Sneeze Guards / Safety Shields

Perfect for businesses that require face-to-face interaction among staff and with customers, the Workspace Sneeze Guard and Safety Shield is an innovative new product designed to allow these interactions in a safe way.

Product Overview

Perfect for businesses that require face-to-face interaction among staff and with customers. Workspace Sneeze Guards and Safety Shields are innovative new products designed to allow these interactions in a safe way during the COVID -19 epidemic. Reduce the risk of COVID contamination in close quarters with minimal impact or interruption to service.

​Workspace Protection

Workspace Sneeze Guards and Safety Shields allow a greater level of safety in face-to-face communications between clients and staff. The clear plastic vinyl shield is easy to install and easy to clean. It won’t disrupt or slow down your business during COVID with its minimally invasive presence and professional appearance.

Control Options

With multiple options for controlling the sneeze guards, you can set up the options that work most efficiently for your business. Open and close one or several shades at once with the use of the handheld remote, or go completely hands-free by setting raise and lower schedules using a smart device.  Control the shades from your smart phone with the NeoSmart Blinds App, or pair with Alexa or Google Home for seamless voice activation. Alternatively, there are manual hanging options as well.


Motorized Starting at $650

Manual Starting at $199

Cleaning the Workspace Sneeze Guard and Safety Shields

Regular cleaning is recommended to keep the shield clean and clear. There is a simple 3-step process:

  1.     Rinse both sides of the shade with a soft cloth or sponge.
  2.     Gently wash the shade with a mixture of mild dish detergent and warm water or a mixture of vinegar and water.
  3.     Rinse the shade once more to remove all soap, then dry full with a soft cloth to prevent water spotting.

Do not scrub the shade or use brushes or squeegees as they can scratch or damage the shade. If you want to use a stronger cleaning agent, you can reference the PVC Chemical resistance chart to select an agent that won’t cause damage.


Workspace Sneeze Guards and Safety Shield Benefits

With all the factors that must be considered for reopening during COVID-19, sneeze guards and safety shields offers a simple, easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain solution for face-to-face communications. It’s great for reception areas, shipping and receiving desks, cashiers, co-working spaces, and businesses in every industry.

Offer peace of mind to your customers and your staff with the professional appearance and seamless operation of the office safety shield. Benefit from the completely hands-free motorized operation using the remote control, pre-set schedules, or smart phone app. Installation is suited to your needs, with hard wired or long-lasting battery powered options (up to 750 Up/Down cycles on a single charge!).

The workspace sneeze guards and safety shield allows your business to resume as soon as possible in a safe and practical manner. 

Easy to Clean

Alexa / Google Control

Rechargeable Battery

  • Vertical


72" / 96" / 120"

56 ½"


  • Low




  • Clean look and hands free - Motorized battery powered or hard wired
  • Rechargeable battery with included charger
  • Long battery life - 750 Up/Down cycles on a single charge
  • Clean mount to ceiling - no wires or strings hanging
  • Square fascia or Rounded Cassette Finish options in 5 colors (White, Bronze, Black, Anodized Aluminum, Ivory
  • Always in place no need to remove and replace each season
  • Sealed bottom bar for better protection
  • Can raise and lower for cleaning crews
  • Connect to voice assistant like Alexa or Google Home
  • Easy to clean - soap and water with Microfiber towel, not harsh chemicals to clean


Clean look and hands free
Rechargeable battery w/ charger
Long battery life

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7 windows with wood shutters…. in & out in an hour! All the shutters fit like like a glove thanks to their precise measurements

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They were very professional, from Tammy’s initial visit to the installers and their work. Everything fit perfectly, and we love our new window coverings!

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