Somfy Motor Control Remote & Switch Options: IWCE 2013

It’s quite amazing how technology has advanced to the point that you can control your shades from your couch or with the flip of a switch.

Remote Control Options by Somfy

Depending on how many or how few or all at once you want to control your shades there are many different varieties of remotes you can chose from. There are several unique ways to control your Somfy motorized shades and 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings walks you through all the options in this video. Remotes come in 1, 4, and 16 channel options.  Keep in mind a channel can do a single shade or it can control a number of shades.  For example you can have a room of 10 shades and all those shades could be raised and lowered on a single channel remote. Also, there are remotes available in different colors and sizes to control the tilt function of your wood blinds, faux wood blind, or sheer shades.

Wall Switch Options by Somfy

Also Somfy has a great wall switch option called DecoFlex. These DecoFlex wall switches come in a battery powered option, which eliminates the need for an electrician to run wires to your shades. These easy to use and easy to install upgradeable options allow you to control up to 5 channels with colors available in white, ivory, and black.  Switches for the radio system are wire free and have a battery in them that is rated for 10 years.  The range of a wall switch is about 60 feet.  If you run past that range you can add a Somfy Repeater to the equation which will double the range to 120 feet.  Only one Somfy repeater can be added to extend the range.

Remote Control for Large Homes

If you have a large home with many shades and you would like to control and program your shades to work with the click of a button, this remote is for you. There are also a couple of options to hold your remotes.  All handheld remotes come with a clean round hanger that allows you to hang the remote on a wall.  There is also a nice acrylic stand that will hold your hand held remote.  If you are looking for the modern look use a wall switch and put it in the DecoFlex table top accessory which comes in gray and black.

Product Demo: Somfy Motor Controls and Switches Explained

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