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Arched windows always add an elegant touch to your home’s décor that can be appreciated for providing great views from inside and “curb appeal” from outside. When driving around San Diego, you can see many San Diego homes have these beautiful large arched windows. What you will also see is that many of these arched windows remain uncovered because there are only a limited number of options for window treatments that can completely cover an arched window.

Custom shutters are one of our favorite solutions for arched windows because they can be custom built to fit any size window and stained to match any homes existing decor.

Custom Shutter Options for Arched Windows

When covering arched windows with shutters there are two options. The most popular option is a fully framed arched window shutter like you can see in the first half of our video explaining arched shutters. Fully framed arches like these are really a conversation piece in a room because they are so beautiful and they really make a room pop. We like to think of them as furniture for your windows.

Your second option is to install standard square shutters on the bottom and a sunburst or fixed arch above the square shutters. This option is usually a little less expensive than a fully framed shutter.

Important Considerations

While we prefer fully framed arched shutters over square shutters with a sunburst, the fully framed arched shutters are typically more expensive because they are handmade by only the best craftsmen in the factory.  For this reason, fully framed arched shutters will usually take longer than traditional square shutters to build and install, so please plan accordingly.

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