New from Norman: SmartDrape Shades You’re Going To Love!

A new design so innovative that everyone with sliding glass doors or French patio doors will love it.

This new product is truly one of those “I didn’t know I needed this!” items—the design is so innovative that everyone with sliding glass doors or French patio doors will love it.

The SmartDrape™ Shades look a lot like other vertical shades or blinds, and they function similarly too. There is a tilt bar that is used to change the angle of the of the vanes for adjusting light and privacy levels, as well as used to glide the shades open or closed.

But, there is one feature that you will not find on other vertical shades…

You can walk right through the individual vanes of the Norman SmartDrape!

You can walk right through the individual vanes of the Norman SmartDrape!

Norman designed this innovative new product specifically to bring you seamless indoor-outdoor living. Now, you don’t have to choose between a functional doorway and closed shades. You can have both, at the same time, all the time! You do not have to open the treatment to walk through it.

SmartDrapes are perfect for homes with kids and pets, entertaining guests, and simply adding a little ease to everyday living. The certified cordless operation makes these perfect for homes where child safety is a priority.

Concerned about hand prints and dirt from wagging tails?

Each individual vane can be removed for cleaning, so your SmartDrapes look as great on Day 300 as the day they were installed. Simply remove the soiled vane, place it in a garment bag, and wash it on a gentle cycle in your regular washing machine. To dry, just hang it back in place on the headrail and allow it to dry in place. It’s that easy!

While they look elegant and soft, the vanes are durable and hold up well to daily use. However, in the event that a vane is damaged, it’s easy to replace just one (or a few) without needing to replace the entire window treatment. Simply detach the damaged vanes and replace with new—it takes mere seconds.

See how easy it is to replace a SmartDrape vane »

SmartDrapes come in 32 different colors and patterns so it’s easy to find a style that accentuates your home’s style. Just let us know if you’d like a few extra vanes when you order and we’ll make sure you’re set up with spares!

Norman SmartDrape color and pattern swatches

An individual SmartDrape can cover windows and doors up to 12 feet wide—plus, you can combine two shades end-to-end for a total length of 24 feet, making these the perfect solution for even the widest applications.

Learn more and see the SmartDrapes in action in our newest video!


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I would like a price comparison for Luminette and Smart Drape. The slider is 8’ x 8’.

Please email me Marketing at 3blindmiceusa dot com. ty!

Can the smart drape header be hung from a ceiling?
To cover a14 ft wide window…with a center split,I’d need two 7 foot wide drapes?

Do the panels when closed block out direct sun? Room darkening?

I do not believe the Norman Smart Drape would be ideal as a room darkening solution. Feel free to email me at Marketing at 3blindmiceusa dot com.

what is an approximate price for a 74×84 slider…and where in Connecticut are those sold or do they have to be ordered on line and an installer must be found….

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