Isn’t It Time You Saved On Energy Costs?

Autumn is a time when it’s easy to forget about extreme weather, and the need to cool or heat our homes for comfort. But autumn is also a great time to consider what winter’s heating costs could end up being, and how you might stem the flow of your energy dollars out the window. Even just adding a sheer layer to your existing draperies, or really going all out with high-tech, high “R” rated window coverings, you can save serious $$$ on heating and air-conditioning year ’round. Think innovative and beautiful cellular shades and blinds, draperies in high “R” rated fabrics, gorgeous natural shades and blinds lined or coated to add temperature and light control, and others, all custom fitted to maximize thermal qualities and minimize energy loss. So many amazing and beautiful products are out there to solve any window issues you may have in your home, and we would love to show you some great solutions right in your own home. Just call us and we can get started!

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