WorkSpace Shield – How to Prepare Your Office to Re-Open Safely


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How to Prepare Your Office to Re-Open Safely

While we’re all eager for business and life to “return to normal” this spring, this also represents a significant amount of planning and preparation for businesses.

Places of Businesses Reopening

More than half of the states in the US are reopened, and states remaining closed continue to plan and prepare for their eventual reopening. For some, this results in concerns about a possible surge in new infections of COVID-19.

Businesses are almost universally reopening under restrictions, such as allowing fewer customers, requiring workers and customers to wear masks, and enforcing social distancing. Even as governors lift orders, stricter local orders may remain in place by city or county. [from New York Times]

How will office spaces change after COVID-19?

Business will probably look pretty different: restaurant tables spaced out 6 feet apart, widespread masks and touchless payment systems. For the tens of millions of Americans who work at desk jobs, office space could be transformed.

Space may be added between desks, workstations facing each other might be turned apart, plexiglass dividers or cough shields may be installed, and offices will require more frequent and deeper cleanings.

Buildings will also need improved air flow, said Joseph G. Allen, a professor of environmental health at Harvard University and author of the book “Healthy Buildings.” “You bring in more outdoor air and you dilute anything that’s indoor air,” he said. “And, of course, if you a partner that with enhanced filtration, you can actually capture virus particles and other particles.” [from Marketplace]


Recovery Readiness: A How-to Guide for Reopening Your Workplace

The “COVID-19 Office Safety Guide” outlines some of the best thinking and practices being recommend from industry experts including CDC and OSHA. OSHA is encouraging companies to create coronavirus workplace safety guidelines to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19 and reduce its impact on employees.  [from]

How Can 3 Blind Mice Make Your Business Reopening Easier?

Business owners have a lot of factors to consider as they prepare to reopen, and of course keeping staff and customers safe is at the top of the list!

We’ve been hard at work on a partnership with Workspace Shield™ and are excited to share this useful product with you. The Workspace Shield™ is designed to create a safer, more protected workspace in order to minimize close-quarters contamination.

Working face-to-face remains a necessity for many businesses. The Workspace Shield™ introduces a smarter, safer way to do so. This easy-to-install and easy-to-clean vinyl shade helps create a more sanitary environment for your business without compromising necessary face-to-face interactions.

Advantages of the Workspace Shield™

Features & Function

Manufactured in the USA and easy to install

Completely hands-free motorized operation using battery powered or hard wired options

Rechargeable battery with charger

Long battery life – 750 Up/Down cycles on a single charge

Sealed bottom bar for better protection

Looks Great & Works Effortlessly

Clean look that doesn’t interfere with business operations

Available with square fascia or rounded cassette finish options

Select the color that matches your décor: White, Bronze, Black, Ivory, or Anodized Aluminum

Clean mount to ceiling – no unsightly wires, strings, or chains creating safety hazards

Easy to clean — Use soap and water with microfiber towel

Integration & Automation Options

Includes handheld remote for easy touch-free operation

Control from your smart phone with the NeoSmart Blinds App

Works with Alexa and Google Home for voice activation

Set timers to have shades go up at night for cleaning crew or prior to opening

Always in place — no need to remove and replace each season!

The shield measures 56 1/2″ wide at the top, with the vinyl screen 54″ wide.  Three lengths are available (72″, 96″ and 120″) and a precise length can be programmed by setting motor limits, ensuring the sealed bottom bar makes contact with the desk or surface below it.

See the Workspace Shield™ in action

Who can benefit from the Workspace Shield™?

  • Reception or front desk
  • Co-working environments
  • Shipping or receiving desks
  • Cashiers and point-of-sale
  • Dentist and medical offices
  • Hospitals
  • Salons and small businesses
  • Retail chains
  • Government agencies
  • …and everyone else on your team!

Contact us to learn more about the Workspace Shield™ and discuss options for your workplace. Call us at 858-452-6100 today!

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