Beautiful Windows, Inside and Out

“Beautiful inside means beautiful outside” takes on a whole new meaning when you’re talking about window fashions for your home. How often have you looked at the outside of someone’s windows and thought, “what were they thinking when they chose that color?” Chances are, the same holds true on the inside as well, where the intention may have been good, but the execution was less than successful because some design opportunity was missed. But how could they have known what to do without the help of a professional in the field?

That’s where I come in, to help you make your home beautiful both inside and out, with window fashions that complete the look of your home, making it as beautiful as it can be. I’m your window fashions professional, and I’ll help you be certain your homes looks its best, day and night, with window products and services you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Together we can turn a decor problem into a design opportunity!

What were they thinking when they chose that color? Probably that it looks good inside,  with the other colors and furnishings in the room. How to solve the outdoor view problem? How about a white or neutral color lining on soft window fashions like draperies or roman shades, or a layer of white sheers beneath the colorful overlay selected for the colors of the room? These are easy fixes that not only correct the visual, but add value to your window fashions and to your home. There is just nothing like the luxurious look and feel of something designed and custom-made for your home, and believe it or not, it can all be had within your budget. Again, that’s where your window fashions professional comes in… I can show you how to get it done, and beautifully!

Save Money on Gas Too! We come to YOU.

Besides all of the practical reasons for freshening your home with new window fashions, there are some timely issues you can avoid just by calling me, your certified window fashions consultant. I bring with me a wealth of ideas, products and experience no single store can match… and I bring it all right to you, in YOUR home, where you’ll be able to envision everything together, where it will be seen after professional installation. No shopping around several stores over several weeks… only to have to settle on whatever the stores happen to offer. I’ll provide you with as many choices as you like, and with literally thousands of variations in color, fabric and construction possible, you’ll end up getting EXACTLY the look and quality and VALUE you want. And since I come to you, you’ll save gallons of gas by just staying home and enjoying the ultimate in convenience-in-home shopping. Call me today and let’s start saving money right away!

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