Custom Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are most often used in bedrooms and media rooms where you want to eliminate any light from entering through the windows.

Product Overview

Custom Blackout Shades in San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, Fresno

Shades are window covering product often referred to as “soft” window treatments as they are made from a roll of fabric instead of slats or vanes. Window shades bring a soft, sleek and warm design to your windows that are mounted either inside or outside of the window outline and are available in many options of fabrics as well as color combinations. Customized options are also available to suit your personal design needs. Blackout window shades take it one step further by providing a barrier for maximum light blockage. These shades are the optimal window treatment for bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms where you need the most control of light and privacy for uninterrupted sleep free from light seeping in or a dark room for movie viewing.

What are the benefits of blackout window shades?

Blackout window shades completely darken your room giving you maximum light control and total privacy while enhancing the décor and ambiance of your room. Blackout shades are a multi-functional window treatment that blocks light, noise and helps reduce energy costs. With this being said, they are incredibly beneficial for anyone needing to sleep during the daytime hours, by creating the ambiance of nighttime while blocking out at least 40% of noise. Go from midday to midnight to ensure you get the maximum hours of rest by improving the quality of your sleep. During the cold winter months they prevent heat loss through windows and during the hot summer months they block light and sun heat helping you reduce your energy bills. For the most effective blackout effect, shades should be mounted outside the window casing. This will eliminate any light seeping through.

Cellular vs. Roller Blackout Shades?

Both cellular and roller blackout shades are popular window treatments providing a functional choice for light, noise, and temperature control with some similarities and differences.

Cellular shades have a unique honeycomb structure which makes the air pockets an excellent insulator. They are visually appealing offering excellent sound absorption, insulation, and light control. Cellular shades are easy to install and are available in a wide range of colors to suit your design needs. When raised they stack up at the top of the window because of their honeycomb structure giving you a full view of the outside.

Blackout roller shades offer maximum light and heat control. They offer slightly less insulation than cellular shades but are an excellent choice for large areas that get a lot of sunlight. They are easy to clean and are available in a wide range of fabrics.

Motorized Blackout Shades

Window shades can be drawn up or down manually, or a motorized version of shades are available for those taller hard to reach windows. Once drawn up, they form a thin stack for a clear, unobstructed view making them a very versatile window treatment giving you control over how much light you want to let in. Window shades are available in cordless and motorized options, making them childproof, providing you with a safe choice for any children and pets in your home.

Energy Efficient

Blocks Light

Alexa Compatible

  • Horizontal


12″ – 240″

12″ – 360″


  • Moderate


Best Blackout Shade Products

Blackout Cellular Shades
  • Blackout cellular fabric blocks 99% of all incoming light.
  • Excellent choice for bedrooms and media rooms.
  • Provide insulation to trap cold and hot air on and around your windows.
  • Cellular Shades raise into a thin stack for a clear, unobstructed view
  • Lift options include child-safe cordless options as well as motorized options
  • Fabric is soft to the touch and durable.
  • Cellular Shades have little pockets of air resembling a beehive that trap hot and cold air, for maximum energy efficiency.
  • They are available in almost every color and pattern adding to their functionality and versatility.
Blackout Roller Shades
  • Blackout roller shades block 99% of all incoming light and give complete privacy.
  • Their simple, elegant design gives then a clean, modern and minimalist look.
  • Blackout roller shades are affordable and are available in a variety of colors to match your décor.
  • Simple to roll up and down.
  • The material facing the street is white for a neutral appearance from the outside.
Blackout Roman Shades
  • Blackout Roman Shades block out 99% of incoming light and provide absolute privacy to your room.
  • They are available in both textured and solid colors that will match any style of decor in your home.
  • Roman Shades have a modern look with fabric that creates horizontal folds making them a stylish addition to your windows.
  • Both functional and stylish, they stack neatly when retracted at the top of the window.
  • Best solution for media rooms, bedrooms, or nurseries.


The blinds are easy to pull down and relatively easy to pull up. I like the look and blackout function.


After you have selected and agreed to purchase custom window treatments they can take from 2 -8 weeks to fabricate and be installed, depending on the availability of the fabric. Since the window treatments are custom 3BM requires full payment to begin the fabrication. We accept all major credit cards and checks.

3 Blind Mice not only has quality products at an affordable price, but we also provide professionally certified installers and an outstanding customer support team. Our commitment to our customers has been rewarded by winning the coveted Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for marketplace ethics multiple times and through our customers’ referrals and online reviews.

3 Blind Mice not only has quality products at an affordable price, but we also provide professionally certified installers and an outstanding customer support team.

Our designers will design the best style for your home and your budget. The designer will bring fabric samples to your home for you to hold and feel to ensure it's a match for your design goals.

Three Blind Mice offers a variety of different fabrics for any type style of drapery you choose for your home or office decor. We have a variety of custom fabrics, trims, and rods that can be incorporated into any type of design. Curtains or drapes can be used alone or in combination with the many other types of window treatments that we have available. We offer sheer curtains, blackout & darkening curtains and valances in addition to a wide variety of motorized options for each. Styles of curtains we offer include flat panel, tab top, grommet and rod pocket.

There are so many factors when choosing coverings, your choices can seem overwhelming. The biggest factor in your decision is knowing whether you need privacy, light, or a combination of both.

When choosing the right window treatment for your home, it's important to take all the elements into consideration. Wall color, type of window, how much light you want coming in, etc.


Privacy Halo effect
Energy efficient Not attractive
Maximum protection Limited colors

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