Top Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home in 2023

A guide to popular window treatment trends

We’re back with our annual report on the top window treatment trends for 2023!

3 Blind Mice Window Coverings wants to help you get your home ready for the New Year. Our newest guide includes the most popular window coverings you can expect to see in the coming year. From home décor and color trends to the best window treatments for your home, we’ll share everything you need to know to stay on-trend through 2023 and beyond.

Home Décor Trends

As we leave 2022 behind and look forward to 2023, there is a widespread focus on wellness and self-care in all aspects of life, including home décor.

The instability of the last few years has encouraged us to take a step back and focus on what matters most. We’ve discovered how much our surroundings can impact our mental health and well-being, as the objects, colors, and textures around us can significantly affect our state of mind and how we feel.

Consequently, this year in home décor we’ll see a few different design trends aimed toward creating a living space where we can relax, recharge, and get inspired.

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Cozy and Welcoming

After all the ups, downs, and changes we’ve endured, we are all ready for a return to normalcy. We are prepared to once again welcome friends and family back into our homes. Or some of us are ready to give our homes a design refresh after spending so much time within the same space. Create a cozy and welcoming place to gather by incorporating different textures and elevated basics into your home décor.

Earth Tones and Neutrals

Earth tones and warm neutrals will continue to be popular, along with natural, organic shapes and eco-friendly, sustainable materials. This comes along with a renewed importance on surrounding ourselves and our families with natural, high-quality materials to support health and wellness in our daily lives.

Bold Patterns and Colors

Also relating to wellness, we will see a trend toward self-expression in home décor this year. Those looking to freshen up their space may opt for bold colors and patterns to express their creativity. Look for energizing and renewing colors and interesting patterns on everything from walls to pillows, and of course, window treatments.

Color Trends

Every year, leading paint companies and interior designers give their predictions for which colors will be most popular in the coming year. The results are in, and for 2023 we can look forward to a fun and versatile mix!

Warm earth tones like vivid red, orange, and terracotta will bring energy and help lift spirits this year. Meanwhile, soothing blues will provide a calming accent, and warm neutrals will continue to reign over previously popular cooler gray tones.

Check out some of the top Color of the Year picks for 2023 that you may want to incorporate into your home!

Benjamin Moore: Raspberry Blush

Benjamin Moore’s prediction for Color of the Year in 2023 is Raspberry Blush. This lively coral shade with a tinge of pink will brighten up any space. Use it as an accent wall in your living room or dining room to bring a trendy dose of positive energy and motivation.

Sherwin Williams: Redend Point

Redend Point by Sherwin Williams is a warm, earthy neutral. This calming and inviting color is extremely versatile and will work well in any room of your home, from your home office to your bedroom. If you are going for a minimal and natural look, this will be your go-to shade for 2023.

Glidden: Vining Ivy

If a soothing palette is more your style, check out Glidden’s pick for 2023 Color of the Year, Vining Ivy. This versatile, on-trend blue-green mix works well as a primary room color or as an accent against popular warm neutrals. 

Behr: Blank Canvas

Are you after a renewing refresh for your home? Behr’s Blank Canvas will be a popular choice in 2023. Bringing a bright, fresh, and modern feel, this neutral provides a welcoming and comforting feeling to encourage relaxation. It also provides the perfect backdrop for layering your favorite home décor trends.

Pantone Color of the Year for 2023 – Viva Magenta

IMAGE SOURCE: 'How and why Pantone picked 'Viva Magenta' as its 2023 color of the year'

Pantone is a company known for its color matching system and annual selection of a “Color of the Year.” The Color of the Year is chosen by Pantone’s color experts and reflects current trends and cultural influences. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2023 is Viva Magenta, a new red tone with warm, vibrant pink hues. The color revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint, an electrifying and boundaryless shade that “manifests a stand-out statement.”

In interior design, the Pantone Color of the Year can influence design trends in several ways. Designers and homeowners may incorporate the Color of the Year into their interior design schemes through paint, fabrics, accessories, and other decorative elements like window treatments. For example, a designer might use Viva Magenta as an accent color and bring in pops of self-expression and warm tones through throw pillows, artwork, or another accent piece.

It is worth noting that the Pantone Color of the Year is just one factor among many that can influence interior design trends. Other factors include changes in technology, cultural trends, and the preferences of individual designers and homeowners. Ultimately, the most critical factor in interior design is creating a functional, comfortable, and reflective space for the people who use it.


What Window Treatments are in Style for 2023?

