco-friendly missions are leading the way in 2022. There seems to be a mindset shift versus a trend that is sustainable and helps us feel good on the inside and out. 

We can’t always control what goes on outside the house, but we can control how our home makes us feel. Elements from the floors to the ceilings, including window treatments, can help your desired serene home. When you are ready for a custom window treatment solution, give 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings a phone call. Let’s make it the best year yet — for you and your home.


Our no-obligation complimentary design service will help you sift through this year’s new trends as well as timeless classics to select the window coverings that are perfect for your home. Plus, you get to see samples—once you have a few favorite styles picked out, our designers will send swatches of curtain and drapery fabrics right to your doorstep. Call today to learn more information at 800-828-2003 and set up your Virtual Consultation.

»» Can’t get enough trends? Here is a look back at window treatment trends from 2021.

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