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Cellular Shades Explained

cellular-architella_closed_1Cellular shades provide some very distinct advantages and chic aesthetics for the home.

In this post and video, we are going to explore why the features of cellular shades make them one of our most popular treatments.


Cellular shades are Energy Efficient & Ideal for Insulation

The fact that cellular shades are made of two layers of fabric gives them some very useful qualities that can add value to the home.

Cellular shades provide an excellent insulating layer for the home because the air pockets are composed of two fabric layers.

Whether you are looking for a window shade to help keep out external cold or heat, this shade is an energy efficient window treatment used to maintain the temperature equilibrium in your home.

Additionally, they can be opened either from the top down or the bottom up, providing a homeowner with the control to decide just how much light should be allowed into any room where they’ve been installed.

Lastly, the extra layer of fabric provides a block to external noise or prying eyes. If you want to keep the outside out, this is the shade for you.


Cell Shades are Child Safe.jpgCordless Cellular shades for Greater Safety and Aesthetics

For safety’s sake, cords for these shades can be hidden, so your curious 5-yr old in the house doesn’t grab on to a long cord and create an unfortunate crisis.

With the cord out of view, an additional aesthetic appeal is imparted to the cellular shades, so they have the stage all to themselves as an attention-getting feature of the room.


Video: Cellular Shades Explained

As described in this video, the ease and effortlessness of drawing a cellular shade is a peaceful pleasure in itself.  Simply push up the shade and it will stick to any height that you desire. So satisfying!

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The Best Source for Cellular Shades

Colorful Cellular ShadesThese shades come in a wide variety of sizes that can be adapted to almost any home situation and still add tremendous appeal wherever they’re used.

Cellular shades have some shared features in comparison to other shades, but be sure to note the differences between pleated and cellular shades.

Not only do they offer some noteworthy practical advantages, but the attractiveness of cellular shades can literally breathe life into a room.

Please contact us today to find out more about how cellular shades can add beauty and functionality to any room of your home.

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I love that you point out that cellular shades can be opened from the bottom or the top! About a month ago, my family and I moved to a new home that we love so much! It has these amazing windows that go all the way to the ceiling and show off the snowy mountains! However, the snow reflects a lot of light during the heat of the day, and we are wondering if she should invest in some shades. Thanks for the information; we appreciate it!

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