Home décor trends may come and go, but window treatments never go out of style. While coverings certainly serve a functional purpose, they have also become an essential design feature that can elevate any room and make it feel complete.

Are you wondering what the most popular window treatment for 2023 is? We’ve rounded up some of the top styles you may want to consider if you plan to update your home this year.

Window Treatment Shade Styles

Window shades come in many different styles, which makes them a great choice for adding creative design elements to a room. They also bring lots of flexible functionality to provide privacy and let you control the amount of light that enters a room.

Timeless Roller Shades

Roller shades are consistently one of the most popular choices for the best window coverings year after year. This is because they are easy to use, offer a clean, sleek, look, and can be designed using a wide range of styles, colors, textures, and patterns to fit your room and design aesthetic. This neutral botanical print solar shade is right on-trend for 2023!

Cellular Shade or Honeycomb Shades

Another popular type of shade is cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades. This simple and sleek innovation offers a clean look with several light filtering options so you can select the right light levels for your room. Just like a roller shade, they come in a variety of colors and fabrics, so you can choose a custom look to match your home décor.

But what really sets this type of window shade apart from the rest is its high energy efficiency. The insulating cell design traps air between your window and the shade, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This helps to reduce your energy usage, save money, and is better for the planet. If you, like many people, are wondering which window treatments are the most energy efficient, the answer is definitely cellular shades.

Top-Down, Bottom-Up

To expand a little further, cellular shades can also be designed to be top-down, bottom-up, meaning they can be opened from both the top and the bottom. This style is increasingly popular because it allows you more control over the amount of light that enters the room throughout the day. This cordless design is beautifully simple and can even be paired with motorization. This style upgrade will make life easier and make your home even more energy efficient this year!

Roman Shades

Roman shades are a beautiful way to add color or a pattern to a room. With bold patterns and colors trending for 2023, this window treatment style is a great way to give your home an updated look. Typically made from a flat piece of fabric, folded in a graceful accordion style, roman shades create an elegant design statement. With the ease and function of a shade and the beauty of a drapery, this unique style will remain popular throughout 2023.

Curtain and Drapery Window Treatment Trends

Curtains and draperies are classics that will never go out of style! But just like any other interior design element in your home, there are window treatment trends and styles that come and go. Are you wondering what curtain styles are in for 2023? Here are a few trends to look out for!

Sheer Curtains

Let in the light with airy sheer curtains in your modern home décor. Available in a variety of colors, styles, and opacities, these breezy curtains offer lots of custom options for your space. They add color, texture, and daytime privacy without blocking out the beautiful natural light. For night-time privacy, pair with another window treatment such as shades or draperies.

Not just for windows, sheer panels can also be used to divide larger rooms, creating cozy sections in an open floor plan. They look particularly beautiful and modern when hung from floor to ceiling.

Lined Draperies

For those looking to maximize their energy efficiency in 2023, consider lined draperies when updating window treatments. Draperies that are fully lined with a good quality lining block out direct sunlight and heat, helping to keep the room cooler and preventing your air conditioner from working overtime. As an added bonus, lined draperies also allow you more light control and better privacy. Pair lined draperies with cellular shades or sheer curtains for a custom look all your own.

Versatile Window Blinds

If you’re looking for a versatile and easy-to-maintain window treatment for your home, window blinds are a traditional favorite. But traditional doesn’t have to mean boring! Check out the latest trends in window blinds you’ll see more of in 2023.

Wood Blinds

As more attention is paid to preserving our environment and using sustainable materials, eco-friendly wood blinds will continue to become more popular as a window treatment trend in homes. 3 Blind Mice real wood blinds are sustainably sourced and hand-crafted from North American hardwood. Wood blinds bring a natural, luxurious feel to any room and are available in a wide selection of styles and finishes.

Vertical Blinds

If you are looking for a new window treatment idea for tall doors or windows, vertical blinds offer a simple and contemporary solution. Easy to use and maintain, these cost-effective coverings provide effortless privacy and light control. Build custom vertical blinds from a variety of materials, including light filtering fabrics, aluminum, wood, and faux wood. Accentuate the height of your beautiful windows and doors while bringing a calm ambiance to your space. 

Stylish Shutters

If stylish window treatments are what you want, nothing beats custom shutters. Custom may be the only way to go if you are looking for shutters for an arched or bay window. Hand-crafted shutters bring natural beauty and elegance and are a smart investment to add value to your home in the coming year.

Classic Plantation Shutters

Are plantation shutters still in style? Absolutely! This dramatic window treatment style will instantly upgrade any room of your home. Plantation shutters are extremely durable and come in a wide range of styles and materials to fit your lifestyle and design needs. Choose a natural material in a clean white or neutral tone to complement your wall color and stay on-trend.

