Bring Texture Into Your Home with Window Treatments

From sleek, luxurious fabric curtains to intriguing woven wooden shades, the window treatments you choose for your home can introduce one or more new textures into your rooms. Discover a sampling of styles, including smooth, sheer, soft, and sleek, in our window treatment texture guide.

Explore Smooth Contemporary Window Treatments

There are many ways to achieve a smooth, even look with a room’s window treatments. Horizontal window treatments can have a very appealing smooth aesthetic. Whether the window treatments are dual shades or faux wood blinds, the smooth essence of the window treatment creates an effortless contemporary look.

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A Woven Window Treatment Design Can Soften Any Room

Woven window treatments can be installed in combination with most window treatment options, including cellular shades, curtains, drapes, roller shades, and roman shades. Woven textured window treatments can be especially intriguing when combined with a natural material such as bamboo reeds. The fabric can be densely woven to block out most light or loosely woven to allow light to filter through into the interior spaces. Regardless of the density of the weave, woven textures have a unique softening appeal to any space.

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The Best of Both Worlds with Sheer Window Treatments

Sheer window treatments can be used in a variety of ways. The transparency of sheer fabrics and sheer roller screens not only diffuse incoming rays of sunlight but also effortlessly connects the interior and exterior spaces while still providing privacy. There are many different sheer fabric styles and textures available. Sheer treatments offer unique qualities of elegance, timelessness, and sophistication. Sheer treatment options are available with curtains, roller shades, and dual shades.

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Discover the Sleek Aesthetic

Achieving a sleek aesthetic with window treatments can be the perfect compliment to a room design. A sleek texture can be achieved with a solid or patterned fabric. Depending on your space this style of window treatment can be a statement or a subtle accent to the to the room. Roller shades are a natural fit for a sleek texture aesthetic but drapes and roman shades can also have a sleek texture depending on the type of fabric selected.

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