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Skyco Shading Systems is a leader in commercial & architectural shading systems and sun control projects. They “specialize in specialties, and obsess over obscure and challenging conditions.” However, the majority of their product line consists of commercial shading systems for traditionally shaped and sized windows.

While they do offer crank and other traditional opening options, Skyco Shading System’s focus is on motorization and green energy solutions, making them an ideal choice for projects in Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial, and Education Facilities. This focus allows them to be competitively offer the technology required for LEED goals like day-lighting, thermal comfort, and enhancing views through glare control.

Skyco’s solutions are friendly to your design and many components can be customized to offer unique solutions for interior day-lighting, solar control, and energy management. With a large selection of shading systems, fabric, and motorization components, 3 Blind Mice can work with you to integrate Skyco Shading Systems into your architectural plans for new construction, renovations, or retro-fits! Contact us today!

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