The Seaside Collection From 3 Blind Mice

🌊 Introducing the Seaside Collection by 3 Blind Mice! 🌊

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest endeavor: a stunning private label collection inspired by the tranquility and beauty of the coast. Get ready to transform your space with our exclusive designs crafted with care and coastal charm.

Dive into the Seaside Collection:

🔹 Beachside Banded – for a touch of coastal elegance.
🔹 Daybreak Drapery – bringing the sunrise to your windows.
🔹 Reef Rollers – roll into relaxation with these coastal classics.
🔹 Riviera Romans – timeless sophistication meets seaside vibes.
🔹 Surfside Sheers – let the ocean breeze in with sheer perfection.

The Seaside Collection: New Cellular Shades from 3 Blind Mice

Why We’re Excited about the Seaside Collection

  • » Colors & styles for every home décor style
  • » Cellular shades are an excellent choice for every room in the home
  • » This versatile shade can be made to fit every window shape and size
  • » Cordless and motorized options are available
  • » Some of the most energy-efficient shades on the market today
  • » Available in single-cell, double-cell, and NEW cell-in-a-cell designs
  • » Patented Cell-In-A-Cell is one of THE BEST products to reduce heat in the summer and keep heat in in the winter – 80% More Efficient than Glass!

Seaside Collection Colors & Styles

Seaside Collection Colors & Styles

The Seaside Collection offers a truly impressive selection of colors, textures, and styles to choose from. With colors ranging from subtle, understated neutrals, to bold, bright hues, there is truly a style to suit everyone. Seaside Collection cellular shades are made of a high quality spun lace, non-woven fabric that is easy to care for. The durable aluminum headrails and bottom rails ensure that your shades look and work great for many years!


Seaside Swatches | Dozens of colors available

Seaside Collection Shapes & Sizes

Seaside Collection Shapes & Sizes

With 20 shapes and styles, the Seaside Collection is a great solution for standard and custom windows alike!

  • » Specialty shapes include arches, circles, hexagons, and fanned angles
  • » Motorized options, perfect for hard-to-reach second-story windows and skylights
  • » Top-Down/Bottom-Up options for rooms where mixed light and privacy is desired
  • » Pet- and child-safe cordless options can be combined with most styles and sizes

Custom Shapes for Every Room & Window Size

Custom Shapes for Every Room

Arches, circles, fanned angles, and more…the Seaside Collection is the perfect fit for every room and any window.

Top-Down/Bottom-Up: Perfect for Privacy

Top Down/Bottom Up: Perfect for Privacy

Top-Down or Top-Down/Bottom-Up options are perfect for rooms where you want light as well as privacy.

Peace of Mind with Safe Cordless Options

Peace of Mind with Safe Cordless Options

Cordless options bring a sleek look and safer option to any room, but are especially good for children’s bedrooms and anywhere that kids and pets spend time.

Single Cell, Double Cell…What’s the difference?

single cell shades
Single cell shades have 1 layer of cells.
double cell shades
Double cell shades have 2 layers of cells.
cell-in-a-cell shades
Cell-in-a-Cell patented structure, available in the Seaside Collection.

Cellular shades are often chosen for their energy efficiency. In our San Diego climate, cellular shades offer good insulation, keeping air conditioning costs down and your home more comfortable in the warmer months.

Just like they sound, single-cell shades have only one layer of cells. Single-cell shades are very lightweight and have a very slim stack when the shades are fully open. While they offer some temperature and sound insulation, they’re not the most efficient cellular shade available.

Double cell shades have an additional row attached at the back (the side facing the window) which are offset from the front side. This additional layer of cells provides greater insulation, helping to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Double cell shades can also give you better insulation from the noise outside your home, such as sounds from a nearby street.

There’s now a third option…Cell-in-a-Cell Shades. This is a patented cell structure available in the Seaside Collection which offers significant energy efficiency and durability. Cell-in-a-Cell shades are built exactly how they sound: each honeycomb cell in the cellular shades has a smaller cell within it.

What Makes Cell-in-a-Cell So Special?

The bottom line: Cell-in-a-Cell is one of the BEST products to reduce the heat entering the home in the summer and keep heat inside in the winter! These window treatments are 80% more efficient than glass.

What Makes Cell-in-a-Cell So Special?

Now that warm weather is just around the corner, what if you could create a mini summer getaway without having to leave the house?  

Our designers share the easy to execute summer decorating ideas for a stylish staycation.

Considering upgrading your windows from double-pane to triple-pane? Read this first!

There’s a reason windows are sometimes called “energy holes.” Did you know that 30% of your home’s heating and cooling can be lost through the windows?

  • » Replacing old single-pane windows with double-pane windows can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency.
  • » Low-E (low-emissivity) glass has a very thin coating that helps reflect heat and can help reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through your glass.
  • » Replacing a double pane window with triple pane windows can improve efficiency further, but the cost of triple pane windows (around $1,000 per window) sometimes outweighs the benefits.

Adding Cell-in-a-Cell window treatments to your home can provide a significantly better efficiency increase than adding an additional pane of glass – and at just a fraction of the cost. Installing Cell-in-a-Cell window treatments with your existing double pane windows is 80% more efficient than adding an additional pane of glass!

How Cell-in-a-Cell Impacts R-Value & Solar Heat Gain

How Cell-in-a-Cell Impacts R-Value & Solar Heat Gain

The R-value is a measure of how well a two-dimensional barrier, such as a layer of insulation, a window, or a complete wall or ceiling, resists the conductive flow of heat. In plain terms, the higher the R-value, the better the insulation provided (and the less cool or heat loss in your home). The walls and roof of a well-constructed building typically have an average R-value of 25 while low-e double-glazed windows can have an R-value of 3.5. This means that the windows allow about seven times more energy to escape per square foot than the rest of the building’s exterior!

Cell-in-a-Cell window treatments can reduce heat loss through windows up to 40% in the colder months.

In the summer, 76% of solar energy from the sun is transmitted through the glass. However, Cell-in-a-Cell window treatments only allow 21% of the solar energy into your home — that’s less than a third of windows alone. Direct sunlight through bare windows causes the room’s temperature to rise and damaging ultraviolet rays to fade furnishings and fabrics. Cell-in-a-Cell filters unwanted glare while deflecting heat, keeping the room substantially cooler in the summer.

Cell-in-a-Cell filters unwanted glare while deflecting heat, keeping the room substantially cooler in the summer.
Direct sunlight can increase home temperatures and damage furnishings. Cell-in-a-Cell filters unwanted glare while deflecting heat.

Seaside Collection Cell-in-a-Cell Shade Key Highlights

  • » Nominal Cost vs. Energy Savings
  • » 30% Energy Savings
  • » 80% More Efficient than Glass
  • » 99% UV Protection
  • » Better Sound Absorption
  • » Turns your Double Pane Glass to Quadruple Pane Efficiency
  • » Child and Pet Safe Cordless Options
Ready to experience all the benefits of Cell-in-a-Cell window treatments in your home?

Schedule a SAFE & CONVENIENT Virtual Consultation with one of our Window Covering Experts. It’s free and you’ll be working directly with a dedicated designer via video chat. Plus, you still get to see samples—once you have a few favorite styles picked out, we’ll send swatches of shades, blinds, and drapery fabrics to your doorstep. Learn more or call us at 858-452-6100 to set up your Virtual Consultation!

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