Door Shutters

If you chose plantation shutters to cover the windows throughout your home, we have good news. You can add matching door shutters to your French door or patio doors, too! Your doors will look rich and luxurious in the new year with this functional and stylish solution.

Stay on Trend with Motorized Window Treatments

Another trend we have to mention is the increasing popularity of motorized window treatments. Homeowners are loving the convenience automated window coverings brings to their life.

Motorization can be used with almost any type of window treatment and can be easily connected to your smart home technology system like Google Home, Alexa Echo or Apple Home. Take your Google Home automation to the next level this year by adding remote control or voice control capability to quickly and easily control the amount of natural light throughout your home.


What’s New in Window Treatment Textiles

Earlier in our guide to window treatment trends, we gave an overview of upcoming home décor trends we can expect to see dominate in 2023. Following the overarching themes of wellness and self-care, we predict new interior designs that are cozy and welcoming, featuring warm earth tones and neutrals, and bold patterns and colors. Keeping this in mind, here are some new ideas in window treatment textiles you can use to stay on-trend.

Natural Materials

Use natural colors and textures in your window coverings to bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your home. Woven wood shades are a unique blend of wood, reeds, grasses, and bamboo, and bring an organic design element. Wood shutters and blinds provide a timeless and elegant option adding texture, that is also environmentally friendly. When it comes to drapes and curtains, look for fabric in linen, silk, or wool to achieve a cozy and natural feel.

Trendy Colors

When choosing new window treatment textiles, don’t forget about the 2023 color trend predictions! Whether you prefer bright and lively coral, soothing blues, or warm and earthy neutrals, consider using one of these trendy colors in your shades, curtains, or draperies to be at the top of the style game this year.

Patterned Fabrics

Follow the bright and bold trend with patterned fabric selections in curtains and drapes. From geometric to botanical, express your creativity with new eye-catching prints and colors to brighten your home and show off your personal style.

Another new trend that is sure to be popular this year is customizing window treatments with fun trims such as poms and tassels. These seemingly small details add texture and visual interest and easily take your window coverings to the next level.

Window Covering Design Trends

Now that we’ve covered what’s new in window treatment textiles, let’s talk about other design trends in window coverings that are catching on.

Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Add drama to a room by using floor-to-ceiling curtains or heavy fabric draperies to cover standard-sized windows. This design trend works well in master bedrooms, living rooms with high ceiling, or other large rooms to make the space look more expensive and luxurious. Layer sheer panels with elegant drapes and choose decorative hardware to complete the glamorous yet effortless look.

Inside Mount Treatments

Looking for a clean and simple look to bring a sense of calm to your space? Window treatments with an inside mount could be just the thing you need. Shades, shutters, or blinds can often be mounted to the inside of the window, leaving the window frame free from any sort of covering. These cellular shades feature a delicate pattern for subtle design interest while providing privacy and functionality that trap air to control harsh sunlight and heat

Match Wall and Window Covering Color

Another design trend that is taking off is matching window coverings to your wall color. When you have large windows, a contrasting color in your window treatments can sometimes feel harsh or stark next to a colorful wall. Create harmony by choosing a material for your shades that closely matches your paint color, like the warm earth tones shown in this entryway. Simply open the shades to let in the natural light, or close them for cozy privacy.

Layering Window Treatments

Layering window treatments isn’t a new interior design trend, but it is certainly a popular one. This is because by layering different types of window coverings, you can enjoy multifunctional benefits and create a custom design that is unique to your space.

There are many different ways to layer window treatments, one of the most popular being draperies with sheer curtains. This combination allows for natural light flow, adjustable privacy, and an elegant presentation. There are endless fabric choices and hardware options available to customize a one-of-a-kind design.

When it comes to layering, a common question is, “Is it better to have curtains or blinds”? This is really a personal preference. But you can also have both! Choose sleek inside mount blinds for light control and privacy, then add curtains or draperies to soften the look and add color and texture.

Similarly, you may choose to layer curtains with shades or shutters to fit your décor style and room needs. Layering window treatments is the best way to enjoy the benefits of more than one type of style in your home.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

There are several trends in window treatments that focus on using environmentally friendly materials:

  1. Natural materials: Natural materials such as bamboo, wood, and hemp are becoming popular as they are sustainable and biodegradable. They also add a natural, organic look to the room.
  2. Recycled materials: Window treatments made from recycled materials, such as recycled plastics and recycled fabrics, are also gaining popularity. These materials are environmentally friendly as they reduce waste and conserve resources.
  3. Eco-friendly fabrics: There are several eco-friendly fabrics available on the market that are made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, linen, and wool. These fabrics are natural, biodegradable, and use fewer chemicals in the production process.
  4. Motorized window treatments: Motorized window treatments are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to control the amount of light and privacy in a room with the push of a button. These window treatments are energy-efficient as they reduce the need for manual operation and help to reduce energy consumption.

