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Window valances are unique in that they only cover the top portion of a window. They are easily paired with the many different window treatments we have available such as wood blinds or shutters for more control over light and privacy. For the most part a valance is purely for decoration. There are many different types of valances to choose from including:

Fabric valances are available in the widest variety of colors, patterns and textures and can easily be designed to fit your existing decor.

View Ideas for Fabric Valances

There are also wood valances that are designed to add an extra special touch to blinds and shades or to add opulence to an already grand drapery look.

View Ideas for Wood Valances

Balloon Valances

Balloon valances provide a very full appearance and are commonly made of a lightweight material that will easily “balloon”.

Swag Valances

Swag valances use almost any kind of fabric and are gracefully draped over window hardware, hanging down on both sides of the window.

Ascot Valances

Ascot Valences are very dramatic, usually chosen from elaborate materials with intricate designs to match the very elegant style. Its not uncommon to see ascot valences with tassels or fringe and they are very formal looking.

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