Early Black Friday Savings...25% Off!

Early Black Friday Savings...25% Off!


Decorating Details for Enjoyment That Lasts!

Dressing up your home for year-end entertainment and family get-togethers, while rewarding, can certainly also be taxing. If you add it into all the other things you have going on before, during and after these events. all the shopping, arranging and rearranging. it would be great to have some help when it comes down to making sure everything in you home looks beautiful, comfortable, and warm. Fear not! Your At-home Window Fashions Professional is just a phone call away, ready to not only take some the pressure off of your decorating needs, but also to help guide you though the steps it takes to make the whole experience a real pleasure!

Window Design Tip of the Month: Details. the Heart and Soul of a Beautiful Home.

Yes, doing a whole-room makeover can be very satisfying. It can also be very, very costly, and make it difficult to keep items that you love that don’t necessarily “work” in the new décor. Again, fear not! Often, all it takes to change the look and feel of a room is to add or change some of the room’s details. Think how great a collection of custom decorator pillows designed and made just for you would look, and how much it could change and perhaps even upgrade the upholstered furnishings you already have. You can add color, texture, luxury and comfort by selecting from infinite styles and grades of fabric, and even match them to new valances, cornices, shadings and custom draperies, either now or in the future!

Beautiful Economy!

Many people think that custom anything costs more than they can or should afford. I can tell you right now that this is not necessarily so. Working with a trained and experienced professional can be the most effective way to save money on your décor purchases because only an expert can show you ways to accomplish truly exceptional custom window fashions and details within your budget, crafted and installed just for you. I have thousands of ideas I’d love to share with you, and in just a brief visit, we can add beautiful details or custom window fashions sure to brighten your home and your life long into the New Year and beyond. Call me today for a no-cost consultation!

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