Best Window Treatments for Coastal Beach Living

As summertime rolls in, warm weather is here to stay. That means extra sunshine, fun time, and, if you’re fortunate, some trips to the beach. There’s nothing quite like summer days spent out on the beach, but you don’t need to live by the seaside to enjoy coastal beach living. You can update your beach (or non-beach) home to enjoy breezy, coastal décor all summer long with these nautical window treatments.

Here are some practical beach and coastal window treatment ideas great for making the white sandy beaches and blue turquoise water part of your home décor.

Seaside Classic: Wooden and Faux Wood Shutters

Nothing quite compares to wooden shutters when it comes to creating a timeless and cozy window treatment. While wood grain probably isn’t the first aesthetic that comes to mind when you think of beach house window treatments, wooden shutters, along with their faux wood shutter counterparts, can come in many different finishes. White shutters make an excellent addition to any window in a room featuring modern coastal décor.

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When it comes to practicality, it may be preferable to opt for faux wood shutters over real wood if you’re looking for a beach house window treatment. Wood shutters can warp and get damaged by oceanside humidity, whereas faux wood shutters can withstand almost any amount of humidity. These faux wood shutters are durable enough to withstand the humidity of both the seaside air and the kitchen.

One of the main benefits of using shutters for a coastal window treatment is that they insulate well but can provide as much natural light from big, seaside windows as you could desire. Shutters can come in a variety of styles like these café shutters which can keep your home cool and private while not sacrificing a spectacular ocean view.

Bahama shutters add that tropical look to your home while offering everyday use and protection. Bahama shutters are exterior window shutters mounted on the outside of the structure at a 45-degree angle, hinged at the top of the window, making it easy for homeowners to pull them over their windows before a storm.

Durable & Beautiful: Faux Wood Blinds

If you are working with a limited budget, consider faux wood blinds which can be matched with the plantation shutters in other parts of your home. The inside flush mount faux wood blinds give the appearance that the blind is part of the window frame, making it a perfect alternative to plantation shutters.

Capture the Flow of the Sea with Shades

When you think “beach” or “coastal,” chances are you’re thinking about sand, ocean waves, fluffy clouds, and sunny days. Because window shades are so versatile and are a soft window treatment, they work perfectly within those nautical design concepts.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades can be a perfect treatment for any beach home. The hex or honeycomb structure of cellular shades makes them excellent insulators, great for cooling off indoors after hours out in the summer sun. Beyond that, they’re widely customizable and available in dozens of colors and patterns to fit just about any nautical theme you could desire.

Seaside Sun Control: Solar Shades

Though we’re talking about window treatments fitting into a breezy, coastal décor, that doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice any of the practical benefits of window treatments. Solar shades provide some of the best protection from UV rays of any of the window treatments available. The sheer look of solar shades or a solar window screen can make any nautical theme look ultra modern and sleek. UV-blocking window treatments aren’t often discussed for coastal window treatments but should be. Between the strong summer sun damage, UV rays can do to your skin and your furniture, solar shades may prove to be a good investment to filter the harsh unwanted part of the summer sun.


Practically Perfect for Coastal Settings: Woven or Natural Shades

While shades can be used in any number of settings as a stylish and effective window treatment, woven shades are practically made to work in tropical or coastal settings. They use some combination of wood, grass, reeds, or bamboo in a woven pattern to make a casual, organic window treatment that can fill out just about any coastal décor.

Woven shades don’t have to operate as one-piece top-down rollers either. There’s a whole world of customization for both design and direction. Your natural shades could open top-down, bottom-up, in separate sections, and can even be motorized.

For a little bit of coastal flair added to a beach home window treatment, you can add a unique edge to your woven shades with a woven valance. Valances typically sit at the top trim of coastal curtain designs. A valance made out of woven bamboo adds a whole new dimension to a living area window treatment and creates a new, great look.


Light & Airy Seafaring Space: Drapery

No window treatment can approach the breezy and flowing aesthetics that curtains and draperies can offer. The wide variety of materials and designs available with curtains mean that you can create any nautical interior your heart desires. You can create a seafaring living room design by pairing nautical curtains with rope, get oceanside blackout curtains to wake up each day in cool darkness to the sounds of lapping waves, or find sheer curtains to give your living space a light and airy look that can only be described as coastal.

Goes Together Like Surf & Sand: Paired Window Treatments

When it comes to creating the perfect pair of coastal window treatments for the perfect beach home interior, sometimes one window treatment doesn’t quite cut it. Say you want beachy curtains for the bedroom but also cellular shades for even greater light control. Dive into layers! Coastal living doesn’t need to be contained to a singular look.

Drapery makes for an excellent aesthetic outline to a bedroom window treatment pair. The light blues and purple fabrics in this room work well with the cellular shades to insulate and create a bright and relaxing atmosphere that would fit into any coastal living environment. When layering curtains with soft window treatments, try choosing different colors or mix and match a print for one and a solid in a coordinating color for the other.

For an upbeat and bright living space, whites and earth tones can balance out the typical blues and grays of ocean-themed interiors. Natural woven shades paired with light curtains like these make your living or dining area a breath of fresh air. Pair this bright, refreshing space with an ocean view, and you’ve found yourself the ideal coastal living space.

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