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This specialty film is perfect for those who are seeking the results of energy efficient windows, but can’t afford to replace all the windows in their home. This is also a wonderful solution for renters who want a little help with their electricity bills.

The film is called Low “E” Film. The “E” stands for emissivity and it is a plastic film with a low-emissivity coating. This low emissivity coating is useful in two ways. The newest low “E” film on the market is called thermal mirroring and it works by blocking the transfer of heat through your windows. In the winter it will help to trap the heat inside. In the summer time as outdoor temps begin to rise, the film will not only help keep the sun’s rays from heating up your home, it will also prevent the loss of air condition through your single pane windows.

Seventy five percent of energy loss in a home is lost through the windows and this film can help save on both your heating bill in the winter and your a/c bill in the summer. Low “E” Energy films have a tendency to pay for themselves in less then a year based on your utility bill savings. Using a professional for installation is recommend if you want to experience the most in energy savings.

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