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Faux wood shutters (aka Poly Shutters) are constructed from synthetic polymers or PVC. This style of wood composite shutter is heavier then real wood shutters, but they are also extremely durable, which is a wonderful advantage. Just like real wood Plantation shutters, faux wood shutters case the entire window and usually swing out from a hinge to allow access to the window or to allow maximum light to come in.

Faux Wood Shutters vs. Real Wood Shutters

The biggest advantage of faux wood shutters is most notably the price. They are made from less expensive material and the production cost is considerably less than that of real wood shutters.  This type of indoor shutter can be used in every room of the house, without having to consider the environmental impact on the shutter. For example, we would recommend a faux wood shutter to be installed in a bathroom or laundry room where there is a higher potential for moisture. Moisture in the air would likely warp a real wood shutter, but a faux wood shutter will stand up nicely for many, many years.

One of the disadvantages to a faux wood is the weight of the material, which may cause mechanical failure from wear on the lift mechanism. Overall, faux wood shutters are a functional, reasonably priced and aesthetically pleasing alternative to real wood shutters.

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