Window Treatments for Your Patio

Patio Curtains & Other Window Treatments Designed for Your California Home’s Outdoor Space

Patio Curtains CaliforniaIf relaxing in the warm California sun sounds like your idea of a good time, you likely have a patio at your home where you can go to unwind. However, the sun can be overzealous at times, and when you start to feel less like a sunbather and more like a box of fast food under a heat lamp, you may wish you had another option than crawling back into the artificially controlled climate of your home. Well, as it happens, you do have another option: custom patio window treatments from your friends at 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings.

Control the Sun With Patio Curtains, Blinds, or Shades

At 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings, we offer a range of solutions for sun exposure and privacy for your patio, including:

Patio Curtains

Spruce up the appearance of your outdoor space with a design that is customized specifically to meet your personal aesthetic. Keep the curtains drawn or partially drawn during the afternoon for shade, and open them completely in the morning or evening for full exposure when the sun is less intense.

Patio Blinds

If you prefer blinds over curtains, we offer a range of choices to meet your needs. Patio blinds can be opened and closed as desired, and they can even be operated using motorization technology so you won’t have to move from your patio chair.

Patio Shades

For the ultimate shade from the sun — and privacy from your neighbors peeking through the fence — our patio shades deliver. As with our other window treatments, there are numerous ways to customize your shades, and these can be motorized as well.

Let’s Get Started

In addition to the patio curtains, blinds, and shades outlined above, we can design stylish sliding door blinds or blinds for French doors to provide the perfect gateway to your patio at your California home. We’re ready to get started if you are! Contact 3 Blind Mice Windows Coverings today to speak with a designer.

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