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3 Blind Mice Help Build a Home!

By day, we specialize in the assessment and installation of home and commercial window treatments that give you pride and confidence in your selections. With a focus on service, we pride ourselves on delivering lifetime quality at an affordable price and industry-leading service, before, during, and after the sale.

Our focus on service, however, extends beyond our day-to-day business. Here at 3 Blind Mice, we feel strongly about serving our community and helping to make our neighborhoods, country, and world a better place!

This year, we had the opportunity to partner with Amor Ministries to build a safe and secure residence for a family in need in Tijuana. This is our third year working with Amor Ministries, and we return from each experience invigorated by the experience and feeling blessed to have helped a family in need in a tangible, immediate way.

The pastor we worked with told us that our 3 day home building project put the family ahead by 8 years.  In other words, the family could not have afforded to do something like this until 8 years later! You can see why we’re passionate about this work and excited to share it with you.


Our Head Cheese Scot Dietz participates in community service projects in Southern California each year, and he encourages all of his employees to engage in their community and to give back through whatever means they can contribute. We’re grateful for the team members who were able to join in this year’s trip, and for the new friends we made along the way!


The typical house built during the 3-day Amor Ministries trips is an 11’x22’ two-room home with a concrete floor, stucco-finished exterior, weather sealed roof, two windows, and a door. We got to help with each part of the building process: building the frame, adding the roof, windows, and door, and finishing the home with a stucco exterior.

View our photo gallery from the trip

Watch our video recapping the weekend!


Founded in 1980, Amor Ministries is a non-profit Christian organization that does community-focused outreach in the poorest areas of Mexico and South Africa. The organization invites everyone to Come. Build. Hope. In doing so, individuals, families, and organizations can support Amor’s mission to keep families together.

“As we carry out this mission, we realize that building a house doesn’t just provide shelter. It builds a foundation for the future.”

This ministry is accomplished with five important pillars of The Amor Agreement:

  • Lead Locally: Local community leaders decide what needs in their community need help from outside sources. They know best.
  • Resource Locally: Your money is spent in the local economy when we source building materials and food. Two houses built per week create 14 full-time jobs.
  • Participate Globally: Life-changers, like you, from around the world bring their resources together to expand their individual impact.
  • Shared Accountability: Resources go to the people you want to impact. An independent third party audits Amor every year.
  • Integrity: You will get the experience you expect to get or we’ll make it right.

To learn more about Amor Ministries or join an all-inclusive house building trip, visit their website!

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