Help Us Donate Meals for the Holiday Season

Together we can make a difference to help feed families in need!

1 in 7 people struggle with hunger in the United States. This hurts even more during Thanksgiving, so we’re raising money for the hungry.

Let’s work together to give these families hope this year by helping them put food on the table for their children, grandparents, and those who can not afford to eat over the holidays by donating to


How donates food to Americans


How To Donate Meals

1. Fill out form below with your information and a friend’s.

2. Choose a friend who could use new window treatments or is redecorating.

3. For each friend referred, we will donate 1 meal.

4. If your friend books an appointment, we will donate 10 meals!

5. You can donate unlimited meals, just come back to this page and refer a different friend who is redecorating or could use new window treatments.

The more customers you refer, the more meals we will donate!

It’s that easy to help out this holiday season!

1 Referral = 1 Meal Donated
1 Appointment from Referral = 10 Additional Meal Donations
Don’t forget to remind your friend to set an appointment!