Overall, we are a fan of the trend towards sustainable, biodegradable, and energy-efficient window treatments and materials as people are becoming more conscious of their impact on the environment. 

Custom Window Treatments Make the Best Window Coverings

When choosing new window treatments for your home this year, don’t settle for off-the-shelf options. Choose high-quality window treatments that are customized for you to provide the exact solutions you need.

Do all these window treatment trends seem overwhelming? The designers at 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings are here to help. Our experts can help homeowners design the perfect combination of materials and fabric to update their home’s interior. Let us help you design custom window treatments that are functional, beautiful, and will stand the test of time.


What are the Best Window Treatments for your Home?

Each room of your home has a different purpose. So, the perfect window treatments are likely to vary from room to room. We can help you select the right window treatment to match the style and function of each room of your home that provide the best solutions to your light filtering and privacy needs.

In addition to window treatments, are you looking for matching door treatments? Are you interested in incorporating motorized window treatments into your home automation system? How important are energy-efficient treatments in your home? These are all factors to consider to narrow down what is best for your home.

Let’s take a look at functionality and window treatment ideas for each room of the home to help you decide what features are most important when updating your home this year.

Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

The kitchen is probably the most utilized room in your home. It is often a gathering place for families to spend time together while cooking, eating, and entertaining.

Window treatments in the kitchen should be stylish and beautiful, but perhaps more importantly, practical. Since you spend time in the kitchen during all parts of the day, privacy and light control are likely important features when it comes to window treatments for kitchen windows.

Consider a durable material in the kitchen that can withstand moisture, heat, and dirt, and can be cleaned easily. Excellent options include faux wood blinds and faux wood shutters, which provide the elegant look of natural wood but can more easily hold up to a kitchen environment. Most faux wood products can be cleaned by simply wiping them down with soap and water.

If fabric shades are more your style, choose stain-resistant fabrics that can be cleaned easily. Light-filtering roller shades, sheer shades, and roman shades are often utilized in kitchen spaces. Use shades on their own, or pair with sturdy, machine-washable curtains.

Best Living Room Window Treatments

When it comes to window treatments for the living room, it’s all about creating a comfortable space in which to relax and unwind.

There are so many styles and options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin. Start by identifying the functional needs of the room. Are you looking to increase energy efficiency, add privacy, or improve light control in your space? Do you have oddly shaped or oversized windows or doors and need a custom solution?

Next, think about how you want your living room to feel. Many opt for a calming, minimal look with clean and simple lines. Others may prefer a comfortable and cozy vibe with layers of texture, colors, and patterns. No matter your aesthetic, your living room is the perfect place to showcase your individual style and try out some of the new home décor and window treatment trends we’ve shared!

Ideas for Window Coverings in the Dining Room

While an eat-in kitchen requires durable window coverings, a formal dining room allows you to expand into more elegant and luxurious options. Roman shades paired with custom draperies is a beautiful and classic combination. Add a top treatment such as a valance or cornice box to add a modern decorative touch.

For an on-trend style in the dining room, use woven wood shades, wooden blinds, or shutters. These can be layered with draperies in a natural material, a trendy color, or with a bold pattern to fit with your modern home décor style. This will also lend you plenty of options for privacy and light control to cut off harsh direct sunlight which are so important when creating a comfortable dining area.

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

You may not have put a lot of thought into bedroom window treatments up until this point, but you should! A bedroom is a space that we retreat to at the end of a long day, and window coverings can make a big impact on the quality of rest we receive.

To make yourself as comfortable and relaxed as possible, your bedroom is probably not the best space to use bright colors. Instead, opt for soothing colors and natural materials, which are also right on-trend for 2023.

Light control is also another major factor to consider when choosing the best window treatments for a bedroom. For this reason, blackout shades and curtains are often used to filter natural light. Blackout curtains are lined with a heavy fabric to block light from the outdoors and help insulate your bedroom from heat, cold, and sound. Combine decorative blackout curtains that provide blocking light functionality with sheer curtains or roman shades for an elegant and functional covering.

