09 Aug: Cellular Shades Explained

Cellular shades come in a wide variety of sizes that can be adapted to almost any home situation, and still add tremendous appeal wherever they’re used. Explore the reasons that cellular shades are used to maintain a home’s temperature and also keep your children safe from cords.

09 Aug: Cellular Vs. Pleated Shades

Cellular and Pleated shade types make wonderful window coverings but the type you choose should depend on those characteristics which are most important to you. Using this guide, choose which option would be best for energy efficiency, lower cost, or aesthetics.

09 Aug: Pleated Shades Explained

Pleated shades also offer a great deal of flexibility, because it’s so easy to customize them into the precise pattern you desire! Achieve the maximum level of compatibility between shades and your home decor with this cost efficient option.

30 Nov: Window Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

Looking for window decorating ideas for the holidays? Here are our favorite window decorating products you can use all year long, no matter the holiday. You can create a different look for every season, holiday, or special occasion using fabric as a cost-effective decorating staple.