If you have hard-to-reach windows or would just prefer the added convenience of opening and closing your coverings without getting out of bed, motorized blinds or shades are the perfect solutions for your bedroom window treatments. Automated window treatments also provide additional privacy, so you can use voice control to close your new shades before you even walk into the room.

Best Window Coverings for Bathrooms

When shopping for bathroom window coverings, it’s all about balance. Look for a combination of style, privacy, light control, and durability.

Many prefer a simple and minimal style in the bathroom. Vinyl or composite shutters and faux wood blinds are popular choices because they meet all four of these considerations. They offer a clean and simple style, plenty of privacy, and adjustable light control. Plus, they are durable enough to stand up to the humid conditions common in bathrooms. Not only do they offer maximum resistance to moisture and changing temperatures, but they are also easy to clean and maintain.

Other styles you may want to consider for your bathroom window coverings are cellular shades, roman shades, and sheer shades. Choose a custom fabric so you can achieve the right balance of natural light, privacy, and style for your space. Looking for added convenience? Motorization makes opening and closing your shades easy, and you won’t have to worry about nosy neighbors!

Upgrade Your Home Office Window Treatments

These days, working from home is the standard practice for many people. Consequently, we’ve seen the popularity of dedicated home office spaces increasing over the last few years. While we may not have given much thought to home office space, let alone home office window treatments even just a few years ago, today many people are looking for solutions to improve their office space.

From a functionality standpoint, there are several factors that you should consider when choosing the best window coverings for a home office. To work comfortably on a computer, you need a covering that will filter light and reduce glare on your computer screen. For this, solar shutters and shades are great options. Not only do they combat glare, but they still allow natural light to enter the room, which is important for wellness and productivity. Keep materials light and airy to create a space that you feel good about entering every day.

If maintaining your outdoor view is important to you, a window tinting film can be applied to your windows to reduce glare and increase UV protection.

Block Light with Blackout Shades for Media Rooms

If you have a media room in your home, choosing the best window treatments is essential. No matter the time of day, you’ll want to be able to completely block out any light from entering the room to create a theater-quality experience.

Blackout shades are the ideal solution because they provide a solid covering over your window with no gaps. This ensures that no external light will seep through to create a distracting glare on the screen. In addition to complete darkness, they can also help block out outside sounds to ensure optimal viewing pleasure, and as a bonus can increase energy efficiency as well. 

Blackout shades are available in cellular, roller, and roman shade styles, and can be custom-made in almost any color and pattern to fit the style of your media room.

Window Treatment Ideas for Children’s Rooms

When it comes to the best window treatments for children’s rooms, there are a few important factors to consider. The first is, of course, child safety, which can easily be achieved by choosing one of many cordless window treatment styles available. Cordless cellular and roman shades do not contain any hanging cords, eliminating the risk of strangulation. Or, you may choose to add motorization to blinds or shades, which also comes along with the added convenience of easily opening and closing them at different times throughout the day.

Whether you are designing a nursery or playroom or updating a child’s bedroom, finding the right style is probably also high on your wish list. There are countless options for style and color to create the perfect custom option for your room. From soft and pretty pleated shades to bright and colorful blinds, if you can imagine it, we can design it.

Maximize Outdoor Living

A major component of wellness and self-care is setting aside time to relax, and there is no better place to enjoy the fresh air than in your own outdoor living space. Whether you are looking to add outdoor draperies to a seating area, or are looking for a window treatment solution for patio doors and windows, your outdoor space is equally important, and there are lots of ideas to consider.

If you have large windows or glass doors separating your two living spaces, you may be hesitant about covering them up with window treatments. But there are solutions you can incorporate that give you the flexibility to enjoy your beautiful view while adding privacy, light control, insulation, and sun protection. Consider the benefits of blinds, curtains, shades, and shutters to decide what will work best in your space.

Make Your Window Treatment Dreams a Reality in 2023!

Window treatment trends come and go, but one thing that doesn’t change is our commitment to our customers. At 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings, our approach is to make the shopping experience as simple as possible, from selection to installation. You can count on us to stay informed about new innovations and popular styles in window coverings. Schedule a free consultation and let our experts help you find the perfect solution for your home to make your window treatment dreams a reality in 2023!


Our no-obligation complimentary design service will help you through all the ins and outs of selecting the perfect window treatments to bring your home into the new year! Our expert designers can guide you through the available styles, the best materials for your needs, and take care of all the details. Plus, you get to see samples—once you have a few favorite styles picked out, our designers will send swatches of curtain and drapery fabrics right to your doorstep. Call today to learn more information at 800-828-2003 and set up your Virtual Consultation.

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